Old South African Flag not symbol of Apartheid and Oppression, but of Freedom

Last week the Not so Equality Court, or should we say unequal Court ruled against this flag as being racist and Hate Speech and prohibit this flag to be displayed. This after the Nelson Mandela Foundation sued Afriforum on this flag to get it banned. Their argument is that is symbolizes Apartheid that was started under this flag, discrimination, hate, racism and oppression. further also the “unfair” treatment of the ANC and Bram Fischer. Here are some Historical Facts that I will put here, that is easily dismissed and ignored.

First of all, it is not Afrikaners who instituted Apartheid, but the British Empire from the British Parliament during the nineteenth century in the Cape colony, under the Union Jack. The Old South African Flag did not exist yet. Also under the Boer Republican Flags there were no apartheid, since these were not needed since the Black tribes respect the boundaries between the Boer Republics and their own Tribal territory that they already lived there on their own choice. No land was stolen from the Black tribes.

When the Union of South Africa was created in 1910, the Old South African Flag still did not exist. It was under the Union Jack who also through the British Parliament instituted segregation in South Africa, becoming Law, voted in by the Labor Party. It was also in 1924 that Colonel Cresswell from the Labor Party, just happens to be a progressive Leftist Party who strengthen segregation, the Old South African Flag still did not exist.

Also the ANC was founded long before the Old South African Flag ever existed. Families were broken up not by law, but by migrating workers who traveled from Transkei, Zululand, Tswanas Betchuanaland (Botswana), Swaziland, Southern parts of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Bembas from Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) to become the Vendas, Shangaans from Gazaland in Mozambique, Pedis’s from Lebowa and the Sotho’s from Lesotho and the Ndebeles from Kwandebele to work on the mines in Johannesburg and factories, leaving Whites without jobs, since the British were looking for cheap labor. there were no Blacks in the whole of the Freestate, Southern, Central, Near-Eastern, Central Northern Transvaal regions at all, but more came through migration breaking up their families back at their homes by British companies.

The only difference was in 1948, Dr. DF Malan made a compromise with Dr. Klasie Havenga of the Afrikaner Party to rather use the Word Apartheid than to work towards the independence of South Africa from Great Britain. No new law was created from 1948 concerning apartheid or segregation since it was already there. JG Strijdom did not live long enough to lead South Africa to independence. Dr. HF Verwoerd did it. Thus none of the segregation and oppression Laws of the black people had been instituted under the Old South African Flag, but under the Union Jack.

The Old South African Flag came in only in 1928. Now let’s look at some more facts that is being left out. Life expectancy among Blacks increased from thirty five to sixty five up until 1994, from where it decreased again. From 1948 – 1989, there were a total of only 6970, escalated under FW De Klerk due to unrest in Black Townships as the ANC were fighting for dominance. which was again in the next five years 6970. Since Mandela from 1994 in increased to 27’000 per year, to 36’000 per year and now it is up to 80 homicides (murders) per day, with homicide (murder) rate of 60/100’000 under the flag of the New South Africa. but they claim it is paradise we have today.

You see the New South Africa Flag under the Skull for a good reason. It was supposed to be a paradise of the “Rainbow” Nation, but it is not. South Africa is the Murder Capital of the World, under this Rainbow Flag, is the Rape Capital of the World under this Rainbow Flag, is the Crime Capital of the World under this Rainbow Flag, State Capture, Nepotism, Increased poverty and unemployment. Infra-Structure disintegrating in South Africa.

Then we have Affirmative Action Laws in South Africa and the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa. Then also the continual chanting but Julius Malema and the EFF of Kill the Boer, One Bullet, One Settler, Kill the White Man and so forth, yet the South African Human Rights Commission, or should a Is Socialist Rights Commission or Anti-White man’s and Anti-Minority Commission since they work only to defend the radical Black racists who are Communists. They kill even Black people who do not agree with them. Black on Black Crime also escalated in South Africa. I can also go into the Terrorist acts of the ANC against Whites and Blacks a like and against the Khoisan people, yet Desmond Tutu through his Lying and Confessing Commission let the ANC got away with amnesty while punishing the Whites and IFP Zulu’s, sending them to prison.

We also see the freedom being done away with. The ANC is a Communist organization, many members trained in the former USSR (Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics) and Red China as well as Cuba, being in alliance with the South African Communist Party of which Mandela was in the Polit Buro or Central Committee of the SACP and the COSATU, controlled by the SACP. Zuma is also part of the SACP and so also Cyril Ramaphosa, who him self is a Communist. They all had been trained by the KGB of the Russians in the USSR. Bram Fischer himself was also a Communist and member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party.

Also in China under Mao Tse Tung over 40 million Chinese people were killed over 5 years, under Josef Stalin over 20 million Russians murdered in the purging program, and so also did Lenin and also Fidro Castro and Pol Pot in Cambodia who also killed none-Communists, the North Korean Regime, also Communists who kills millions of people, Robert Mugabe, also a Communist who kill great numbers of Matabele during the 1980’s.

So there are no paradise under Marxism. I will share more stories on this as I’m writing on the Flag issue.

The ANC Flag is also offensive as it represent Communism, death and terrorism, so also the South African Communist Party Flag with the mass murders by the Communists.

What it is all about, and I will continue to stress out on it, the banning of the Old South Africa flag has nothing to do with it represents apartheid, but rather, it is an all out onslaught to break all opposition and resistance against Communism, just like they did in Russia after the 1917 Red Revolution and in Red China. To destroy all opposition. Racism is actually a code-word used against anyone who refuse to accept Communism.

The Communist used Apartheid in order to sidetrack the world from the threat of Communism, and the Communists came out as the victors of the Cold War against Freedom. Casualties, South Africa, Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, fell to Communists due to it that Communists only use the race card to silence their opposition, using the Rules for Radicals by Saul Allinsky.

Remember, we are not racist for rejecting socialism. Socialism brings misery and poverty. but under this New South Africa Rainbow Flag, this is what we have, but not under the Old Flag, we did not experience poverty or danger, also the Black people did far better under the Old South African Flag than under the New Flag of today

It is a psychological Warfare that is being played out. Next is our language, they already take way our schools, to strip us of our past and heritage. They do the same in America also against the Confederate Monuments and Statues.

The only way to Liberty where the Mob wont be able to walk all over us, is if we stand up for our Liberty, and also vote for external Self-determination, for secession from South Africa. We have the right to it, protected under International Law. time to tell our story from our side and to speak up. Here is the link to go and vote for external self determination at:


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The Silent Majority

What is the silent majority. These are the people who are voiceless on this moment. Many believe that the silent majority is not a majority but a small insignificant number. The vocal minority believe that they are a huge majority just because of the covering they get from the Main Stream Media. The vocal minority believe themselves to be in such a majority that they are out of touch of the silent majority. They under estimate the silent majority. They still think that they are a huge majority.

It is not much different in South Africa either. the Establishment think that they are the real majority, yet they are not. They are extremely condescending towards the silent majority. whenever some of us from the silent majority are speaking up, we are being silenced by the Establishment who are main stream due to the platform provided by the Media, being very vocal. For we as the Silent majority are to be seen and not heard. We are under-estimated by these vocal minority who are the establishment and want to remain main stream.

The Silent majority are awaken and it is a shock for the vocal minority. They still refuse to believe that due to their vocalness that they are the majority. We see the awakening of the Boers, of which the Boers make up the majority of the population. That is a shock for the vocal Establishment leaders, seeing it as a threat to them. If that is not enough, the Afrikaners join in with them. The call for liberty is becoming greater, the call for external self determination or secession from South Africa. It is a shock for them, since they believe that it is only a small group, yet the opposite is the truth.

I’ve experienced my share with these elitists who also under-estimated me as uninformed since they know everything. I’ve been accused of being an inciter who are so fanatic with a Boer agenda causing division and confusion. Especially after the survey I’ve done in my Facebook Group, where 98.03 are in favor of Siener Van Rensburg to study it, a big group of over 23’000 members, of which 30% are below 35 years of age, also in favor of secession from South Africa. Only 1.97% are against it. Also over 60% of the White Afrikaans speaking people identify themselves as Boers. Also the majority of those who identify themselves only as Afrikaners are pro-Liberty. Yet the same Establishment people still refuse to believe it and downplay it as only a few, small minority, who are identifying themselves as Boers and are pro-Siener Van Rensburg prophesies. In spite of the fact that among Boers and Afrikaans a great majority are for it.

