Meaning of Heritage

September 24 each year is heritage day since 1994. But do we know what our heritage is? Do we know where we come from and where we are going? Do we know and understand our history? Do we understand our foundation for who and what we are? These are very important questions that needed to be asked. For without a past, there is no heritage. Without the heritage, there is no identity, without the identity, there is no culture, without culture, no purpose.

During the past 25 years since 1994, we’ve celebrated the heritage day. The Afrikaners celebrated their heritage from the Cape, the influences from which the Afrikaners comes from. The Boers celebrated their cultural heritage, especially as from the Great Trek and the Trek Boers. The Khoisan celebrated their heritage as the Khoisan. The Cape Colored their heritage. The Zulu’s celebrated Shaka’s Day, the Xhosa’s celebrated their day, and so we can continue. But unfortunately a certain Emeritus Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu came and change it into the Barbecue (Braai) Day in the name of unity, yet for the sole purpose of robbing each one of their own identity and heritage.

These are all part of the Marxist and Globalist Plot, to wipe out our identity, culture and past in order to mold us into what they want. They will use code words like racism or tribalism. They will also demonize Nationalism by calling it xenophobic or racist. All of these to undo cultures for the purpose of Globalism. Certain Establishment groups who claim to speak for Afrikaans people have on their Believe and policy about the what they call balance between Globalism, Freedom and culture. There can be no balance, since with Globalism you have to give up your heritage, culture, identity and faith for the sake of a global government.

The same Establishment also demands that we give up our God-given Rights to the Greater Sovereign for the sake of Unity. That means that we need to give up our liberties for the sake of security and unity. This means to trade Liberty for Tyranny.

In South Africa we’ve dealt with the Progressives who work over time to change the names of cities, streets and even try to overthrow monuments. The same is going on as the Antifa is doing in Europe and in the USA. They like in South Africa are doing revisionary history to fit their Marxist narratives. Adolf Hitler did it in Germany through his National Socialist Party, today known as the Democrat Socialists. Lenin and Stalin did the same in Russia and the countries they’ve conquered to become part of the USSR (Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics) Mao Tse Tung did the same too in China. The British did the same wherever they’ve conquered, by suppressing the language of the locals like they did to the Boers.

Wipe out their past, and you destroy a people. It is all about uniformity and collectivism that identity needs to be destroyed. In South Africa we are working towards the secession from South Africa. But what is it that works against us concerning the people? The White South Africans and the Khoisan and Brown people are not free since they do not have access to the Truth, but are kept ignorant in order to hold them captive. Many are robbed of their identity and culture by their own people who calls it racist, small minded, white Supremacy and divisive. Again Fear Tactic with lies in order to keep our own people in bondage.

Also we see the control of information by these same establishment in order to misinform people to believe the lie and as a result coming in and remain in bondage. Media is controlled by the Elitists through the NASPERS, and others, including the Government controlled Media like the SABC. Also Facebook and other Tech Companies like Google and Twitter working on it to control the flow of information. So also the Main Stream Media. All of these to rob us of our identity and of the Truth in order to hold us captive.

One of the major tactics being used to suppress the truth, is to call truth hate speech. The sole purpose is to get people to rather believe the lie and to live in fear, and through it living in bondage, exactly what the elitists wants. Through this we loose our heritage and by loosing our heritage, we loos our identity, becoming purposeless and hopeless.

I want to briefly put a statement concerning the root of our heritage, but will have an article on it ready. The major foundation and root of our heritage, is a Biblical Christian Worldview that shaped our culture. That also shaped our history. If we go back in history, we see a great wealth of our Christian heritage in our history. We see our fathers who were part of the great Trek, the Trek Boers, Frontier Boers, Vrijburgers (Free Citizens) with a strong Christian heritage. This also have a huge impact on the Khoisan and also the Cape Colored people. Founders-day, Day of Vow, Ascension Day and so forth speaks of our Christian heritage.

Our forefathers were strong religious people, strong in faith in Christ Jesus, based on the Protestant Reformation. Most if not all with the exception of Johannesburg and Germiston and Kimberly was founded on Christianity, with the very first structure, the Church. It all started with the Holy Communion. Our kids were taught from the Bible. Our Afrikaans Language also had been deeply influenced by the Bible.

This is the very foundation that the ANC/DA/EFF/BLF and the Progressives wants to get removed, and also even the Establishment from the Freedom Front Plus, Solidarity, Afriforum as well as the Main stream Institutional Churches who are trying to erode our Christian Foundation and heritage for the sake of what they call unity, with the interfaith gathering and movement and secularism, which further erodes our liberty, since Christianity is the bedrock of our Liberty.

Through secularism it is easier to destroy our heritage and to destroy individuality and force us into collectivism, where certain elitists leaders are controlling us from the top, micro managing us.

It is through our Christian faith and heritage where we have the right to arm ourselves, to defend ourselves, family and people, including against tyranny, since the Bible clearly gives us the mandate to be armed ourselves. I can also write an article on it later.

Our greatest threat to our pursuit, is the control of information, as well as the lack of information, due to the Main Stream Media that is being controlled, that also keeps the information away from the everyday people, from the man on the street. Due to lack of knowledge, many are scared to partake of the whole secession process, all because the only source of information they have, is the Main Stream Media that is hostile towards us and who misinform the people. Thus that the people are completely ignorant of their rights and the right to self-determination, since they have no understanding of the Law, but are lied to constantly to keep them ignorant and uninformed to keep them under bondage for the sake of Globalism.

But what is it that we can do? We can create our own Media Platform, also having it on Line. The sole purpose is to operate as the Conservative Media, speaking the truth, telling the events as it is without spinning it. Just as the Main Stream Media is being used in the Globalist propaganda machine and as the Propaganda Machine for the Multiculturalism as they call it and for Socialism. We have launched a new Media site which will also operate as the Propaganda Arm for Liberty.

The only difference between our propaganda and the propaganda of the Left, is that our information and news will be based on truth and facts, undiluted. We will bring it on and get into the arena of the propaganda war, in order to win the hearts and minds of people over to our cause for our liberty, for our new independent nation. This is the information War, to flood people with information, with the Truth in order that the people might know the Truth and being set free.

People, we need also to form cells in order to spread this information, to win the hearts of people over and also to give the mandate to our liberty and independence, to be free again. Go to this page, http://www.ulacongress.com

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Individualism vs Collectivism

Over the past weekend I had to deal with another establishment member from the Freedom Front Plus who’s family members are also members of the Afrikanerbond. She was accusing all of us who are not under the umbrella of the Afrikanerbond and of the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum, but part of different organizations fighting for our rights to external self-determination of being divisive in South Africa. She like the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum claim to be conservative but are not. They are claiming our strive towards individualism is not the answer, but rather cooperation with the ANC Government to a what the Afrikanerbond calls, better solution.

Yes, there is a name that we had been labeled by the establishment and the Left for us who just want to have the right to govern ourselves, having a country of our own and Nationalistic of being separatists. The accomplishment of the Western Civilization is being demonized and shunned by the Left and the Establishment, where they are trying to shame us against it to let go of it for greater cooperation. Individualism is also hold in contempt by the Establishment and the Left. The Establishment are the fake right-wing or conservatives, yet are not right-wing nor conservative, but are actually Leftists. I will also do an article between the Right and the Left.

They want us for the sake of unity let go of our identity and individuality since it is deemed in a negative light as divisive and they are speaking against maverick attitude, where the greater good of the collective outweigh the good of an individual. Our history is also being demonized as something bad, like the Great Trek of the Boers and also the American Revolution, together with our symbols like the Transvaal Vierkleur (Four Colored Flag) and the American stars and Spangles that are demonized. I will also deal with that issue and restore our national pride as the Boers and Afrikaners, where we don’t need to be ashamed of who we are and our accomplishments, as well as with the Griekwas.

First of all I’m going to make a case why we need to reject collectivism and then I will focus on why individualism. The two are irreconcilable and cannot coexist alongside each other. In my next article I will also refute the anti-Secessionist of why they are wrong, comparing Nationalism vs Internationalism or Globalism, which one is based on individualism and the other on Collectivism.

In Collectivism, Government is your god and dad who will take care of you. Government is the one that dictates all of your actions. Government makes all the decisions for you. Government becomes the nanny state, where statism rules. In collectivism it is from the top to bottom.

