Christian Heritage of the Boers, Afrikaners and Cape Brown People and Khoisan

It is very important to remember where we come from, what shaped us and our identity. Anyone who dare to disconnect us from our past and heritage in the name of unity is no friend to us, but are part of the Globalist Elites who wants to destroy our identity for the sake of theirContinue reading “Christian Heritage of the Boers, Afrikaners and Cape Brown People and Khoisan”

Our God Given Individual Rights

Here are some concepts that I need to explain here, which are misunderstood by so many and therefore robbing us of our individual rights. First of all, we need to understand that our rights do not come from Government, nor does the government have the right to violate our rights, to curb in our rightsContinue reading “Our God Given Individual Rights”

Internal Self Determination Vs External Self-Determination

In the past weeks, we have had many of the people or leaders who are promoting Internal Self-Determination. Many claim that is is more realistic than External Self-determination. They claim they can still have self Rule but still remain part of South Africa. They claim that the ANC Government will not allow External Self-Determination, butContinue reading “Internal Self Determination Vs External Self-Determination”

The Silent Majority

What is the silent majority. These are the people who are voiceless on this moment. Many believe that the silent majority is not a majority but a small insignificant number. The vocal minority believe that they are a huge majority just because of the covering they get from the Main Stream Media. The vocal minorityContinue reading “The Silent Majority”

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