The Silent majority cannot be stopped anymore, even if we are being downplayed and belittled by the Establishment. More and more among the minority groups, i.e the Whites, Brown people and Khoisan are rising up and crying out, Liberty or death. Yet the Establishment choose rather to ignore that and try to silence it and downplay it and trying to make many more through the Main Stream Media that they are the majority, representing the majority, failing to recognize that the majority ignores them. To be main stream does not make you the majority at all. The Mainstream and Establishment still expect us to focus only on them while ignoring the silent majority, still refusing to hear us and prefer us to be silent for the sake of peace.

They call us fanatics, trying to make us believing by bringing in Siener Van Rensburg are doing more harm than good, since it will so-called gives an expression that we are coming with a fanatic Boer agenda. All because they believe that we are only a small little group. In spite of the evidence that I give, they dismiss it as if they know more than what I know of my group, demanding that I must give ear to the 1.97% as if they are a HUGE majority while ignoring the 98.03 as if they are only a small little minority.

Why do they Establishment use that language? Because they try to continue with business as usual, shutting us down for their won world still to remain while they determine all things and we must just comply. That is the tyranny of the Establishment who are in reality only a small group. They are disconnected from the grassroots people and out of touch of the people, that they cannot realize how little they know. True numbers and facts means nothing to them, they believe that they can just ignore it and it will go away, talking in s condescending way down to us just to let us few so small before them. but it no longer work.

We are arising and no longer allowing the Establishment to walk over us anymore. It is game over for them. They don’t have any rights to force us to focus only on the establishment who makes out only a small minority. They will no longer making decisions for us. As much as the Establishment refuses to acknowledge, the Grassroots people will now arise.

We will no longer be tread on me. We will rise up, organizing ourselves from Grassroots. It is a wave that cannot be stopped anymore. With or without these out of touch establishment, who are in a small minority, we will get our independence and secure our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will secede and declare ourselves independent from South Africa.

Thus instead of keeping om to focus on the vocal minority, known as the Establishment (Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum), we need to focus very strong the silent majority, on the everyday man, and the people on grassroots level. We can do it without the political parties, doing from grassroots level. We can do it. Let us as the Silent Majority wake up, be silent no more and secure our God-given Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, where we bring forth the Hartland Republic where we the people create the government of the people for the people by the people to the people, with limited Federal Government.

Go to the Website of the United Liberty Alliance for the voting for external self determination and let us go and vote on that page, giving a strong mandate. Here is the link to the website where you can go and vote: http://www.ulacongress.com

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Unitary States, Federation and Confederation

We are dealing with questions of what type of Systems we are going to use in the new nation that will be founded. I’m going to explain each of them and also going to refute some myths here. There are questions of what will be the best way forward. Will it be the Unitary System of government, will it be a Federation or will it be a Confederation. There are too many who come up with their own idea and giving misinformation here. Also why certain systems do not work. What we are looking at, is the practical aspects and why and how. Now we get the Unitary type of nations or governments, then we get the Federal nations and then we get a Confederation of nations. I will first start with the Unitary style of Government, and then give you examples of them and why they will not work.

As seen above, is the diagram of the Unitary nation. A Unitary state is govern by a strong single central government. The Central Government distributes all powers to local government as the Central Government sees fit and can even revoke that power. Although you might have regional governments like provinces, the govern according to the goodwill of the Central Government that dictates all policies of the provincial governments, and the Central Government has the powers to revoke the powers of provincial and local government. All taxes are levied by the Central Government and can also revoke the authority of the different provinces. In unitary states, powers are dedicated to regional governments and the Governments are usually bigger. South Africa was a unitary state since it became a Union in the name of unity, governing from top to bottom where the people have very little powers and individual rights do not have much support, since it is about the greater good.

Second illustration of the Unitary Government, strong Central Authority and weak regional Authority. The Establishment decided on the Unitary and forced all Europeans to amalgamate into one single unite and nation in the name of unity without the people from the different regions having any say and the former republics have any say. It caused bitterness that is still manifesting today. Many believe that South Africa became a Federal Government after 1994, which again is a myth and not true. South Africa is still a Unitary State with a strong Central Government with very little limited Provincial government with the department of Provincial and Local Government, overseeing these government and Central governments that outline what they expect and want. The top to down governing. Did the Unitary system work in South Africa? The answer is no. There are different ethnic groups in South Africa. Even when it was mostly a White country when it became Union of South Africa, it still did not work and there were already cracks. We have had the Boers, the Afrikaners and the English people and Scottish people, each with their own cultures and customs and characteristics. Artificially amalgamated and when each want to do their own thing, immediate shaming of being divisive and maverick.

Again after 1994 it became worse, instead of confederation on Swiss system, still for a unitary state with strong central Government, trying to determine culture, which leads to more division, bitterness and anger, where one group gets preference above the other. Even though the accord was signed by Constant Viljoen, National Party, ANC and SA Government with witnesses from Germany, America, UK and Sweden, the Freedom Front Plus under the leadership of Pieter Mulder decided against it since it may cause division, which led to more violence and anger. The UK and France are more examples of Unitary nations. Unitary nations determine religion and culture for the purpose of what they call unity. The Unitary system might word in homogeneous nations like France and the Netherlands and Swaziland and Lesotho, but in most cases will not. In most of Africa it does not work, that is why we get a lot of ethnic violence going on they way it is going on.

The Federal government again works in the different way, where the Federal Government is limited, and the Constitution defends the Rights of the people. The word Federal comes from Latin: foedus meaning treaty, pact or covenant. It is the treaty or pact made between different regions, states or colonies to form a union. The USA is a mixture between confederacy and a Federation, in which according to the Constitution, which is the agreement between the Government and the consent, where limited powers allocated to federal Government and the rest left unto the States as stated in the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The states share powers, but instead of Central Government allocating power to regional Government, the states allocate limited powers to the Federal Government. The Southern States and Eastern States can secede from the Union, but the Western States cannot. Both the Federal Government and State government levy taxes, maintain Law and order, borrow money, take land for public use and provide for public life. Federal government cannot interfere in the affairs of any states on any level, since each state is sovereign in their own rights.

The Federal Government has the powers that only Federal government can do, levy tariffs, regulate interstate and foreign, coin money, maintain armed forces, declare war and establish post offices. The rest are still reserved to the states and the Federal Government has no authority over them. It does work in the USA, as long as the Constitution is being followed. The Federal Government can only set up the Federal courts, but has no authority over the courts in the states as the states are setting up the courts themselves. In each state, the State Supreme Court is the highest judicial and final Judicial Powers, which means on cannot go beyond to the Federal Courts since Federal Courts cannot interfere with state courts.

The Confederate again is a Union of sovereign states United for the purpose of common action often relates to other states. The name Confederate comes from the same root word: foedus, meaning treaty, pact or covenant. It is a treaty or covenant created for the sole purpose of dealing with issues like defense, currency, foreign relations, and internal trade. This with the Con-federal Government required to give support to the different sovereign states in the confederate or union, with limited power delegated to the Federal Government, while each of the states handle all of their own affairs as sovereign states.

Each member state retain their own sovereignty, having the full rights to secession. The Confederate Government is much smaller and weaker in order for the sovereignty of each state, where each state approves or disapproves laws, which happens through the Senate.

In both cases, the Federal or confederal systems could be better could have worked better. Switzerland is an example of a confederate. If Federal system, the Federal Government needs to be very small without having any power to interfere within each state. As we work towards the secession of a new country from South Africa, from the beginning we need to be very clear that the Unitary State will not work. The simple reason is we are different ethnic groups in the new seceded country, as much as some of the people try to deny this reality with their talking from above down to us of to stop what they call nonsense, claiming that we are all Afrikaners, whether we be White or Brown and to let go of all these identity, it cannot go away. These Elitist leaders believe that we are all one for the purpose of Unitary State for which they favor for the purpose of control, while claiming that the Federal or Confederal System is too divisive and we need to be united into a proper unitary system under a very strong Central Government that determines everything they way they want it to be.

It is just like they did with the Union of South Africa after taking down the Boer Republics, all in the name of unity as they claim to end maverick attitude which they want to end. They even develop their own “prophet”, “Siener” Potgieter with his visions against the Boers, believing in orange seeing the Boers as weed, and that the Great Trek be undone where the descendant will migrate back to the Cape colony. Just as God called Siener Van Rensburg to the Boers, the Afrikanerbond/Broederbond conjured their own one up, “Siener” Potgieter, that prophesied in their favor, with red away and Orange in. All this is about to strengthen the hand of the Establishment who are both anti-Federalism and anti-confederalism in favor of unitary State and in favor of the end of all the different identities from the Boers as the White group to the Griekwas and Namas and San and other Brown people groups into one single Group the way they want it to be.