In a collective mindset like that of the ANC Government and also that of the Establishment of the Afrikanerbond and Freedom Front Plus is, that you are not responsible for your own action, it is always someone else fault. You don’t take any responsibility over yourselves lest there be division. With the ANC Government it is the fault of apartheid. With the Establishment like the Afrikanerbond and Freedom Front Plus, it is the fault of the Right-wing mavericks and that of Nationalists who just don’t want to submit to the greater good of the collective. Always blame shifting that is going on.

Government decides what can be said and what not, taking away the freedom of speech. It is the control of information. The ANC Government is guilty of it, so also the Afrikanerbond people through the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum, also guilty of it, where the also control the flow of information in order to control the people, to preserve collectivism at all cost in the name of unity. One uses the term of hate speech, the other the term, maverick and divisive. What it boils down is you as an individual is not allowed to think for yourselves, Government and collective will do it for you for what they call sake of unity.

Group makes all the decisions. We see it with the ANC and ANC Government. Everyone will say and point fingers to ANC, EFF, DA and rightly so. But sadly they are not the only ones guilty of it. The same also goes with the Afrikanerbond organizations like NASPERS, Freedom Front Plus, Afriforum, Soladiriteit, ATKV, FAK. You as an individual has no say nor any choice since these are already be made from the top who controls the group, through group thinking. Whatever they the FF+, Afriforum and Afrikanerbond decide to do, we all are compelled to comply, to shut up, obey and do what is being decided from the top. And if you dare to disagree with the Group, you are called divisive, rebellious and maverick. Like Self-determination, Afrikanerbond decided to reject the Afrikaner Accord and Self-determination, FF+ executes that and rejects the Afrikaner accord and goes after anyone of us who are fighting for secessions, by labeling us as dividers and rebels and mavericks that need to be dealt with, very dirty to preserve the collective. This is tyranny.

Everyone is equally poor except those in power. We see it happening under the ANC Government. But it also happened under the Afrikanerbond with the FF+ supporting it. Only a few are allowed to be extremely wealthy, while the rest of us are forced to be content with a little we have, This even happened during the apartheid era. You could not get any promotion if you do not belong to the right church approved by the Broederbond, Rapport Ryers, right party affiliation or any other affiliation like ATKV, FAK and so forth. This is tyranny and controlling of people, all for the sake of the collective in what they term unity, eroding our true identity for the sake of the collective.

Property belongs to the group. This is where the expropriation of Land without compensation is happening. also the severe regulations even under the Apartheid where you were limited what you can do on your own property. children belong to the state, as it is with the ANC Government, so it was also under the Broederbond Afrikanerbond National Party Government, all for the sake of the collective, to preserve it and to get children to think a certain way the National Party and Afrikanerbond wants them to think, and still operating the same way, taking away parental authority for the greater good of the collective to erode our identity.

You obey the rules of the Group and it is manage by force: They ANC is doing it today. We did have had it also before 1994, either you obey or you are forced to obey. The Broederbond make sure of it, today the Broederbond is known as the Afrikanerbond and they are still doing it even today. If you dare to disagree with them or obey them, they come down on you, labeling you and trying to silence you and isolate you and bullying you, yet they pretend to be conservative and right-wing, but their actions exposes them as Left Wing in reality.

What I’ve described here, is tyranny. As the White minorities and those of under minority groups, we are under double tyranny. The Tyranny of the ANC and the tyranny by our own people who back-stab us, the Afrikanerbond and Freedom Front Plus. but we can break free. We can be individualistic. This is what the Hartland Project is about. This is what the United Liberty Alliance is for. I’m going to explain individuality here.

You care for yourself and your immediate family. You do it without relying on government, taking hold of the opportunities that are there. You become self reliant, earning an honest living to take care of your self and of you own family, without government interference. That is where you are able to lift your self out of poverty, and it it happens that you open up businesses, that you are able to lift others out of poverty by providing employment.

You are responsible for your own actions. This is also a very good strength of individualism. Instead of shifting the blame, every individual is responsible for their own lives and actions. Part of is, is instead of those on top arranging our lives and telling us how to live, we take responsibility over our own lives. We are able to make our own choices and able to can pursuit our own happiness. This also empowers us where we can empower ourselves to be able to stand on our own feet.

Free Speech. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. The result is that people can think for themselves. No one has the right to not to be offended by views different from them. This result in that we become a market place of ideas, where healthy debates can take place. Also freedom of speech on political issues. Even speech you don’t agree with is protected. This lead to healthy ideas that are formed. Religious speech is defended and protected as well as religious freedom and freedom of association. Due to information that is freely available, healthy opinions are formed.

Decisions are influenced by perceptions and opinions. Based on freedom of speech where people can make choices and also bear responsibility of their choices. This is also where informed choices can be made. This is where some can make choices to open up businesses and others to be employed. This is also where each individuals can decide to empower themselves without Government coming down on them. This is also where they can choose in what way they want to perceive live and family life.

Different levels of wealth. This is due to Capitalism or free-enterprise system where each one can decide either to work for someone, or to start up their own businesses. Off course there will be different levels of wealth, based on the choice of each one are making. You will get those who prefer to work for someone else, and you will get those who will open up their own businesses and be able to run it, the type of business and market and with who, where the customers also have the ability to vote with their feet and money, creating healthy competition. Those with more innovation will automatically make more money and those with lesser innovation will make lesser. There is also the school choice, instead of one size fits all, where the education is set up to meet the needs of an individual. Work ethics are developed due to the self reliance of people without needed to depend on government.

Property Rights. Property rights of individuals are also protected. That means each individual have the right of property and the right to own property or properties. That also without government interference or regulations and without property taxation. That means that each one are able to do with their properties whatever they want to do. Government property at the same time will also be limited

You take responsibility to follow the rule of the Law. This is another beauty of individualism. Due to individuals be able to take responsibility and the Rule of Law that protects individual rights, it leads to it that most are taking responsibility to follow the Law, respecting the rights of others. This also illuminate the mob mentality that we find in collectivism. Crime is lower where individual rights are defended, due to the fact that the entitlement mentality is being done away with, where each one has to earn their income and type of assets they want through hard honest work and labor, being self-reliant.

In order for you to be part of this society where individual rights are defended and protected, where we are free from collectivism, where we can be ourselves and also be self-reliant, come and vote for secession by going to the ULA Page for voting for self determination at: http://www.ulacongress.com

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United Liberty Alliance, for the legal process of secession

United Liberty Alliance is a civil rights organization who is focused on external self determination, to secede from South Africa. The United Liberty Alliance is an organization that unify all minority groups and their respective organization to move and work towards liberty for all of us, individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness since we are oppress by the tyranny of the Mob rule by the majority. We are striving towards Liberty. There are many organizations associated with the United Liberty Alliance.

vision of the United Liberty Alliance

The ULA and its affiliate organisations envision a free and fair society where Southern Africa’s minorities can enjoy their basic human rights, without domination and oppression. The worsening situation in South Africa has shown, over more than two decades, that this vision is only obtainable through independence of those regions where these minorities are in fact the majority.

The ULA stands for the independence of the minority groups in south Africa, for individual liberty for all of us, the right to govern ourselves. The ULA stands for a confederacy where each individual states can govern themselves. The ULA believes in representative government.

What is secession?

Secession is the process where a group of people within a region are moving towards the independence of the original country from whom they want to be free of. It is the process where that region is severing their ties with the country they are breaking of and seceding, forming their own new sovereign nation, independent from the nation they are breaking of.

Are there any nation that seceded successfully or in the process of secession?

Yes, there are nations who successfully seceded from their original countries. The United States of America from Great Britain, the former Soviet republics leaving the Russian Federation. East Timor leaving Indonesia, Eritrea leaving Ethiopia, Bangladesh leaving Pakistan,Uruguay leaving Brazil. Greece and Serbia leaving the Ottoman Empire, South Sudan leaving Sudan, Panama leaving Colombia, as taken from the Real Clear History’s article on nations who successfully seceded from their original countries as written by Brandon Christensen, I’m going to post his article here.

1. The 13 American colonies leaving the United Kingdom: Was the American Revolution an act of secession or an act of patriots defeating a foreign imperial power? Contemporary thinkers and policymakers at the time (1775-1783) very much viewed the American Revolution as an act of secession rather than a country fighting its way out of foreign bondage. Everybody from Adam Smith to Edmund Burke to King George III to the rebels in British North America believed that the war between the two sides was a civil war between two different factions of the same polity: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

2. The former Soviet republics leaving the Russian Federation: By 1990, the largest experiment with socialism to date was rapidly failing for all the world to see. In 1991, a last-gasp military coup was attempted, to no avail, and 14 independent polities moved quickly to leave what was left of the Soviet Union before Russia could settle into the USSR’s old place as a world power unafraid to use to blunt violence to enforce mores and laws. The ramifications of this vast, multi-actor secession stretching from Central Europe to the Pacific Ocean are still being felt.

