Forming Local Cells in your Community

I want to challenge anyone who is looking forward to defend, uphold our individual Liberties, and want to operate from Grassroots Levels in your own local community. Get hold of your neighbors and friends and form cells in your areas for operations. Each cell will be in network with the SA Teaparty Republic. The sole purpose is to form alliances, to invite and get more people to join the course, especially to form a movement towards independence and sovereign secession in partnership with the United Liberty Alliance.

Important is as you form cells, to register each one’s mandate towards secession through the United Liberty Alliance at this Link:

Each Cell form the main component of operations to operate from to recruit more people to join the course for independence as well as preparations for a possible Civil War in South Africa, being armed, with Emergency Medical kits, nonperishable food, Gas Stoves, Camping equipment as well as places for operations.

Here is the form to fill in to register you cells in your local communities from where we will operate from. This is also where we will initiate projects, including economical projects

forming new Cells

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