These are all artificial, since we already start to see the cracks. Their arguments against Confederation and Federation are not faced on facts, but on myths. Switzerland is a Confederation that still stands. There is no such a thing as Swiss Language, nor that there is only one single Swiss Culture. Instead, Switzerland is a Confederation, existing out of different Cantons, based on different Ethnic groups. There are the Swiss Germans with their different cantons, then there is the Swiss French with their different Cantons, and then we have the Swiss Italian with their own cantons and also the Swiss Romansh too. There is no amalgamation of these different ethnic groups in Switzerland, but rather forming the Confederation where each canton exist sovereign cantons, where limited power is given to the Government. Officially it is known as the Swiss Confederacy, although bit more Federation, but Federal Government is limited where each Canton govern themselves independently and sovereign. Napoleon when he invaded Switzerland, did try to centralize everything, but failed.

Unitary system never worked in South Africa and still don’t work in South Africa. Will it work in the new seceded Hartland Republic? The answer again is no. Simple reason, although mostly White and Brown and Khoisan people, we are still different ethnic groups. We also have the Indians. Among the Whites, we have the Boers as the largest group, the Afrikaners, English, Portuguese and also Italian people. Then among the Brown and Khoisan we have the Cape Brown people in the Boland region, the Namas of Namakwaland, the Griekwas of Griekwaland, and the San people of Namakwaland. Then we have the Boers in Transoranje, Karroo and Eastern Cape, Afrikaners of Boland and Overberg, English in the Eastern Cape and the Portuguese and Italian scattered through the different regions. As such we have to acknowledge these facts. Are these facts divisive as some claim, dividing us? The answer is no, except if one prefers a unitary state for the purpose of control. Unitary State will not work and is stripping us of our individual rights.

The only system that will work is a Confederation between the different states with a bit of federation, thus having a covenant with each other where the Constitution is being drawn up as a contract between different states creating a Federal Government with limited powers, only for the military defense, international borders, passports, international relations, currencies and coinage, international and interstate trade and trade tariffs through imports, where all the rest of the powers, more than 90% are reserved to the states. That means a Confederate Government with limited powers delegated unto that government by the states. A contract between the people and the government, where our God-given rights are secured.

Through this system based on Switzerland Confederation of Cantons, each ethnic group get to govern themselves sovereign without interference from Federal Government, where individual rights are defended and our language and cultural and heritage rights are defended and government not be able to control or determine our cultural identity, but left unto the states. It will strengthen true unity as we will be able to pull our forces together to defend ourselves, with the well regulated militia for the defense of the free state that the rights of people to bear and carry arms not to be infringed upon. I will share more on this topic. It will be from bottom tot top instead of other way around, as each group are sovereign in their own states.

For this to can happen, it will be important for each of you to go to the link of the ULA vote for external self determination page at: http://www.ulacongress.com

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What is a Boer?

Very important question that needed to be answered, since there are those who want to dismiss the idea that Boers do exist. The reason is that it is Artificial since there are no such a thing and that all are just mere Afrikaners. They claim that the only difference is that the Afrikaners in Transvaal and Orange Freestate eat pap (Grids in America) while in the Cape they don’t. All share the same last names and merely speak the same language. First of all, there are some more differences. The grids is not the only difference. But I will get back to it later. Secondly, the whole thing that it is artificially, since we share the same last names and Language, is just as good that we also acknowledge that there are no such a thing as Afrikaners, since we share very much the same language as the Dutch and most of the last names are Dutch with the french and Germans assimilated into the Dutch, and denying that there is such a nation as the Flemish, that they are just mere Dutch. This is bad reasoning.

It is a few among the Afrikaners who refuses to acknowledge that the Boers do exist, mostly among the elites. Not all Afrikaners have a problem with that. There is a huge difference between the Boers and the Dutch, which started to develop especially from the time of William Adriaan Van Der Stel. Both share the same common Ancestry, namely Dutch for more than 50%, French, German, Swedish, Swiss Germans and French, Norwayans, Danish, bit of Portuguese, bit of Spanish, bit of Italian, bit of Irish and a bit of English. Some believe that there might also be some Khoikhoi blood in. Then the languages both speaks are very similar too. but that is where it ends. Also another misconception here, is that the braai (barbecue) is distinctive Afrikaans is also not true. The Americans are very strong in barbecue and Memphis, Tennessee is considered the barbecue capital of the world, and I believe the same also in Australia. Also another misconception is that it is only the Boers of the White race who eat pap or known as grids in America and polenta in Italian. The rusks that we enjoy in South Africa among us as Boers and Afrikaners are known in America and among Italian as Biscotti. Same with Coffee that originate from Ethiopia and enjoyed in America. Same with biltong that is also enjoyed in America. there is the jerky also in America. In South Africa we have the Boerewors, in Germany and in America it is called bratwurst. Sosati is also enjoyed in America. So we cannot use food as a measure for differences at all. Although Potjiekos is part of our culture, the Americans in the Southern States also enjoy that and call it outdoors cooking or small pot stew. So we cannot look at the types of food we enjoy at all, but rather at real differences.

Boer (/ˈboʊər, bɔːr, bʊər/;[2] Afrikaans: [buːr]) is the Dutch and Afrikaansnoun for “farmer”.[3] In South Africancontexts, “Boers” (AfrikaansBoere) refers to the descendants of the proto Afrikaans speaking settlers of the eastern Cape frontier[4] in Southern Africa during the 18th and much of the 19th century. From 1652 to 1795 the Dutch East India Company controlled this area, but the United Kingdom incorporated it into the British Empire in 1806.[5] From Wikipedia. This is the definition in short. Both the Afrikaners and the Boers are descending from the Free Citizens, in Afrikaans Vryburger, in Dutch, Vrijburger.

In addition, the term “Boeren” also applied to those who left the Cape Colony during the 19th century to settle in the Orange Free StateTransvaal (together known as the Boer Republics), and to a lesser extent Natal. They emigrated from the Cape primarily to escape British rule and to get away from the constant border wars between the British imperial government and the indigenous peoples on the eastern frontier.[5][need quotation to verify][6]. Also from the Wikipedia.

These are the definition by the Wikipedia. The Boers are openly anti-colonial and will fight it or when needed, migrated or trekking way from colonialism just to govern themselves. Boers are freedom loving people, who just want to be left alone and be able to can govern themselves. Boers are also known to be mavericks, not willing to be over ruled or controlled by the establishment. The Boers are resourceful and also are strong pioneers, believing in individual liberties. Boers believe in representative Government, known as the Republic that defend individual liberties and will resist colonialism very strong. Boers are hardy people that through their resourcefulness can make impossible to work, from where the term comes from, ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan, which is, a Boer makes a plan. Boers can be very independent and can fight to defend their liberties like the British Empire found out during the wars with the Boers. The Establishment people do not like the Boers.

The Afrikaners again are not pioneers, trekking to find new places. The Afrikaners are not mavericks like the Boers are. The Afrikaners remained behind in the Western Cape, tolerating the Dutch East Indian Company. The Afrikaners prefer to remain with their properties and with what they know that works. The Afrikaner can tolerate colonialism to a point, not…to a point. The Afrikaners would rather defend their properties than to trek into the unknown wilderness and would rather assess the risks before making moves.

Both the Boers and the Afrikaners cannot tolerate the Establishment or the elites, as Van der Stel found out in a hard way and so also the other governors too. As noted, the Afrikaners can tolerate colonialism to a point, which point break during the Anglo Boer War when great numbers of Afrikaners join the Boers in the war against the mighty British Empire due to tyranny. Afrikaners like the Boers cannot tolerate tyranny at all, nor that their rights be violated.

The term Cape Dutch is actually not an accurate term, since it is a small number of the elites, also known as the establishment who are condescending towards the everyday man and disconnected from them. That is where the Afrikanerbond comes is that became the Broederbond, of which also some Liberal Boers like General Louis Botha and Commandant General Piet Joubert also joined in, later forming the Broederbond under JBM Hertzog and DF Malan and later became the Afrikaner Broederbond and today as the Afrikanerbond. But both the Afrikaner and the Boers are now starting to rise up against the establishment, and the establishment are now getting desperate since they are loosing their influence.