3. East Timor leaving Indonesia: The secession of East Timor from Indonesia, made official in 2002, lasted decades (beginning in 1975) and is responsible for the violent deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Timor was a tiny Portuguese colony surrounded by the massive Dutch East Indies colony. When the Dutch left town, the local Timorese politicians thought it would be a good idea to declare East Timor’s independence. Portugal shrugged, but the country that replaced the Dutch East Indies – Indonesia – had other plans for East Timor and invaded it. East Timor is in bad shape today, but because of this there has been a marked increase in cooperation between Australia and Indonesia – two regional powers that have rarely seen eye-to-eye.

4. Eritrea leaving Ethiopia: All of the wars that Africa has seen since decolonization have at least some inkling of secession-minded action to them. Ethiopia, which in 1974 was governed by an old monarchy, descended into a civil war between monarchists and Marxists. Eritrea, which had once federated with Ethiopia voluntarily before being annexed years later, declared its independence during the chaos. The Marxists in Ethiopia won, and Addis Ababa appealed to the Soviet Union for help defeating Eritrean separatists. In 1991, once the Soviet Union collapsed, Eritrea – led somewhat ironically by Marxists – proclaimed independence and soundly defeated Ethiopia’s suddenly underfunded military. Today, it is a one-party state in a region (the Horn of Africa) wracked by conflict.

5. Bangladesh leaving Pakistan: We all know why India and Pakistan were split up, but why did Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) secede from Pakistan? While the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh share a common religion (Islam), the cultural, political, linguistic, and economic differences between the two countries are cavernous. London left most of the political power in the hands of Pakistan’s elite, which led to resentment in Bangladesh as well as very real economic disparities. In 1971, Bangladesh declared its independence from Pakistan and the two sides fought a brief but vicious nine-month war before Pakistan was forced to recognize the Bangladeshi secession as legitimate.

6. Uruguay leaving Brazil: In 1815, the South American continent was a mess. Buenos Aires was trying to assert itself as a regional power, and Portugal was trying to maintain power over its New World possessions. In 1825, the region of Cisplatina in the Brazilian south declared its independence from the Brazil (which had just a few years earlier declared its independence from Portugal) and sought protection by aligning itself with a country that was not yet called Argentina: United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata. A stalemate ensued, but the hostilities resulting from the inability of one side to land a knockout blow began to affect trade in the region. France and the UK then sat down with the factions involved and created the Republic of Uruguay as a buffer state between the two budding rivals.

7. Greece and Serbia leaving the Ottoman Empire: Like the North American and Algerian secessions, the violent exit of Greece and Serbia from the Ottoman Empire (in the early 1800s) was viewed as a civil war rather than as a patriotic struggle to overthrow a foreign oppressor. Greece and Serbia had been part of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years before seceding from Istanbul. Because history is written by the victors, these secessions are painted in a different light by most people today, but make no mistake: the independence of Greece and Serbia from the Ottoman Empire was not supported by everybody, and the narrative of the patriot expelling the foreign oppressor was shared by few people at the time, including a (albeit slight) majority of the region’s Greek- and Serbian-speaking Christians.

8. South Sudan leaving Sudan: These two are in the same neighborhood as Ethiopia and Eritrea, though their story is a bit different. Unlike Ethiopia, which managed to maintain its independence during Europe’s colonial venture in Africa, Sudan was just a large chunk of territory created specifically to keep other European powers out of British-ruled Africa. When the Brits left town, this vast territory became one of the world’s largest countries (by area) overnight. Things got ugly quickly, and South Sudan ended up fighting a 22-year war with Khartoum before officially seceding in 2011. The new country descended rapidly into civil war, leaving open the options for further secessions on the one hand, or an opportunity for yet another regional strongman to step into the void caused by war on the other.

9. Panama leaving Colombia: The year was 1903 and the United States of America wanted to build its canal through what is now Panama. At the time, though, Panama was a part of Colombia, which itself was just coming out of a four-year civil war. The Panamanian factions that supported secession did so because they really wanted the canal to be completed and the Colombian government had been dragging its feet for far too long. So, they invited the U.S. government to help “maintain the neutrality of the railroad in Panama,” and this led eventually to the 1903 secession of Panama from Colombia. The Panama Canal was completed in 1914.

These are the examples of nations who successfully seceded from the original countries and many like the USA and Panama are doing very good today.

What does the South African Law and International Law saying?

Many among the Establishment claim that Self-determination is illegal according to South African Law and International Law. But the question is, is it? The answer is no and here are the proof and evidence. We are going to look first at Article 1 of the South African Constitution then at Article 1 on International Law.

Article 235: Self-Determination

The right of the South African people as a whole to self-determination, as manifested in this Constitution, does not preclude, within the framework of this right, recognition of the notion of the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Adopted and opened for signature, Ratification, and accession by General Assembly resolution 2200A (XXI) of 16 December 1966 entry into force 23 March 1976, in accordance with Article 49

Part One

Article 1:

1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

2. All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

3. The States Parties to the present Covenant, including those having responsibility for the administration of Non-Self-Governing and Trust Territories, shall promote the realization of the right of self-determination, and shall respect that right, in conformity with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations.

According to both International Law and South African Law we do have the right to external self-determination, to form our own country and the legitimacy based on language, culture, religion, values, heritage, history, economy and political, like for the Boers and Afrikaners and through the United Liberty Alliance where we as minority groups are working together towards the secession from South Africa based on language, culture, history and heritage and religion as well as economy and social. Therefore that the Establishment are wrong and also Ernst Roets who want to read race in where it does not exist at all.

What parts of the country and minority groups are we talking about?

The parts we are talking about is most of the Cape regions in the Western portion of the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Western Freestate and portions of Western Transvaal and Central-Northern Gauteng Province, which are the eight regions which will form the eight sovereign states and one territory as the Federal territory for the Federal Government. The following eight regions are the Boland, where mostly Brown people and a number of White people will be, Namakwaland where the Khoisan group, the Namas will be, Boesmanland where the San Bushmen will be, Griekwaland where the Khoisan group, the Griekwas will be, Overberg, where the White Afrikaners and English people will be, the Karroo, where the Boers will be, the Eastern Cape where the Boers and a number of English people will be, Trans-Orange where the Boers will be.

The groups we are talking about are the Khoisan, Brown people and the White people will be with some Asians and Indians. Among the Khoisan we will have the Namas, Korannas and Griekwas. Among the San, the San Bushmen. Among the Asian and Indians, Asians and Indians. Among the Brown people, the Cape Brown people. Among the Caucasian (White people), the Afrikaners, the Boers, English, Portuguese and Italian.

How far are we with the secession Process and what is still required?

The process is the international legal requirements for secession, which is a very long explanation on its own, but a process where at this stage closer to 97% of the international assessment process. Most of the other parts are already completed. The assessment of the viability and sustainability of the newly created nation, including economic and social economic. the form of Government it will take, the groups of people identified and the territories identified, as well as the infra-structure assessment, all had been done, as well as negotiation with the South African Government, in which the Government refused to partake of. Also already a letter being send to the president to present our grievances, which is being ignored.

All what is needed to be done, is to get the mandate from the members of the minority groups for the referendum to can secede, and if Government refuses to grant secession, then through the ULA we can declare independence, from where one of the member nations in the UN then recognizing the independence of the newly created nation as required.

Thus we can do it and we will do it. Let’s come and vote and mobilize more people to vote to give the mandate for the secession of the new nation, where life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness can rule again, where we have free enterprise system where we can vote with our feet and money, creating healthy competition and innovation. Also with religious Freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of press, Freedom of peaceable public assembly and right to redress grievances against Government.

Therefore people, here is the link to go and to vote for independence, liberty and right to defend our liberty at http://www.ulacongress.com

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Xenophobic Attacks and the Danger to Minorities

Since today, the Xenophobic attacks escalated. Many foreigners had been attacked, murdered and looted. Many of their shops and churches had been set ablaze by the angry mob. Border-posts had been closed down. Airports are being blocked by these angry mob of terrorists. It is Black on black crimes that is going on here today. They want the foreigners to leave South Africa.

What are the main reasons for these attacks? The reasons that are being given is that these Black foreigners are taking their jobs. Foreigners brought crime to South Africa. Foreigners brought corruption and bribery to South Africa. Are these allegations true or false.

