Old Flag VS Rainbow Flag

Still after the Non-Equality Court SA ruling against the Old South African Flag, I’m going to set records straight here. The argument that the Old Flag represents oppression, hatred and genocide of Black people, is a lie. In my previous article, I’ve laid out the facts concerning the ANC and SACP, both Communist and fundedContinue reading “Old Flag VS Rainbow Flag”

The trampling on our Rights

Clearly that the Government of South Africa is stripping every last bit of our freedoms away. Fist it started with the Affirmative action Laws, 114 Laws on Affirmative action and with agencies within the Labor Department in South Africa to go out on inspections to see if companies are fulfilling the laws of employing BlackContinue reading “The trampling on our Rights”

West Transvaal, Freestate, Eastern Cape

What has the two maps to do with this post? First of all, Siener Van Rensburg, when he speaks of the time setting of the Man in Brown Suit and the three Blue letters from Germany to the Parliament in South Africa, he points out to three regions from where the Boers will assemble andContinue reading “West Transvaal, Freestate, Eastern Cape”

Is there a future for Whites and other Minority Groups in South Africa?

The heading says it all. It ask a question here that needs to be answered. In 1994 South Africa entered into what is called the Rainbow Nation. But since then, did South Africa moved into the Rainbow Nation? The answer is no. South Africa ceased to be a Republic and became a Democracy. In myContinue reading “Is there a future for Whites and other Minority Groups in South Africa?”

Why Secession from South Africa?

There are so many questions of why do we want to secede from South Africa. Also there are questions like, is it legal, can we legally secede from South Africa, and will the International Law support our secession? Now let me first start with the answering of the legal questions here. What does the InternationalContinue reading “Why Secession from South Africa?”

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