We also see it as the ANC became tyrannic, where the Boers and Afrikaners are now working together towards liberty and possible secession. A note is, the Establishment under the Afrikanerbond do not represent the Boers, nor do they represent the Afrikaners. The establishment denies the existence and culture of the Boers for the sole purpose of control, since they throw the two groups together under one group for convenience and control against the will of both.

What a Boer is not. First of all, Boers are not Nazi’s at all. Nazi stands for Nationalist Socialists, which goes directly against the maverick nature of the Boers, since we the Boers do not believe in collectivism, but in individual liberties, nor that the State comes first in everything at all, nor that Government should control all of production and labor. For this is what National Socialism is all about for the greater good and anti-free-market and liberty. Nazism is not right-wing at all, but actually Left Wing since they like to use race and stereotype everyone and misuse identity for the sake of purification, to cleanse out those who do not look like them or think like them. These are no characteristics of the Boers, since Boers are freedom loving and predominately conservative, which Nazi is not.

The Boers are not Israel Vision, nor part of Israel, but are Boers. Even though the Israel Vision tries to hijack the Boer people for their own ideology and purposes and exclude all who do not think like them, they are not Boers at all. The Israel Vision comes from the Jewish Cabalism and influenced by the British Israelism and Hebrew Roots Movement. They might claim to be Boers, yet are not, and misuse the Boer people for their end and exclude and expel most of us real Boers just because we do not adhere nor accept their cult. Israel Vision is a cult. Boers are strong Christians, strong Protestant Christians who reject the Israel Vision and Israel Truth. The Israel Vision again is a very small group of these people adhering to these false teachings who are very vocal and hateful.

Boers are not racists at all, since the Boers did not create apartheid, since apartheid was created by the Liberal Leftist people in the United Kingdom and brought to South Africa by Cecil John Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner who was racist not only to none-Whites, but also to both the Boers and Afrikaners. The Boers would rather respect boundaries of other nations like that of the Zulu and Swazi and Tswana people, and even purchased land from them.

The Boers just wants to be left alone, if left alone, they will leave you alone. This is who we are. We believe in individual rights, strong family ties and prefer that Government keeps themselves out of our own businesses and lives and focuses only on justice and defense of sovereignty.

If you want to see the individual Liberties for all Boers, then come and vote for sovereign Secession on this link I’m giving you: http://www.ulacongress.com

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Grassroots Organizing More Effective

Today we are dealing with some problems in South Africa. That is that we as the people, the Boer people and also the White Afrikaners, other White South Africans as well as other minority groups who are voiceless. Why is that happening this way? The very political leaders are disconnected with us, the every day man. When ever we speak up of what is bothering us, we are being silenced by these very so-called leaders in a condescending and being accused of being what they call divisive and being mavericks. These Elitist or Establishment talk down to mavericks and the individualist spirits as being dangerous and divisive. Is it? Nor did these Establishment done anything for our Liberty and self-determination. Now what is left, is to operate from Grassroots, be strong mavericks, being eccentric, to organize ourselves from Grassroots in order to secure our liberty.

For too long, for over more than one hundred years, we had been lied to by the elites, we’ve been kept silent by the Establishment. When ever we speak up, we were silenced by these Establishment people who told us to stop being mavericks causing incitement among the people against the established authority or system. We were not allowed to address our grievances against the Government or the Establishment. The Establishment kept making decisions without our consent, telling us their decision and demanding from us just to fall in and be in line. When asking questions, we get reprimanded by the establishment. The Establishment formed the Political Class. That is nothing new, since the same establishment also spoke against and condemn the Great Trek, and later on the establishment of the Boer Republics. They are not truthful to us and hide a lot of things from us.

If that is not enough, again General Jan Smuts who negotiate our Liberties away and to disarm us without us even having any say at all, ending the Boer Republics in order to surrender our freedoms and our Boer Republics to the British Empire. General Smuts response to our Boer fathers were, we just need to get use to that. The Union of South Africa was created with the Laws that had to be in line with the British Laws over ten thousand kilometers away from us. Many Laws were made and passed in London, being rubber-stamp in South Africa without us having any say, and today we had to face these consequences. The system of Government was to be unitary, again we have had no say, since the Establishment already decided for us and we must just submit to these decisions by the Establishment.

The Afrikanerbond became the Broederbond, who influenced our political life and policies, made during their meetings just being enforced by the Government, again we were left out of everything and when questioning, then being told to be quiet. Also during the time of John Vorster with the Police State and with the control over the church by the Broederbond. They also start towards of removing PW Botha working against their wishes after the Broederbond made the decision to hand over South Africa to the ANC, in which neither we, nor the Black tribes have had any say in any of these. The Broederbond’s reason is, we as Afrikaners must get use to it and adjust to be govern by the ANC. for they decided for us without us even having any say at all. If it wasn’t for General Constant Viljoen to force the Afrikaner Accord that will ensure self-determination, including external self-termination, where the South African Government and the ANC were forced to sign and to secure it in Article 235 of the Constitution as well as the International Law Article 1 securing our rights to self-determination, we would not have got it.

But the leaders of the Freedom Front Plus decided to hide that document and to lie to us, refuses to work towards determination and External Self-Determination, claiming that it cannot be done and that it be to extreme. We are to rather integrate within the Rainbow Nation. The Freedom Front Plus was operating within the Parliament where they did not do anything but to be what they call constructive Opposition in their own words, to keep the ANC on their toes. Yeah right, so much so that the ANC was able to to ramp through 114 Affirmative Action Laws and later the Black Economic Empowerment Laws and even worse, the Broad Base Black Economic Empowerment. So much so for keeping the ANC on their toes. The propose areas for self-determination also was approved and signed for, but it remained there since the Freedom Front Plus did nothing.

When Jacob Zuma became President, Dr. Pieter Mulder accepted the post as Deputy Minister of agriculture, and expelled many of the FF+ members who object and opposed it, including the former Youth Leader being expelled by the Elitist leaders who are not to be opposed since that is deemed divisive, nor are they to be questioned. When the Black Monday took place in 2017, again many of us as conservative Boers and Afrikaners fly our old South African flag or the old Transvaal Vierkleur (Four Color) with the red in instead of orange, by the mouths of the Afriforum and the Freedom Front plus not only distance themselves from it, but condemn those of us who dare to fly these flags as being insensitive and racist. The Leadership in the FF+ and Afriforum also shout down and expelled anyone who spoke on and promoting the right to external Self determination, expelling a couple of them in the name of preserving unity. All because we cannot divide South Africa is what we hear from these Establishment, who are then run by the Broederbond, who had become the Afrikaner Broederbond and today known as the Afrikanerbond.

We have no voice in the Media since the Naspers run Media 24 do not give us any voice but silence our voice. Whatever we say and grievances we brought forth, fell on def ears. When we try to initiate something, we are accused of being mavericks by these same Establishment. It is all about, keep your mouths shut and your wallets open. Yet we are excluded from the Job Markets through Affirmative Actions, being forced out of our businesses through Black Economic Empowerment and even became worse with where our own people suffer poverty due to unemployment thanks to the Affirmative actions and Black Economic Empowerment, we are now also excluded from charity through the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. On top of it all, brutal murders of farmers and escalated now also to the White South Africans in suburbs and urban areas, where we are now at stage 8 of the Genocide against White South African, but still we are kept quite by our establishment leaders. We cannot go on like this anymore, cannot trust these political parties like the Freedom Front Plus nor the Afriforum nor Solidarity.

Now what now, what are we going to do? Quo Vadis (Where to from here) With all of these factors I’ve mentioned, which is that we had become voiceless, we need to start to do things for our selves. We need to take charge of our own lives. We cannot rely on these political leaders, since they are part of the establishment. We need to become mavericks, which is that we can no longer be conformist. We need to stand up for ourselves, tarting to organizing ourselves. Most important is, is that we need to realize that there is no other way but to secede, to secede from South Africa, to create our own country. We need to organize ourselves as we mobilize more people towards independence. And we can and we will.

The question is how? There are many steps that needed to be taken. viable studies need to be taken into how viable, what type of Government, how economical viable is it. There are many steps that we need to follow, which if we put all this together, that there are a lot to be done. But the good news is we don’t have to. Some would ask, what do I mean? The answer is very simple, already one of our fellow country men, a patriot had already taken all these step. His name is Hein Marx. he started up with the United Liberty Council. He did all of these studies, impact studies with the help of renown economist, legal steps with strong lawyers. Also the whole thing of the political impact, how viable is it, can it be sustained. Already had taken all the steps, keep speaking to government who kept ignoring, following all channels until all were exhausted. Hein had done all of these, completed 97% of all the steps.