First of all, corruption did not come because of the foreigners, but en spite of the foreigners. Corruption came and increased due to Government that keeps increasing. We have an out of control government in South Africa. We have a huge bureaucracy in South Africa of unelected officials who are trying to run our lives. We have a government that is trying to control every aspect of our lives, where the are grabbing for more power.

We have wasteful government spending, over regulations of businesses and even of churches that are the order of the day. We have too many labor laws and also the Trade Unions that control the labor markets, with strikes that is going on. Many within the Government live of from bribing other people. The more the government increases, the more the corruption grows. In this current crisis, politics is not the solution to our problems, politics is the problem in South Africa. Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts.

The only way to deal with corruption or to illuminate corruption, is to downsize Government drastically, that is to have a small limited government out of our lives where we can make our own decision, spending our money better. There are no such a thing as Government funding, but only tax payers funding. We have a situation of taxation without representation that is going on. Since we as tax payers have no say in anything.

Foreigners did not bring crime to South Africa, since it was already here. South Africa is the breeding place for crime due to legislation that bends more to protect criminals rather than to protect the people. Criminals are bold since they know that they can get away. Police that are corrupt also contribute to it. Also the fact that we have gun control that is going on here in South Africa where Government seeking to rather disarm the people than to disarm the criminals. Homicide (murder) rate are one of the highest in the world since human life is no longer valued die to the legalization of abortion in South Africa, where criminals gets no death penalty but babies can be aborted. Also the rape culture that is going on here in South Africa due to legislation going on here. Again, foreigners are not to be blames for these problems.

African foreigners are taking jobs away from locals. Now lets look at the education in South Africa. Currently you only need 30% to pass, which is way too low. Secondly, those who make it to college or universities are rather studying either journalism or philosophy or arts, and none of these three runs an economy. We don’t need philosophers or artists to run or built the economy. You need fitter and turning, fitting and machining, welders, engineers, technicians, IT people, sales people, marketers, accountants, book keepers, consultants, business people, farmers, construction workers, mechanics and diesel mechanics, doctors and nurses, which we have a lack of these skills in South Africa. So the Foreign black nationals are filling these gabs because they are better qualified. Thus they cannot be blamed for the failures of the locals.

Economy is doing worse than before because of taxation that is way to high. South Africa has one of the highest taxation in the world. Business taxes are too high. Then we also deal with minimum wages that just don’t work. Then we have too much regulations of our businesses that makes it impossible to operate small and medium businesses, since government tries to run our businesses for us into the ground even though we can make better decisions than Government can ever do.

Next they blame apartheid and they blame the White man, the Western World and the other minority groups for their own failures. We did not make any choices for them, they mad it for them selves. Many of them never learn to take responsibilities for their own actions and choices.

Is it going to get better in South Africa? Not at all, it is going to get worse. We from the minority groups are next to be targeted, plus also the expropriation of property without compensation. This is going to be full of disasters since most of the majority never farmed in their entire lives.

What is the best solution for us from the minority groups? We need to work towards sovereign secession. Socialism just don’t work, never has worked and neither will it ever work. It will always fail. the United Liberty Alliance already completed 97% of the whole process. All we need to do is to go and to vote for self-determination. What will the benefits be in a new country?

First, we will have our own freedoms back again, our individual rights. Our choices in doctors, hospitals and health assurances will be back again since Government will be out of the way. We will be able to can have parental rights over our children with the options of either home schooling or if school, with school choices. We will be able to can spend our own money without Government taking from us. Property rights will be defended. for a well regulated militia to defend a free state, we will be able to can bear and carry arms without Government infringing on our rights as the people. There will be safety again where our kids can play safely again.

We will also have great choices in businesses and in shopping again. In other words we will be able to can vote with our feet and with our money again, due to strong healthy competition among businesses leading to better services and cheaper prices. We will be able to can open up small and medium businesses. Government will be small and limited, illuminating all of corruption. we will have religious liberty again and the right to the pursuit of happiness again. But this can only becomes a reality if we go out and vote for self-determination.

Here is the link to go and to vote for sovereign secession from South Africa on the ULA Platform provided here. go and vote: http://www.ulacongress.com

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It there really White Supremacism as Ernst Roets claim?

Ernst roets had written an article where he condemned White Nationalism in South Africa. He claim that there is too much White Supremacism in south Africa and too much racism from South Africa. Is it based on the secession movements in South Africa under the United Liberty Alliance and the USAF? Is it based on what General Izak Van Zyl of the Boerelegioen said in his video concerning of what is going on. Is it based on the fact that we bring the genocide of White South Africans to the light? Is it in response to the coming Green shirt day on 10 October to the US Embassy against the Genocide of White South Africans and discrimination against us by the South African Government via their legislation and the expropriation of Land without Compensation?

He point out how Afriforum defended a school in Nkandla, helping them with the School. Yet we don’t see Afriforum defending King Goodwill Zwelinthini and the Zululand Trust-land or for the Tswanas in former Bophutatswana, as if there is too much tribalism. The Afriforum will rather defend the traitors to the Zulu Nation like the Nkandla Trust of Zuma who sold the Zulu people out to the British Empire. Nor will the Afriforum defend our rights to self-determination and the preservation of our cultural heritage and identity and history and culture, the excuse is that these are White Nationalism. Nor will they defend the rights of the Zulu and the Swazi or Tswana for their own history, culture and identity, since these are seen as tribalism.

also when I’ve posted it on Facebook of the Hypocrisy, immediately the loyalists of the Afriforum attacked me and others who exposed this as being mavericks who like our Voortrekker fathers refused to cooperate with the Elites and the Establishment by remaining in the Cape Colony, and also many of us who want to move towards secession from South Africa which is deemed White Nationalism or White Supremacism. Also with the thing at least Afriforum and Freedom Front Plus is doing something for South Africa to strengthen the Unity while the rest of us are doing nothing, which means according to them the United Liberty Alliance, SA Teaparty Republic, Boerelegioen, Front National, Command Corps, AWB are doing nothing to contribute to South Africa. What it comes to is we must be willing to integrate and assimilate into the Communist Culture.

First of all, the only ones who are throwing in race again, is the Afriforum who are obsessed with it. In the Secession Process by the United Liberty Alliance of which the SA Teaparty Republic supports, there is no White Nationalist attitude, since there are both White and Brown people as well as the Khoisan groups. No White Nationalism nor racism here. This includes among the White, Boers, Afrikaners, English and Portuguese, among the Brown people in the Cape, including the Cape Malay, the Khoisan which includes the San of the Kalahari, Griekwas from Griekwaland and Namas from Namakwaland as the first people. so where are the White Supremacy of which Ernst Roets is talking about? It is not there. Afriforum do not acknowledge the First nation, who are the Khoisan, since it might offend the ANC/EFF/DA/BLF.

The Boerelegioen and the people that they are with are standing for the Boers, and that has nothing to do with race at all, but to doe with cultural identity, Language, Faith, History and heritage, completely legal according to International Law. This is not White Supremacism at all. The Zulu people want to secede, also based on there culture, history, religion and heritage and language, also perfectly legal, and no black supremacy there at all.

Furthermore, there is nothing illegal to work towards secession and getting the mandate for it from South Africa according to South African Constitution nor of the International Law as the Afriforum and Freedom Front Plus believe.

The problem with the Afriforum and the freedom Front Plus is they are part of the Establishment who wants to silence us, and who like to play the race card here to shame us into the remaining in South Africa, assimilate into communism and to submit to the elites, stop thinking for ourselves. What is clear is that Ernst Roets and the Afriforum use the whole thing of what the call White Nationalism to discourage people from voting for secession and rather be part of the Rainbow South Africa and to help contribute to the building of South Africa, even though this country is falling apart. Afriforum is not a conservative group, since they are too elitists and too establishment who wants to centralize all power, believing in multiculturalism and in progressivism, also condemning us who believe on all issues as the Bible is saying for the sake of exclusivity and LGBT rights.

For those of you who still doubting if it is right to vote for secession or if it will make you look like White Supremacists, no if you vote for secession do not make you a racist or White Supremacists. to be proud of from where you come from or skin color do not make you a racist or White Supremacist. do not let the Afriforum discourage you to vote for secession from South Africa. The ULA process through to Secession in a legal way, is equally grouped by both White and Khoisan people.

