United Liberty Alliance, for the legal process of secession

United Liberty Alliance is a civil rights organization who is focused on external self determination, to secede from South Africa. The United Liberty Alliance is an organization that unify all minority groups and their respective organization to move and work towards liberty for all of us, individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit ofContinue reading “United Liberty Alliance, for the legal process of secession”

Is Secession an Act of War?

This is a very important question since there are certain Afrikaners “leaders” from the Main stream Afrikaner organizations like the Afriforum and Freedom Front Plus as well as the Soladiriteit and at the same time certain organizations posing as Boer organizations that brings fear to many of our country men among the Boers and Afrikaners,Continue reading “Is Secession an Act of War?”

Is Government the Solution to Our Problems?

Very important question here to be asked. There are certain groups of people who promote Government or political solutions. One of them, a pseudo Right-wing man, I say pseudo since true Right-Wing people do not want big Government who interfere into our lives and running our lives, but this man do prefer that, who wantsContinue reading “Is Government the Solution to Our Problems?”

Our Unalienable God Given rights

Do our rights come from God or do they come from Government? Very important question here, which depends on which answer we give, that will determine if we can be free or not. If the answer is from Government, then it will lead to statism and make it easier for Government to take away ourContinue reading “Our Unalienable God Given rights”

Is there a future for Whites and other Minority Groups in South Africa?

The heading says it all. It ask a question here that needs to be answered. In 1994 South Africa entered into what is called the Rainbow Nation. But since then, did South Africa moved into the Rainbow Nation? The answer is no. South Africa ceased to be a Republic and became a Democracy. In myContinue reading “Is there a future for Whites and other Minority Groups in South Africa?”

Why Secession from South Africa?

There are so many questions of why do we want to secede from South Africa. Also there are questions like, is it legal, can we legally secede from South Africa, and will the International Law support our secession? Now let me first start with the answering of the legal questions here. What does the InternationalContinue reading “Why Secession from South Africa?”

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