He also look at what type of Government the new country will have, who are the minority groups, what regions and what will the borders be, which is the geographical areas already been identified. Already the platform had been created, in less than the year, got over 166’000 votes in favor for secession. that means since all of these had been followed, we don’t need to go and start all over again, to reinvent the wheel. So what is it that we need to do from here? We need to organize people into cells from the different communities, to work towards the mobilization of the different minority groups to vote for secession. We need to operate from Grass Roots level.

In each of your community you need to organizing cells and organizing meetings, communicating with the leaders of the United Liberty Alliance to can speak during the conference, or with recorded Videos of presentation to show to the people, and from there to organize more people through the cells. Each cell operate independent from another one, but are connected together in the network of the SA Teaparty Republic which is a Movement. The SA Teaparty Republic are cooperating and working together with the United Liberty Alliance, where grassroots organizing takes place to get more people to vote for for secession on the vote for self determination website of the United Liberty Alliance.

Let’s do it people, for the Boers, for the Afrikaners, for the English people with Boer Hearts, fir the Cape Brown people and for the Khoisan people. By each one of you in your own community, connect with people and get them to vote for Self-determination, and then after that organizing in cells from where more outreaches can be launched and coordinated with more initiatives and actions as command centers, Through it more people can be reached and through it we can reach the 2 million votes that is needed for the mandate. We can do it it and we will. The Freedom Front Plus will not be able to can stop us. Through this we give voice to the voiceless.

In summery, the most effective way for us to be able to can get secession, to secure our liberty, is through Grassroots level as both the United Liberty Council a a Civil Organization is doing and the SA Teaparty Movement as a grassroots movement working together with the United Liberty Council to operate as a tool for the ULA to organize people to mobilize more people to work towards liberty and canvasing people to vote for self determination. This it will be a way from the bottom upwards and not the top to bottom anymore. Thus will be the people’s movement. The only option that we have, is to secede, which is coordinated by the United Liberty Alliance. The SA Teaparty Republic will operate with the ULA and be a very important part and team member of the United Liberty Alliance. Let’s make the Hartland Republic work and a reality.

Therefore, as you get people to vote, go to the ULA platform at the following website and vote and get more to vote: http://www.ulacongress.com

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The trampling on our Rights

Clearly that the Government of South Africa is stripping every last bit of our freedoms away. Fist it started with the Affirmative action Laws, 114 Laws on Affirmative action and with agencies within the Labor Department in South Africa to go out on inspections to see if companies are fulfilling the laws of employing Black people above White people. On every chart in every company for employment, clearly stated that Affirmative actions will apply. Also many White people were laid of for the purpose of employing Black people in their place just to fulfill the requirements of the Law concerning the affirmative Actions Law.

The ANC also put together their policies for Government, running them from the Luthuli House in Johannesburg which is de facto Capital of South Africa since most if not all Government decisions are made from the Luthuli house in Johannesburg and Pretoria and Cape town only execute these decisions from the Luthuli House. Including the Affirmative Action Laws. Also that had been decided in Johannesburg.

Next on the List, the Black Empowerment policies decided in Johannesburg, passed in Cape town as the rubber stamp of the Luthuli House in Johannesburg, to be executed in Pretoria. This policy state that with each business we as Whites or minority are starting, that at least 51% of our shares must go to a Black man, which means we do all the hard work without even having the right to enjoy the fruits of our Labor. Also at least 60% of the senior staff must be Black and with Welfare 60% of those to be helped must be Black. It led to more businesses folding and more White people being dumped into Poverty.

But Black Economic Empowerment was nit enough, now Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, now 60% of the shares in our small private companies must belong to Black people, even if we do all the hard work to start the Business up. With the employment more than 70% must be Black and in Senior position more than 70% must be Black. For development of new talents and people, must be 80% Black, for Welfare, more than 80% must be Black. Also for you to operate as a Business you must have the BBBEE certificate to certify that you had fulfill all of its requirements, which again is also costly since most who start up new Businesses cannot afford such a thing. Today it is even worse, even though some Leaders from America and Germany who spoke against it, Cyril Ramaphosa doubled down on it, make it clear that the BBBEE must be enforced even more aggressively, where Whites and other minorities who struggle can no longer be helped, but Blacks and Blacks alone.

We also further lost our control over production through legislation in Parliament by orders of the Luthuli House in Johannesburg, where Government controls all of productions and means of productions. Next in as decided what the Sport quotas where the Luthuli House decided who can partake in sport and who not and who can go to universities and who not. Even in Christian Ministry the Government has a heavy hand, where government decide what you can do in your own ministry and what not, who you can appoint or ordain and who not, our policy on marriage of where we must allow what they call same-sex marriage. I’m an ordained pastor, but who refuse to be registered as an official marriage officiator under authority of the Director General of the department of Home Affairs concerning Marriage where I will be forced to officiate a marriage between a man and a man. Also what we can preach and what not that is now being determined by local Government according to Law, registration of churches where leaders are to be elected on annual basis by the congregation and community, including that of the Pastor.

Also the Annual Report that we as Pastors must hand in to the Department of Welfare and Population Development concerning the activities of the church, the General Annual meetings of the Church as well as the Church Board, who is who, as well as the Church Constitution that must align with the policies of the South African Government, as well as financial reports, what was decided on Church meetings and number of membership on annual basis. Also the sermons that we preached that needed to be handed in. It is a lengthy process just to register one church, can take up to six months before being approved, as well as the Tax Exemption status with the SARS and to register as Public Beneficial Organization.

Then later we deal with Mineral Rights that now also all belong to government, who controls all of the minerals in South Africa. The Medication Price Control in the name of having cheaper medication prices. Yea Right!!! Medicine and medication has actually become more expensive in South Africa. Also the regulation of Health Care in South Africa that inhibit our Healthcare system from a world class health care system into a third world class healthcare system. Our Educational structure also went backwards due to Government, from education and training of our kids into indoctrination centers. First the Curriculum 2005 that failed, then the Outcome Based Education and now the Common Core education as set up by the Teachers Trade Unions of the NEA in the USA, with the One Size fits all, where they are only interested in the outcome based of equality in outcome. Passing Rates lowered down to only 30%. Whites and Minorities now being also denied access to higher Education in South Africa.

Then next in line, Land Reform. The whole thing is a hoax. I will write an article on it and why I am against Land Reform. That is another story. The saddest thing is not that the ANC so decided, but that so-called agricultural organizations did not do anything to defend the farmers nor the private citizens and our property rights, but rather supported these and came with the so-called land audits and already decided to cooperate with the ANC led South African Government, expanding Government even more, chipping away more of our rights. Now it has come to this of the expropriation of Land without Compensation, which AgriSa again came with their Audit and how to go about it. Even hearings that was hold. The whole Land Reform and now Expropriation of Land without compensation is immoral.

Further also the stiffing Gun Laws to disarm private citizens, to take away our means to defend ourselves against the Tyranny of Government in South Africa,k expecting us to learn to trust Government while history taught us not to entrust everything to Government nor trust Government in everything. Also escalation of Crime within South Africa without us even having the rights to defend ourselves. The harassment by the Law Enforcement against us as citizens in South Africa. Homicide Rates that keep escalating, now 50/100’000, among White South Africans nearly 200/100’000, especially through brutal murders which actually is capital murder, which in Tennessee is death penalty crime, and First Degree Murders against White Minorities ans other Minority groups and among Black people with Black on Black and also Second Degree Murder the same way. Also Rape that is going wild and violent crimes including burglary and robbery, with the South African Police and other Law Enforcement agencies doing nothing about it since it is not priority in South Africa. Also the Genocide against the White population as well as the population of other minority groups, instigated by the Government itself.

If that is not enough, service delivery that is disintegrating, including ESKOM that is going backwards and the provision of Water that is of poor quality, garbage removal and sewerage rivers forming at the same time in South Africa. Road conditions that is going backwards, one of te worst in the world with potholes in everywhere. Municipalities that are Bankrupted due to money laundry, embezzlement of monies and looting that is going on as well as extortion of people, bribery that is none stop and nepotism that is the order of the day. Higher taxes so that more money can be wasted with no accountability of our tax monies. Yet Government wants to raise more taxes on us who are already overtaxed in South Africa. It is no longer taxation, but extortion of the South African citizens, being called taxes, legalized extortion.