Also, to see the truth of the failure of south Africa and of Communism do not make you a racist. No one can point to me any country where Socialism or Communism ever worked. Nor do you hear us spewing any hate as Ernst Roets is accusing us of, but the ANC/EFF/BLF/DA do spew hate against minority groups, who in themselves are not even representative of the Black population since most are against what these organizations are doing, against the hatred and incitement towards violence by these organizations mentioned.

Also even though the Afriforum and certain South Africans claim that the speak for Americans who will not approve what we are doing, they don’t. I’m in America myself, Main Stream Media do not speak for America, and we have far more support than what these people want to make us believe, from President Trump, Ann Coulter and also senators who support us and also through the Tweets of the President as well as many Americans. The Establishment will only speak to Establishment, which is a fact.

You want to be free, having your individual rights be secured, with a small limited Government, Free Enterprise, having the right to rule over ourselves, the right to defend ourselves and new opportunities, come and vote for sovereign secession from South Africa. Here is the link: http://www.ulacongress.com

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Old South Africa under Capitalism VS New South Africa under Socialism.

In my previous article I’ve put down how South Africa is now doing under the Socialist Government under South Africa. I’ve exposed the whole thing of Corruption going on, racketeering that is the order of the day. Also the unemployment that keeps increasing, together with the pandemic of Crime and especially violent crime going on in South Africa. Also the discrimination against the White people and other minority groups in South Africa through Affirmative Actions and the broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. Nepotism that is the order of the day with high unemployment rate in South Africa. Today I’m going to look at the consequences of Socialism in South Africa.

Here in this picture above is speaking volumes of what is going on in South Africa today and in Zimbabwe under Socialism. Everything is crumbling and is disintegrating here in South Africa. Violence is increasing. cities get dirtier by the day. Xenophobic attacks is increasing. It becomes more dangerous every single day. It is also getting dirtier.

As you can see on the picture above, on the Left side you see Rhodesia and the Old South Africa compared to Zimbabwe and the New South Africa, huge differences and also very accurate. I’m first going to give you how it was under the Old South Africa before I start to dive into what is going on today, the Xenophobic attacks and how we as minorities are also at danger right here in South Africa. I will also make out an argument why the only option will be external self-determination or secession from South Africa.

Under the Old South Africa, everyone was safer. Crime Rate were at the minimum, so also the homicide (murder) Rate also minimum. Poverty was also at the minimum. The Infrastructure was in an excellent condition as everything was maintain. We’ve taken care of our infrastructure, making sure that it is in excellent condition. We did not leave the infrastructure by it self. There were order and we were safe. We’ve operated under the Free Enterprise system with minimum government interference in our economy, which leads to real strong economic growth in South Africa.

But now under the New South Africa, everything is falling apart. There are no maintenance that is going on, which leads to it that the infrastructure is falling apart. It becomes dangerous by the day due to incompetence from the Law enforcement. Corruption keeps increasing while we as tax payers are extorted by the Government to feed the gravy train. I’m going to focus on the Xenophobic attacks and how it will escalate to the Whites and other minority groups.

There were many xenophobic attacks, first ones in 2008. Many were following afterwards, In 2018 there were also again in 2018. Then certain political leaders like Julius Malema are shifting the blame to the White minorities for the xenophobic attacks, telling his followers to rather focus on the White minorities and other minority groups. This year again we are seeing the xenophobic attacks flaming up again. Already some foreigner Black people had been killed by Black South Africans. They are blaming the Black foreigners from Africa for taking their jobs. Yet it is because many of the Black South Africans who are pushing for the xenophobic attacks are under qualified for lot of these jobs.

Already there are retaliation against Black South Africans from Zambia and Nigeria and other African countries. Many of the African countries made it very clear that Black South Africans are not welcome in their own countries. Also many of the people in the African countries are now attacking Black South Africans in response to the xenophobic attacks against their countrymen. In South Africa many Black foreigners from the African countries are now standing together to fight back against the black South Africans.

Many shops of the black foreign Africans are being bombed and looted too by the radical anti-foreigner Black people as instigated by the radicals within the ANC. Roads are blocked and tires are set on fire. Many of the foreigners were brutally slashed with machetes by the anti-foreigner Black South Africans. People from Lesotho, Soto’s, from Botswana and Tswanas, Shangaans and Mozambicans are being attacked and also hacked into peaces.

Already there are from the same anti-foreigner who also are anti-White Black radicals, who are already saying that now it is the foreigners from Africa, Whites are next who will be pushed out of South Africa and that they will invade lands and property as they claim that everything belongs to them. Among them, Andile Mngxitama who also with his rhetoric instigating more hatred against foreigners and against Whites and other minority groups. Julius Malema also are instigating more hatred towards White people and other minority groups.

11/12/2018. Black First Land First President, Andile Mngxitama clarifies the comments he allegedelly made against the killing of white people. Picture: Masi Losi

Andile Mngxitama also incite his followers to attack foreigners and also to later after foreigners had been pushed out of South Africa, then to target all White South Africans and other minority groups in what he call, take back the land and property belonging to them, even though they had no evidence of it. Julius Malema also instigate his followers to attack and to kill White people and other minority groups, telling his followers that the Whites are the problem and so also other minority groups. But what are their reasons that they want all White people and other minority groups out of South Africa?

We are dealing with the Pan Africanist ideology, which is Black Supremacism and also a strong Marxist movement, which also had organizations in America like the New Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter groups, in South Africa the ANC, PAC (Pan Africanist Congress), EFF (Economic Freedom fighters) and the BLF (Black first Land First). In there ideology all of Africa belongs to Africans alone, no place for the White Man, Brown people, Khoikhoi and Bushmen. They want all of the African Continent for themselves, They believe Africa for Africans, all of Africa for Africans alone, anyone who are not Black are not welcome on the continent. I will have an article on Pan Africanism and the father of Pan Africanism.

What is strange is no one list the PAN Africanist groups as hate groups nor condemning them, even though they are Black Supremacist groups. They see any none-Black Africans as dogs and pests and insects that needs to be exterminated. They are Marxist in nature and radical Leftist. They will also kill any Black Africans who disagree with them. Yet it is not all of the Black people who are Pan Africanist, but a minority of them who are part of the Pan Africanist Movement. Most of them do speak out against that movement and condemns it. but the Main Stream Talking Snake Media will never give them any covering, but only to the Pan Africanist Movement. The Talking Snake Main Stream Media is anti-White in general, anti-Christian and anti-Freedom, pro-Marxist and pro-Black Supremacist.

I’, against White Supremacism and also against Black Supremacism. I’m against those who belittle other racial groups. I’m also against those who want to force us who are white to hate our own race and accusing us of everything wrong, forcing us to be ashamed of our own skin color. This is racist. All of the racism comes from the Left. We do not need to apologize for being White at all. we can be proud of our White skins for this is how God made us.

Now what is ahead of us? All odds are against white South Africans. Laws are being made and already be made against White South Africans and other minority groups to marginalize us. Parliamentary process do not work since the Pan Africanist controls the Parliament.

The only solution left for us, is to secede from South Africa, to form a new nation. Hein Marx already through the ULA completed 97% of the process. Including the identification of the territories, impact studies in how viable it is economically and infra-structure wise. Also which groups, what form of Government, which it will be a confederate Republic, being a Christian nation.

The map above is the proposed territories for the new secede Republic where we will be free again with individual rights. Please, people, go on the ULA platform and vote for sovereign secession, giving us the mandate to secede from South Africa. Here is the link towards voting: http://www.ulacongress.com

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Old Flag VS Rainbow Flag

Still after the Non-Equality Court SA ruling against the Old South African Flag, I’m going to set records straight here. The argument that the Old Flag represents oppression, hatred and genocide of Black people, is a lie. In my previous article, I’ve laid out the facts concerning the ANC and SACP, both Communist and funded by the USSR and Red China. I’ve also point out that the killing of Black people was 99% by the ANC and the PAC combined through their violence in the Black Townships.

Now here are some facts with the Old South Africa under the Old Flag compared to the New Rainbow South Africa under the Rainbow Flag. The life expectancy among Blacks increased from 35 to 65 under the old South Africa. The population growth of the Black people also increased very strong under the Old South Africa fifteen times. Schools were built and the unemployment among all racial groups were at the minimum as Dr. HF Verwoerd started the whole decentralization of South Africa, continued under PW Botha. Many of the Black Homelands were govern very successfully by the Black leaders who govern themselves sovereign.

Under Lucas Mangobe and Mangasotho Buthelezi especially in Bophutatswana and Zululand their economies grew very strong, among the strongest on the continent of Africa and even better than among Blacks in America. What was the difference? The South African Government stayed out of the way. Secondly, Free enterprise system in those two as well as in Lebowa, Transkei, Ciskei, Venda and Kwandebele and Kangwane.