Then we also now have to deal with the so-called National Health Insurance, which we know will already be a big failure, where Government now takes complete control over our healthcare, forcing doctors to leave South Africa, adding to more brain drain in South Africa. South Africa became Fascist and National Socialist since 1994 under Mandela and ever increasing, no freedoms anywhere. We are under a great oppressive tyranny with heavy hand on us, and also with Toll gates and E-Toll with the purpose of controlling our movements. Many of our cities and towns went backwards due to what the ANC call, community upliftment in what they cal previously disadvantage areas. That is a hoax since all it was, was centralization of all economy, that led to depopulation of cities in favor of Johannesburg through central planning of economy.

With all of these facts, it is clear that South Africa is about to fall. South Africa is run out of money, run out of other people’s money. Taxation or should I say extortion without compensation. Now with the Latin expression: Quo Vadis? That is, from where to from here? It will be a waste of time to try to make South Africa to work, for the writing is against the wall. The only way forward is external Self-determination or more accurately, secession. There is no way out. The United Liberty Alliance worked on it for the passed six years under Hein Marx. The Hartland project. Below is the Map of the proposed area for the new country identified as we will secede.

Now this new country will be completely different, in that we will be instead of a Unitary state like South Africa, we will be a Confederation. Instead of being a One Man one vote Democracy through Mob Rule, we will be a Republic, governing through elected representatives directly elect from among us instead of through political parties, be govern by Law that secure our liberties and limiting the Government and each state be sovereign in their own rights without Federal Government be able to can interfere in the affairs of any state. Instead of being top to bottom like it is in South Africa, it will be from bottom upwards.

We will be able to pursuit the Hartland Dream like we have the American Dream. I will expand on a latter article on Hartland Dream. We will be able to govern our selves, educating our own kids. Be able to open up and run our own business without Government interfering. Property Rights will be protected. Our God Given Rights to Live, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness will be guaranteed in the Hartland Republic. We will have a Capitalist or Free Enterprise system in the Hartland Republic. Individual rights will be protected and the Constitution will be a toll in the hand of the people to restrain Government. We will have religious Freedoms again and for a well regulated militia for the defense of a Free State that our rights as the people and citizens to bear and carry arms that shall not be infringe upon.

But these will only be possible is you go and vote for external self determination on the following link that I’m giving you here right now. http://www.ulacongress.com

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West Transvaal, Freestate, Eastern Cape

What has the two maps to do with this post? First of all, Siener Van Rensburg, when he speaks of the time setting of the Man in Brown Suit and the three Blue letters from Germany to the Parliament in South Africa, he points out to three regions from where the Boers will assemble and he also mentions the place where the weapons will come.

Now here we are first going to deal with the three regions, West Transvaal, West and Southern Freestate and Eastern Cape. These regions are the regions that is seen by Siener Van Rensburg from where the Boers will come to assemble. But why? The reasons are so obvious. The rest of the portions will already be taken over by the Marxist radical Black ANC/EFF/BLF people. Eastern Cape one hundred kilometers east of Port Elizabeth will be taken over by the Xhosa and ANC, so also Eastern half of Freestate, Natal and also Eastern Transvaal, Southern Transvaal and Northern Transvaal too.

It is in these regions that the fires will burst out as Siener Van Rensburg had seen in his vision, the Wagon Wheel that will role from the Eastern Cape through the Freestate and through Vereeniging and will tip over there and the Near Eastrand near Johannesburg. Due to the situation most of the Boers will be gathered in Western Transvaal, Lower Northern Transvaal (Central North Gauteng which includes Pretoria and bend towards the Far Eastrand regions which includes Springs, Brakpan, Benoni and Kempton Park and Bronkhorstspruit) Western Freestate, Western parts of Eastern Cape and the Karroo. Siener Van Rensburg speaks about these regions.

The Karroo region is where Prieska will be, on the Orange River, known as the Great River, where our armory will be and where we will meet up with the Germans. I will go into it with greater details with that too. So what I’m seeing is God’s handy work here that set these regions apart where we can be.

The Map shows the proposed area of the Hartland Republic for when that region successfully secedes from South Africa. That is the Map on the Left side. The Right hand side is the three states or regions where the Boers will be, Eastern Cape includes the Angora goats or English people with the Boer Hearts. Tranoranje which includes Western Freestate and Western Transvaal and the Eastern Cape and Karroo. I don’t believe in coincidence. For that to happen to be exactly according to the prophesies of Siener Van Rensburg in his visions concerning these regions is a chance of 1 out of a million to the power of 10. Therefore the only explanation is that we see God’s hand here and his providence at work.

With the secession at hand it is clear the time is very close at hand. No wonder the Afrikanerbond people with their Front Organizations like the freedom Front Plus, Afriforum and Solidarity are fighting against it, because they want to prevent the prophesies of Siener Van Rensburg to come to fulfillment. The bad news to them is that they cannot, it is bound to come into fulfillment.

God is calling us out of this failed South Africa so that the plagues of God can hit South Africa outside of the new regions. Yes off course even after we had successfully secede, which I believe we will, the Thornbush people from the Establishment of te Freedom Front Plus, Afriforum and Solidarity and the DA will work against it and even rip Cape Town away and try to make trouble for us, but that is then when the Blue Letters from Germany will arrive. The FF+, Afriforum and Solidarity and DA knows that their time are short.

But God always prepares a way forward for us and we need to take it. There are those of us God had given the abilities to discern the times and to know what we ought to do. I believe in the time setting where we are, that we need to take hold of this providence from God, and that we need to be part of and vote for secession and to make sure we had it. for after the secession, God will prepare us for that great battle when it comes, after the Wagon Wheel roles, the Thornbush that will fall and the Marxist fell and the end of England. The new regions for sovereign secession will be outside the rest of South Africa under the Thornbush Government.

So therefore, I would encourage you to come and vote on the link that I will provide here. http://www.ulacongress.com

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Is Secession an Act of War?

This is a very important question since there are certain Afrikaners “leaders” from the Main stream Afrikaner organizations like the Afriforum and Freedom Front Plus as well as the Soladiriteit and at the same time certain organizations posing as Boer organizations that brings fear to many of our country men among the Boers and Afrikaners, discouraging them to vote for secession. What are the reasons they give to our fellow country men. First they claim that what we are doing is illegal to secede since according to them the Law do not allow secession and self-determination and against International Law. That is plain false. The Article 235 of the South African Constitution clearly defend our right to self determination and right to govern our selves and establish our own independent country based on our language, culture, ethnicity, Identity and heritage, as identified ethnic groups, like the Boers and Afrikaners. Second we also have the International Law, Article 1 of the International covenants, signed by the South African Government under the ANC, which guarantees our rights to self-determination based on culture, ethnicity, identity, language, heritage and history, like that of the Boers and Afrikaners. Then there is also the Afrikaner Accord signed by Constant Viljoen and his witness, the National Party, ANC, IFP and ambassadors from America, United Kingdom, Sweden.

More than 99% of the process were already fulfilled and channels exhausted, now only working towards a mandate which is perfectly legal to get majority of the votes of the minority groups, then if that happens where a referendum be forced down where only the members of the minority groups can vote in the referendum for secession, from where it takes place formerly, or if ANC Government refuses to allow the referendum, them we have the right based on the mandate to declare independence from where the USA and Israel can acknowledge our independence and we do have support from President Trump, members of congress as well as from conservative senators, as well as from leaders in Israel. Therefore that argument by the establishment is refuted since it is clearly legal to do the secession to get the mandate from the people.

Second objection by the establishment leaders from both the Afrikaners and Boer establishment organizations. That is if we declare independence and move towards independence and self-determination and getting more people and can cause war. These establishment leaders are claiming that they are working towards of trying to prevent war and working through negotiation in Parliament or the so-called virtue nation. The same establishment leaders also claim that they are trying to prevent expropriation of land without compensation. They try to tell us that we must rather steer away from self-determination and independence and rather work for solutions and for peace, to avert war and try to live in the multi-cultural setting in South Africa.

Let’s look at the reality here. People, the question is not if war or civil war will break out in South Africa, but rather when. For Civil War is coming. Yes there are certain people who believe that we must be positive and believe God is bigger than the problems in South Africa. Yes God is bigger than the ANC and the enemies. But God is also holy. South Africa is polluted with wickedness, from bloodshed to witchcraft to homosexuality and sexual immorality, covetousness through Marxism, false testimonies, genocide of White South Africans and other minority groups and farmers, corruption, deception, dishonoring of parents and rapes taking place. South Africa is soaked with the blood of the innocent. Also God will not force Himself on people who don’t want Him. Vorster ended the opening in prayer in Parliament in 1976, FW de Klerk for the sake of Nelson Mandela declare South Africa secular and the influence of Christianity was exterminated out of Government and public square in South Africa, God being expelled from South Africa. Therefore God will not intervene into South Africa even if we pray that God do, because God do not have any rights to do so, nor any authority to do so, since the ANC Government is the highest authority in South Africa and will not permit it.