Crime Rates were also lower under the Old South African Flag. In total it was 6970 from 1948 to 1989 and from 1989 to 1994 it was 6970. There was the Death Penalty in South Africa til 1994. Gun control was at the minimum too and citizens could defend themselves in their own houses against intruders. The Police Force were more competent since the requirements to join the Police were far stricter, which include family history if they are free from any criminal records, if they were not, they were turned down. Health, which also includes weight, was also another factor, since they prefer physical fit police officers. Discipline were also very strong and the Police and Pubic relations were very strong as people could trust the Police.

There were also discipline in schools as corporate punishment were part of the school, where students could be disciplined and receive corporate punishment, and parents also were more involve with their kids and disciplined them too with a switch or rod. The result was the students were also far more discipline and far more responsible. We also have had Cadet on High School for boys which strengthen their discipline, making men out of them. Schools were also far more safe due to good discipline and far better Educational Standards under the Old curriculum where the minimum passing requirement were 50%.

Economy were also stronger, as the unemployment rate were only at 3% in 1991. The Rand Dollar Exchange Rate were 2 Rand for one US Dollar at 1992, during the 80’s the Rand Dollar were 1 Rand to a US dollar. Taxation were at lower rates too and gasoline prices were lower.


Since 1994, Crime escalated to 27’000 per year, later to 30’000′ later to 45’000. Currently we are at 45/100’000 homicide (murder) rate. South Africa has become crime ridden. The Rand started to weaken against the dollar, first reaching the Three Rand per US Dollar thresh hold, then Four Rand, then five Rand, then six Rand, then Seven rand, then eight Rand, then nine Rand, then Ten Rand, then eleven Rand, then, Twelve Rand, now currently the Fifteen rand to one US Dollar.

First order of Business under the ANC Government was the Affirmative Action Laws against the White minority Groups, later as many Whites started their own business and so also the Brown people of South Africa and the Khoisan, the Black Economic Empowerment and later the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Laws were instituted to take businesses out of the hands of the minorities into the hand of the ANC cadre of specific factions, since most Blacks were still disadvantage since they did not belong to the right political party and faction. Thus nepotism that is going on hand in hand.

The Unemployment also start to escalate first from 3% to 5%, then to 10%, then 15%, then 20%, then 25% and now 30% unemployment going on due to Labor regulations and regulations of businesses as well as the involvement of the Trade Unions due to their strikes, as well as the increasing tax rates to one of the highest in the world. Due to lack of to no maintenance of the infrastructure in South Africa, including that of roads and rail-lines and power stations, the Infrastructure went backwards. We have more potholes in the South African roads and also lesser rail-lines. We deal with problems at Eskom too with higher electricity tariffs due to lack of power stations.

Yet in all of this we also deal with Government that refuses to take responsibility of their actions or lack thereof and choices, blame everything on Apartheid. Educational standards went backwards due to the Outcome Based Education as designed by the NEA in the USA, which all has to do with the equality of outcome, where no one fails but are put through. Discipline had been removed from schools where kids have more rights than discipline. Schools are no longer the safest place for kids. Even teachers had to work under constant fear of students who can disrupt classes.

Then we also deal with the Genocide of White South Africans, with enough evidence, yet denied by the Government and the talking Snake Main Stream Media. The homicide (murder) Rate of White people by anti-White Black radical ANC, joined by EFF and BLF is now at 200/100’000. Even if Angus Buchan denies it and gives false numbers by the ANC government, dismisses the evidences and real photo’s claiming photo-shopped, even clearly no photo-shopped. I’ve been kicked of from Facebook due to photo’s of my head after being brutally attacked and been reported to Facebook as fake, even though it is not, all because it does not fit the narratives of the Left. I will share my own story later on.

Farm murders also is continuing, even though also denied by the Talking Snake Main Stream Media and the Political Class and Liberals. For we deal with Angus Buchan rebuking us for being what he calls racist and dismisses the truth and evidence and calling these lies, telling us to assimilate in the Rainbow South Africa, calling those of us who want to legally secede racist. I bet the Angus Buchan fans will be angry at me for speaking the truth, but it is the truth. The Mainline churches also refuse to support their own members. Denial of crime waves against Whites, claiming that it does not exist, by these very White church leaders who prefer to be political correct instead of being Scriptural correct and true.

Then we deal with the Arm Deal Scandal as well as the Oil Gate Scandal, the State Capture Scandal of which Ramaphosa himself is also part of. Land Reform issues based on false narratives. Land invasion that is now increasing even more. We also here more of the rhetoric by the likes of Julius Malema of the EFF and also of Ace Magashule of the ANC and also Andile Mngxitama of the Black First Land first against all Whites and other minority groups, like kill the Boers, shoot the Boers and One Bullet one Settler. Julius Malema who himself said, we are not calling for the slaughter of White people, at least not for now. Later on calling for the EFF to sacrifice to fight the war. The war talking are from the ANC, EFF and BLF.

Then if that is not enough, the Expropriation of Land Without Compensation was approved in Parliament on February 27, 2018 and now being pushed even more. Then later the National Health Insurance Law that is being pushed through and now the plundering of the Pension funds to bail out Eskom. Corruption that keeps increasing, like Carl Niehaus and Jacob Zuma and others.

Strikes that also increased in South Africa, becoming even more violent in South Africa. Most of the strikes also are disruptive and chaotic. Looting has also become part of the strikes in South Africa. today we are dealing with the National Strikes of truckers in South Africa, where many national roads are being closed. Xenophobic attacks against none-South African Blacks that also escalate again.

Nothing will improve, since South Africa came under Socialist government since 1994. Socialism is a system of failure, increasing poverty while giving Government more power. Nepotism also increased and so also corruption, and South Africa is among one of the most corrupt nations in the world with extremely corrupt Government. All this due to the fact that Government became excessive and way to big, thus tyranny, which is part of Socialism. Up to date i’m not aware of any nation where Socialism worked and lift people out of poverty, instead had plunged more people into poverty, equality in poverty. There are always mass murders of those who might appose Marxism. Strict Gun Control. The ANC is Communist together with the SACP and COSATU. So also is the EFF and the BLF. The problem with Socialism is that the Government always runs out of other people’s money.

Yet the very Capitalist system that is so hated by the Left has lifted far more people out of poverty, due to the increased innovation which is encouraged with more new businesses opened, especially small and medium businesses that lead to more people being employed. All this due to Government that got out of the way of people, allowing people to make their own choices and Government that remained small.

Now there is hope. Hein Marx started with the legal process to external Self-determination, secession from South Africa through the United Liberty Alliance. Having completed 97% of the process, namely the research and surveying the sustainability of such process, economic viability and all other factors, type of Government, which it will be a Confederate Republic. Having followed all the channels, including of speaking to the President who refuse to listen but ignoring us. Now we are here, looking for the mandate to be given to successful secession. The SA Teaparty also partner with the ULA to work towards successful secession from South Africa

Thus people, please go to this link that I will provide for you and vote for sovereign self-determination, give us the mandate through the ULA to can secede sovereignty from South Africa. As it is, nothing will improve under the Rainbow South Africa, as in nothing. Here is the link to go to. It is as follows, http://www.ulacongress.com

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Hostilities of Communists towards Patriots

Want to continue on the issue of the Flag controversy here. We’ve established that Apartheid was not instituted under the Old South African Flag. We’ve established also that we did not oppress people under the Old Flag. Now I want to focus on certain issues and answer them here. Why did we act against the ANC and the SACP the way we did. Why was Bram Fischer and Nelson Mandela prosecuted for?

Why was the ANC banned in the first place together with the SACP and the PAC and other organizations? Was it because we were racists as the Progressives are trying to make everyone to believe? Did we ban the ANC and SACP just because they were all Black as the Main Stream Talking Snake Media tries to make everybody to believe? There are a couple of narratives that needs to be refuted right here.

We need to remember the Red Revolution of October 1917, when the Bolshevist took over Russia under Illianov Vladimir Lenin, who ruled Russia till 1924. Everything was nationalized and more nations were conquered like Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan and many more to form the USSR (Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics). Since then the Communists started to expand and spread Communism. The South African Communist Party was founded in 1912. After the Second World War the Cold War started between the West and the Communist Block of nations, where we’ve dealt with the Iron Curtain and the Bamboo Curtain. China was taken over by the Communists under the leadership of Mao Tse Tung in 1949.

From 1924 til 1953, Josef Stalin took over and ruled over the USSR. More nations were added to the USSR. After World War Two, the East Block Nations came up, ruled with iron fist from Moscow, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgary and many more East Block Nations under the iron fist of the USSR. the governments of these nations were mere puppet governments in the hands of the USSR. There was also the Korean War between the Libertarian Koreans and the Communist Koreans in the North, creating North Korea and South Korea. Later on the Vietnam war where Communists were victorious over the Libertarian. Cuba where Fidro Castro took over with the help from the USSR, that led to the Missile Crisis of 1963, also Cambodia being taken over by Communists under Pol Pot, where millions of people, more than 100 million people were killed by the Communists Governments.

What very few people want to address, is the invasion of Africa by Communists, by the USSR, Red China and Cuba, to ensure as the African nations get independence, that they be placed under Marxist Rule, where more blacks had been butchered by Marxists on the continent than under the colonial Rule. Let’s not forget Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Mengisto of Ethiopia, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Idi Amin of Uganda, Jomo Kenyata of Kenya, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and many more. Also the Bush War in Angola against Communists Frelimo and UNITA of Jonas Savimbi, where our Armed forces also fought against Communist SWAPO of Sam Nujoma. The ANC/SACP were also involved here. will deal with the Bush Wars next time.

What most will not tell you concerning the ANC, is that the ANC is Communist. The ANC is in a Tripartite Alliance of the ANC-SACP-COSATU Alliance. What many will also fail, is the fact that the ANC, previously known as the South African Native Congress was infiltrated by Communists from the South African Communist Party as ordered by the USSR. Also the fact that Alfred Nthuli was assassinated by the Communists for their take over of the ANC. What they also won’t tell you is that Mandela himself was a staunch Communist till his death, Senior Member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party and written his Communist Manifesto, which includes the destruction of Christianity in South Africa as well as destruction of Free Enterprise System in South Africa to be replaced by Communism.

What many will not tell you is the prominent members of the Communists like Joe Slovo, Bram Fischer, Ronnie Kasrils, all of them Whites. The fact that the ANC and SACP members were trained by the KGB of the USSR (Russia) and Red China to fight the revolutionary War through Terrorism to overthrow the Government. Most of the murders of Black people, 99% were done by the ANC and PAC. What many will not tell you is that Mandela was ordered by the USSR under Nikita Khrushchev to start the Military Wing of the ANC, known as the Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) with the sole purpose of illuminate any none-Communist Black people and their leaders and to sabotage Power Plants in South Africa and to over throw the Government as planned in Rivonia.

Yes, many AK 47’s were founded as well as bombs, Adhesive Mines, Mini Adhesive Mines, Land Mines and Mini-Land Mines, Hand Granates and many more explosive as well as plans to overthrow the Government and documents, on which Nelson Mandela and his partners were convicted and sent to prison, which many also ignore. For at least the last ten years if not more, Mandela was transferred to House Arrest. What many also will not tell, is that is that former President PW Botha who told Mandela that either he denounce all violence and end all violence and Terrorism or no negotiation, Mandela refused to do so.

Then there is also his wife, Winnie Madikizela Mandela who in correspondence with Nelson Mandela who launched the necklace murdering in Black townships against anyone who are not ANC, which is where the victim is being put in tires, gasoline being poured over them and then set on fire to die a cruel painful death, as well as bombing of Black Owned businesses by the ANC members. Nelson Mandela is also the founder of the ANC Youth League, to mobilize the Youth into the Revolution to overthrow Capitalism, like we had seen with Sharpville Riots as well as the Soweto Uprising on June 16, 1976.

Many were told that Liberation Movement comes first then Education. Joe Slovo himself together with Ronnie Kasrils also organized terror attacks like the Church Street Bombs as well as bombing of schools, churches, restaurants and other soft targets. All of these as orchestrated by the USSR and Red China. People like Lukas Mangobe of Bobhutatswana, Mangesotho Buthelezi and others also warned against the ANC and the Communist influence and Mangobe and Buthelezi were two of the greatest influences of Black people, not the ANC. Yet both of them were backstabbed and betrayed by FW De Klerk and Roelf Meyer and PIK Botha in favor of Nelson Mandela and the ANC, helping the ANC to take over South Africa to start with Communist policies.

Bill Clinton and George H.W Bush and John Major also ignore Buthelezi and Mangobe and prefer to speak only to Nelson Mandela, in favor of Communists. There was also the St James Church Massacre. This time by APPLA of the PAC, another Communist organization with the purpose of overthrowing Capitalism and to replace it with Communism. They them selves also killed many more of their own people.

Then we also have had the Shellhouse Massacre on March 28, 1994 in Johannesburg from the top Floor of the Ntuli House by order of Nelson Mandela on the Zulu men who were just marching by without being a threat to anyone, just before the 1994 election. Mandela also refused access to the Police into the Ntuli House. There were also many violence in Townships since Mandela were released from prison by order of Nelson Mandela to force many of the Black people into submission.

So the question is, is the ANC SACP really poor little innocent victims of Apartheid Government as they try to let it look like, or were they actually terrorists, responsible for more than 70% of the deaths of Black people, combined with the PAC for 99% of the deaths among Black people. Their handlers were the KGB of the USSR who were deeply involve in South Africa to turn South Africa over and so also Red China. The USSR fell, but China still continues in South Africa and many parts of Africa, plundering the continent. The SACP stands for South African Communist Party and the control the COSATU as one of my Black pastor friends shared with me and giving me more information as he also warned his people against the ANC/SACP/COSATU Trade Union.

Every single member of the ANC Central Committee are also members of the SACP and SACP Central Committee, including Cyril Ramaphosa, Ronnie Kasrils, Derick Hannekom, Carl Niehaus and many more others. The ANC is not all Black, since their are many Whites who are part of is since they themselves are also Communists. Yet the Old South African Flag is deem Hate Speech and Racist, while we were free with minimum crime with more opportunities among all racial groups, while the ANC and SACP Flags are still allowed in spite of the ruthless Terrorist acts against all racial groups to push Communism.

No one dares to speak the truth on the ANC and SACP just like many dare not to speak the truth on the USSR and Red China of the human rights violations there, since it is deem hate and racist to resit Communism. But we need to speak the Truth. We need to speak the truth and refute the current narrative that the Apartheid was they greats crime done against Humanity. for this is not, but Communism in the USSR, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba with over 100 million people being killed by their own Government as well as Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Mengisto of Ethiopia and Idi Amin of Uganda. No one wants to talk about it since they try to portray Communism as good while it is not.

The only way to be free from Communism is to work towards liberty for all minority groups from among the Boers, Afrikaners, Brown people, English people, Khoisan people and other minority groups. Therefore come and vote for external Self Determination at http://www.ulacongress.com

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Old South African Flag not symbol of Apartheid and Oppression, but of Freedom

Last week the Not so Equality Court, or should we say unequal Court ruled against this flag as being racist and Hate Speech and prohibit this flag to be displayed. This after the Nelson Mandela Foundation sued Afriforum on this flag to get it banned. Their argument is that is symbolizes Apartheid that was started under this flag, discrimination, hate, racism and oppression. further also the “unfair” treatment of the ANC and Bram Fischer. Here are some Historical Facts that I will put here, that is easily dismissed and ignored.

First of all, it is not Afrikaners who instituted Apartheid, but the British Empire from the British Parliament during the nineteenth century in the Cape colony, under the Union Jack. The Old South African Flag did not exist yet. Also under the Boer Republican Flags there were no apartheid, since these were not needed since the Black tribes respect the boundaries between the Boer Republics and their own Tribal territory that they already lived there on their own choice. No land was stolen from the Black tribes.

When the Union of South Africa was created in 1910, the Old South African Flag still did not exist. It was under the Union Jack who also through the British Parliament instituted segregation in South Africa, becoming Law, voted in by the Labor Party. It was also in 1924 that Colonel Cresswell from the Labor Party, just happens to be a progressive Leftist Party who strengthen segregation, the Old South African Flag still did not exist.

Also the ANC was founded long before the Old South African Flag ever existed. Families were broken up not by law, but by migrating workers who traveled from Transkei, Zululand, Tswanas Betchuanaland (Botswana), Swaziland, Southern parts of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Bembas from Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) to become the Vendas, Shangaans from Gazaland in Mozambique, Pedis’s from Lebowa and the Sotho’s from Lesotho and the Ndebeles from Kwandebele to work on the mines in Johannesburg and factories, leaving Whites without jobs, since the British were looking for cheap labor. there were no Blacks in the whole of the Freestate, Southern, Central, Near-Eastern, Central Northern Transvaal regions at all, but more came through migration breaking up their families back at their homes by British companies.