Jesus Christ Himself told the believers to get out of Babylon so that we do not share in the plagues of Babylon. God’s presence had been expelled, although He is present in us. South Africa will fall apart and god will not prevent that but will allow that to happen. Civil War will break out in South Africa and God will not prevent that but will allow that. Why? Because of the wickedness that continues and the establishments and the ANC and EFF and BLF keeps mocking God, claiming they will remain in power forever. Abortion also continues in South Africa, adding more blood of these innocent babies from among all racial groups for the sins of their parents.

In reality, war cannot be prevented in South Africa, and the Establishment in South Africa knows it. The EFF and the BLF are preparing for war against the Whites and minority groups, to exterminate us, and the ANC also support that, already clear that they are out to full scale war against us. They, i.e. the ANC/EFF/BLF, just wait for the right timing and signal to start the war. It does not matter what we are doing. Let’s look into the reality en realize that our best option is to secede. Is it an act of War? No, it is an act of securing our God-given Rights to life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The secession and declaration is a statement from we the people from among the Boers, Afrikaners, Coloreds, Khoisan and other minority groups that we will no longer be part of South Africa under tyranny and make our selves loose from tyranny and retaking our Liberties again.

Do we want war? The answer is no. Our hope is to prevent war by seceding from South Africa, declaring independence and creating a new country, the Hartland Republic. War is the last option, and that only when war is being brought to our front steps unto us, that we then will have no other option, but to fight to defend ourselves and our independence. And that only if it does come to it. We hope that it will not come to it, but we are prepared when the ANC/EFF/BLF and Establishment come to attack us and come with their aggression. But we will not go and look for war, yet when needed and we are attacked and offensive being taken against us by the ANC Government in alliance with the EFF/BLF and DA, then we will not hesitate to defend ourselves.

But what is the real reason that the establishment from the mainstream Afrikaner and Boer organizations are trying to prevent secession and independence is for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to keep their power over us. They don’t want us to be free, to be able to govern our selves. They want to keep ruling over ourselves, and from the very beginning first as the Afrikanerbond, then later the Broederbond, then Afrikaner Broederbond and now again Afrikanerbond. They decided on their own for us that we need to give up our liberties, first the Boer Republics, then South Africa to the ANC and stand under the ANC and to get use to it. They even wants the Government to create a new department for minority groups affairs to strengthen their grip over us. They use fear tactics against the people to retake their liberty and independence.

They prefer that we need to give up our faith, identity, culture and Language for the sake of multiculturalism and Rainbow Nation. According to these establishment people, we are to be quiet, remained silent, submit to the authority of these self-appointed establishment leaders from the Afrikanerbond operating through the Main political Afrikaner parties. They try to discourage the Volks movement and any grassroots leave, even speaking against it, since all these actions are according to these establishment leaders causing division and confusion. They don’t want us to think for ourselves. We need to stop falling for these lies by these main stream establishment leaders, learning to stop listening to them and obeying these establishment leaders and start to retake our liberties.

There is no reason to follow these establishment leaders who continually selling us out, lying to us, keep information away from us, misinforming us and keeping us in the dark. They also trying to control the church, preventing anyone who do not submit unto them to become ministers of the gospel. They also trying to prevent God from intervening by silencing us who are not in line with their ideology, so that we cannot pray towards God in a social setting. They are venomous. First they hide the Afrikaner accord, lying to us by claiming that there were never such an accord, until a German brought the copy to Hein and the original documents that opened the eyes of the patriots in order based on these documents to move towards self-determination and independence. The Freedom Front Plus kept it from us to prevent us to be free, lied to us and still lying to us, to sell us out, betraying us.

Therefore we need to part ways from these establishment who are actually a brood of vipers. We need to take charge of our own lives. Don’t let these establishment leaders tell you that our operations to work towards independence and sovereign secession is an act of war that needs to stop, for it is not. We are simply want to be free and be left alone, the establishment want to keep their control over us. We will not fall apart just because these people no longer have power over us, but will grow even more since we will be free. We can take back our own lives again.

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Any Reason to see anything positive about South Africa?

Very important question to ask, is there anything positive that we can see in South Africa as it is? The reason I ask this question is, that certain progressive people and so-called moderate people are trying to tell us that we need to learn to be positive since according to them there are far more reasons to be positive over South Africa than to focus on the Negative. One of the reasons they gave is…We got rid of Jacob Zuma, he is no longer president. He is being replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa who they claim is a good guy. They claim that he is not corrupt and is fighting corruption and State Capture.

Further do the same Liberals and Moderates also claim that who else are there that are better to be President from out of the ANC. ANC is here to remain forever and nothing can remove them, so we need to learn to get use to it, make peace with it, make peace with the ANC and try to apologize about what they call our racism towards the ANC. Both the moderates and the Liberals sees us the Whites as the problems and the ANC/EFF/BLF only acted in response to what they call our racism. The same Moderates and Liberals claim that the Blacks suffered under Apartheid while we Whites were privileged and that the ANC only tries to redress these things, including the Land issue and economic issues.

Here are some problems. First of all, none of these claims by the Liberals against us are based on facts, but on propaganda. No land was stolen from any Black tribe, nor were the Bantu tribes here in South Africa before the Whites nor were the Blacks the first groups here in South Africa south of the Limpopo. The first groups were the Khoisan groups and tribes, yet the same political Class and the Liberals and moderates refuse to acknowledge the Khoisan people as the first people. Why? Because it is not political correct at all.

Further, the claims of White people committing genocide against the Bantu Tribes in South Africa is also false. Also that when the Whites arrived at the Cape, they were finding the Bantu Tribes living in peace and harmony with the Ubuntu spirit in an Utopia. When the first White people arrived around the South Point of Africa, the Phoenicians, they did not find any tribes in Southern Africa besides the Khoisan people. Nor are there any records on rock paintings by the Khoisan of Bantu Tribes. When the Portuguese explorers traveled around the South point of Africa, they did not find any Bantu people south of the Zambezi river at all, which was between 1480 and 1650’s. When the First Dutch people arrived at the Cape, stranded after being shipwrecked, which was 1640, no Bantu Tribes were founded in the Cape. When Jan Van Riebeeck came to the Cape, still no Black tribes. The First Black Tribes crossed over the Limpopo only in 1680 in the Mozambique region and over the Pongolo in 1700. Thus there were no Black Tribes inside the borders of South Africa before 1700.

The First time the white people came in contact with the Bantu was 1770 at the Great Fish River. The second myth of Bantu being peaceful people living in harmony with one another also is a myth. Nor did the Whites commit any Genocide against the Blacks, since that also is false. There were no harmony, but war and bloodshed between the different tribes, that also led to many being captured by more powerful chieftains to be sold into slaver as part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in West Africa, from where many tribes fled to the Great Lakes, fighting one another selling one another into slavery, then the Southward migration that happened. Then there were the Mfekane, instigated by Shaka Zulu who built his Empire, committing Genocide against other Black Tribes and the Khoisan in Natal, killing more than 2 million until he was assassinated by his brother Dingaan, who was no better and murdered further 2 million people, including the remaining of the Khoisan and including the Black Tribes. That led to some groups fleeing Dingaan and Shaka Zulu. Some includes Mzilikazi with his Matabele who fled Shaka Zulu and slaughter 2 million more people and Shoshangone with his Shangaans fled into Mozambique, killing 1 million people more and another group fled into Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya and Malawi, forming the Ngoni Tribe, killing i million more people.

There were also the Cannibalism that took place for the sake of survival but were gathered in by Mosjesj of the Basotho. the result of all the wars by Shaka Zulu, Dingaan and Mzilikazi and others led to it that by 1910 there were only 3 million Bantu people in South Africa. Today there are 46.4 million Blacks in South Africa, of which 25% of the Black population are not from South Africa, but from outside of South Africa. Life expectancy of Blacks increased from 35 before 1900 til 65 years of age by 1990, but decreased again under the ANC rule due to the AIDS pandemic. I will deal with the land issue in a latter article.

Now what is there that is so positive over South Africa? Nothing. We deal with the Affirmative action Laws, 114 laws exactly and the Broad Based and later the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. we deal with large scale corruption since 1994 and afterwards. first we had to deal with the Arms Deal Scandal, which implicates most of the senior members of the ANC, including Cyril Ramaphosa. Then we deal later with the Oil Gates Scandal under Mbeki and Ramaphosa. We have the continuing Gravy Train Scandal in which almost every single political party is part of, with money disappearing without trace. If that is not enough, then is is the State Capture Scandal that still continues. Again, Cyril Ramaphosa is not innocent as many of the Moderates and Liberals want to make us believe, nor is he that clean.

Then we deal with the Genocide of White South Africans, including the marginalization of White people, excluded from the Job Market and through Black Economic and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment more White South Africans be dumped into poverty. Then we also deals with the Land issue and lately the Expropriation of Land without Compensation as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa who then already was State President of South Africa. We deal with high levels of poverty which increased on the watch of the ANC since Mandela and onward. South Africa is one of the countries with the highest crime rate and homicide rates in the world and also known as the rape capital of the world with high unemployment levels.

We also deal with crumbling infra-structures in South Africa and high taxes without representation. South Africa is currently a welfare state, which off course is not sustainable and is now in the process to crush. Reason be is the tax base is getting smaller since the tax payers are the ones who had to carry the rest of South Africa. And further, the problem is that the Government always runs out of other people’s money, and South Africa is on its way to collapse and there is now turning back on it. ESKOM is on its way to collapse, so also other state entities. Service delivery is also failing, that leads to more South Africans becoming dissatisfied. Then we also deal with tribalism among Black tribes and also within the ANC.

Further more, we are also dealing with the the ANC speaking of attacking the Minority groups, especially the White South Africans and specifically the Afrikaners and the Boers, so also the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), another radical Marxist Political Party already with War speeches and rhetoric and preparation to war, that under the Leadership of Julius Malema, so also Andile Mngxitama of the BLF (Black First Land First) and so also the other groups. They are planning and training for war to exterminate the White Race in South Africa as well as the other minority groups and also the other Black tribes outside the Nguni groups.

More companies are withdrawing from South Africa due to the BBBEE and the Affirmative actions in South Africa and excessive taxation of companies and severe regulations. That together with the Expropriation of Land without Compensation. Together with high crime rates that also keeps increasing and violent crime at the same time. Also the rhetoric of Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama against what they call White Privilege and to cut Whiteness in the neck and to end what they call White Capital Monopoly.

As we speak, South Africa is hanging on Life support, but for how long? South Africa is not going to last any longer. South Africa is about to fall apart and disintegrating. To ignore these facts is not going to make things going away. The question is no longer if War or civil war is going to break out, for the EFF and the BLF are already preparing to war and fo the attack. the question is now, when? So with all these facts together, there are no evidence nor reasons to be positive over South Africa. So what now, what is it that we can do?

Two things we can do and need to do simultaneously. First, we need to prepare ourselves for what is to come, namely war and be prepared to defend ourselves. At the same time, we need to work towards secession from South Africa into a New nation in order to secure our Liberties, since there is no way for us to remain in South Africa. Therefore the only way is to secede from South Africa. The United Liberty Council already worked on it, following the legal path, exhaust all channels, and now working to get the mandate from us as White South Africans and the rest of the other minority groups. So people, please go on the ULA Website to vote for secession. Here are the following links that people can go and vote.

To vote, go to this link: http://www.ulacongress.com


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About the Author, Gideon Prinsloo

I’m Gideon Prinsloo, fourteenth generation of the Prinsloo’s in South Africa from Adriaan Gerritz Prinsloo. I’m a descendant from the Trek Boers and the Frontier Boers on the Eastern Cape Frontier, and also a descendant from the Voortrekkers on both the Prinsloo and Engelbrecht side.

From the Prinsloo side, my great Grand father, Hendrik Frederick Prinsloo and his family were part of the Hendrik Potgieter Trek who also fight during the battle of Vegkop and during the Zulu war after the murder of Piet Retief and remained behind with a group to fought under Andries Pretorius during the Battle of Blood River. Later moved over the Drakensberg again into the Orange Freestate, establishing in Kroonstad. My great-great Grand Father was a Boer general and one of the heroes together with General Christiaan De wet, both from the Republic of the Orange Freestate. Both my great-great grandfather and great grandfather took part in the 1914 Rebellion against the Botha and Smuts regime. Both knew Siener van Rensburg personally and were friends of him, so also my grandfather, Paul Prinsloo.

From the Engelbrecht side, my Engelbrecht great-great grandparents parents trekked with Gerrit Marritz and suffered the attacks from the impi’s of Dingaan during the Battle of Bloukrans and Boesmansrivier and later fought under Andries Pretorius in the battle of Blood River. Later after the Republic of Natalia were annexed by the British Empire, the trekked back over the Drakensberg with Andries Pretorius and established themselves in Western Transvaal in the Rustenburg region and my Engelbrecht Great Grand father, Johannes Francois Engelbrecht also knew Siener Van Rensburg personally as both were in the same commando under Koos De La Rey during the Anglo Boer War.

My grandfather, Paul Prinsloo moved to Rustenburg, meeting my grand mother, Marta Matilda Engelbrecht, oldest daughter of Johannes Francois Engelbrecht at Lichtenburg, where my father was born, second youngest son of my grandparents out of six children. Both my Grandparents also opposed General Smuts during World War Two and my Grand Father were imprisoned with other Boers by General Smuts during World War Two together with my Great grandfather. so also my maternal grandfather, JJ Ackermann since he too opposed General Smuts during World War Two.

Later on my both my grandfather and grandmother together with Albert Herzog and Jaap Marais helped to get South Africa to be declared a Republic and both helped Albert Herzog and Jaap Marais to found a new Party, Herstigte Nationale Party during the 1970’s due to the treasonous actions of the National Party under John Vorster and due to the Broederbond who silenced anyone disagreeing with them. Both my grandparents were close friends with Jaap Marais.

My Grand Father passed on in 1992 at the age of 82 and my grand mother later in September 2001 at the age of 87. My oldest uncle, Paul Prinsloo IV died at age 75 in 2013. My father still lives, born 1948 at Lichtenburg, I’m the youngest, my brother born 1973 and I’m in 1976.

Why do I share all of these. My grand father, Paul Prinsloo III and my grandmother, his wife had a profound influence on me and my outlook. So also my father, Hendrik Frederick Prinsloo. My grand parents share a lot of stories and his visions together with the interpretation given to them by Siener Van Rensburg himself. Both of them and my father taught me strong sense of patriotism towards my Boer people, faith in God and strong Christian principles. They shaped me, taught me proper Afrikaans, more influence over me than the school education ever could have.

They also taught me to reason and to think for myself, not to follow leaders blindly or to follow the crowd, not even if they are preachers. They taught me to investigate first. My father taught me how to research and read on things before just believing everything. also when writing articles and to articulate, to do proper research in order that I make sure of my facts first, and to be thorough in my research, investigating and doing of things, to the excellence of operation and effectiveness. They taught me character and integrity.

I’m a man of principles, first a Christian, then a husband, then a man of God then a Boer and strong Boer patriot. My worldview is informed by the Bible, which means that everything I do, I do from a strong Biblical perspective. I’m straight forward, not mincing my words or beating around the bush, but blunt, speaking the truth. I’m not political correct, nor will I be political correct, strong Conservative Christian. Call me extreme and controversial since I refuse to what these so-called moderates believe, moderating myself towards the Left. But I will never be moderate, either something is right or it is wrong.

Further, I do not believe that Government is the solutions to our problems, but rather, Government is the problem. Nor do I believe that Politics is the solution to our problems, nor that there are political solutions, but rather that Politics are the problems. I believe that Government needs to be small and limited, not trying to run our lives, but to stay out of our lives, where we can run our own lives, while government are to focus only on justice and defense of our God-given rights.

I operate by facts and not by emotions or what people feels or by opinion of man, but by facts, logic, reason and absolute truth by the Laws of nature as set by God Himself. I don’t believe in democracy, but I’m a stern believer in a Republic, Government by elected officials to govern according to the Constitution where Government is limited and our individual rights are protected. The most important unite in every nation is the traditional family of the father, mother and the children to be train by the fathers and the mothers. for that is where our children are shaped from the beginnings, the mothers who makes the home and gives comfort and the fathers who train the children, giving them structure, shaping their identity and giving discipline. Thus it is not the Government’s job to train our children, but that of the parents, therefore the Government should also stay out of education. This is basically who I am.

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