The only difference was in 1948, Dr. DF Malan made a compromise with Dr. Klasie Havenga of the Afrikaner Party to rather use the Word Apartheid than to work towards the independence of South Africa from Great Britain. No new law was created from 1948 concerning apartheid or segregation since it was already there. JG Strijdom did not live long enough to lead South Africa to independence. Dr. HF Verwoerd did it. Thus none of the segregation and oppression Laws of the black people had been instituted under the Old South African Flag, but under the Union Jack.

The Old South African Flag came in only in 1928. Now let’s look at some more facts that is being left out. Life expectancy among Blacks increased from thirty five to sixty five up until 1994, from where it decreased again. From 1948 – 1989, there were a total of only 6970, escalated under FW De Klerk due to unrest in Black Townships as the ANC were fighting for dominance. which was again in the next five years 6970. Since Mandela from 1994 in increased to 27’000 per year, to 36’000 per year and now it is up to 80 homicides (murders) per day, with homicide (murder) rate of 60/100’000 under the flag of the New South Africa. but they claim it is paradise we have today.

You see the New South Africa Flag under the Skull for a good reason. It was supposed to be a paradise of the “Rainbow” Nation, but it is not. South Africa is the Murder Capital of the World, under this Rainbow Flag, is the Rape Capital of the World under this Rainbow Flag, is the Crime Capital of the World under this Rainbow Flag, State Capture, Nepotism, Increased poverty and unemployment. Infra-Structure disintegrating in South Africa.

Then we have Affirmative Action Laws in South Africa and the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa. Then also the continual chanting but Julius Malema and the EFF of Kill the Boer, One Bullet, One Settler, Kill the White Man and so forth, yet the South African Human Rights Commission, or should a Is Socialist Rights Commission or Anti-White man’s and Anti-Minority Commission since they work only to defend the radical Black racists who are Communists. They kill even Black people who do not agree with them. Black on Black Crime also escalated in South Africa. I can also go into the Terrorist acts of the ANC against Whites and Blacks a like and against the Khoisan people, yet Desmond Tutu through his Lying and Confessing Commission let the ANC got away with amnesty while punishing the Whites and IFP Zulu’s, sending them to prison.

We also see the freedom being done away with. The ANC is a Communist organization, many members trained in the former USSR (Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics) and Red China as well as Cuba, being in alliance with the South African Communist Party of which Mandela was in the Polit Buro or Central Committee of the SACP and the COSATU, controlled by the SACP. Zuma is also part of the SACP and so also Cyril Ramaphosa, who him self is a Communist. They all had been trained by the KGB of the Russians in the USSR. Bram Fischer himself was also a Communist and member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party.

Also in China under Mao Tse Tung over 40 million Chinese people were killed over 5 years, under Josef Stalin over 20 million Russians murdered in the purging program, and so also did Lenin and also Fidro Castro and Pol Pot in Cambodia who also killed none-Communists, the North Korean Regime, also Communists who kills millions of people, Robert Mugabe, also a Communist who kill great numbers of Matabele during the 1980’s.

So there are no paradise under Marxism. I will share more stories on this as I’m writing on the Flag issue.

The ANC Flag is also offensive as it represent Communism, death and terrorism, so also the South African Communist Party Flag with the mass murders by the Communists.

What it is all about, and I will continue to stress out on it, the banning of the Old South Africa flag has nothing to do with it represents apartheid, but rather, it is an all out onslaught to break all opposition and resistance against Communism, just like they did in Russia after the 1917 Red Revolution and in Red China. To destroy all opposition. Racism is actually a code-word used against anyone who refuse to accept Communism.

The Communist used Apartheid in order to sidetrack the world from the threat of Communism, and the Communists came out as the victors of the Cold War against Freedom. Casualties, South Africa, Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, fell to Communists due to it that Communists only use the race card to silence their opposition, using the Rules for Radicals by Saul Allinsky.

Remember, we are not racist for rejecting socialism. Socialism brings misery and poverty. but under this New South Africa Rainbow Flag, this is what we have, but not under the Old Flag, we did not experience poverty or danger, also the Black people did far better under the Old South African Flag than under the New Flag of today

It is a psychological Warfare that is being played out. Next is our language, they already take way our schools, to strip us of our past and heritage. They do the same in America also against the Confederate Monuments and Statues.

The only way to Liberty where the Mob wont be able to walk all over us, is if we stand up for our Liberty, and also vote for external Self-determination, for secession from South Africa. We have the right to it, protected under International Law. time to tell our story from our side and to speak up. Here is the link to go and vote for external self determination at:


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Grassroots Organizing More Effective

Today we are dealing with some problems in South Africa. That is that we as the people, the Boer people and also the White Afrikaners, other White South Africans as well as other minority groups who are voiceless. Why is that happening this way? The very political leaders are disconnected with us, the every day man. When ever we speak up of what is bothering us, we are being silenced by these very so-called leaders in a condescending and being accused of being what they call divisive and being mavericks. These Elitist or Establishment talk down to mavericks and the individualist spirits as being dangerous and divisive. Is it? Nor did these Establishment done anything for our Liberty and self-determination. Now what is left, is to operate from Grassroots, be strong mavericks, being eccentric, to organize ourselves from Grassroots in order to secure our liberty.

For too long, for over more than one hundred years, we had been lied to by the elites, we’ve been kept silent by the Establishment. When ever we speak up, we were silenced by these Establishment people who told us to stop being mavericks causing incitement among the people against the established authority or system. We were not allowed to address our grievances against the Government or the Establishment. The Establishment kept making decisions without our consent, telling us their decision and demanding from us just to fall in and be in line. When asking questions, we get reprimanded by the establishment. The Establishment formed the Political Class. That is nothing new, since the same establishment also spoke against and condemn the Great Trek, and later on the establishment of the Boer Republics. They are not truthful to us and hide a lot of things from us.

If that is not enough, again General Jan Smuts who negotiate our Liberties away and to disarm us without us even having any say at all, ending the Boer Republics in order to surrender our freedoms and our Boer Republics to the British Empire. General Smuts response to our Boer fathers were, we just need to get use to that. The Union of South Africa was created with the Laws that had to be in line with the British Laws over ten thousand kilometers away from us. Many Laws were made and passed in London, being rubber-stamp in South Africa without us having any say, and today we had to face these consequences. The system of Government was to be unitary, again we have had no say, since the Establishment already decided for us and we must just submit to these decisions by the Establishment.

The Afrikanerbond became the Broederbond, who influenced our political life and policies, made during their meetings just being enforced by the Government, again we were left out of everything and when questioning, then being told to be quiet. Also during the time of John Vorster with the Police State and with the control over the church by the Broederbond. They also start towards of removing PW Botha working against their wishes after the Broederbond made the decision to hand over South Africa to the ANC, in which neither we, nor the Black tribes have had any say in any of these. The Broederbond’s reason is, we as Afrikaners must get use to it and adjust to be govern by the ANC. for they decided for us without us even having any say at all. If it wasn’t for General Constant Viljoen to force the Afrikaner Accord that will ensure self-determination, including external self-termination, where the South African Government and the ANC were forced to sign and to secure it in Article 235 of the Constitution as well as the International Law Article 1 securing our rights to self-determination, we would not have got it.

But the leaders of the Freedom Front Plus decided to hide that document and to lie to us, refuses to work towards determination and External Self-Determination, claiming that it cannot be done and that it be to extreme. We are to rather integrate within the Rainbow Nation. The Freedom Front Plus was operating within the Parliament where they did not do anything but to be what they call constructive Opposition in their own words, to keep the ANC on their toes. Yeah right, so much so that the ANC was able to to ramp through 114 Affirmative Action Laws and later the Black Economic Empowerment Laws and even worse, the Broad Base Black Economic Empowerment. So much so for keeping the ANC on their toes. The propose areas for self-determination also was approved and signed for, but it remained there since the Freedom Front Plus did nothing.

When Jacob Zuma became President, Dr. Pieter Mulder accepted the post as Deputy Minister of agriculture, and expelled many of the FF+ members who object and opposed it, including the former Youth Leader being expelled by the Elitist leaders who are not to be opposed since that is deemed divisive, nor are they to be questioned. When the Black Monday took place in 2017, again many of us as conservative Boers and Afrikaners fly our old South African flag or the old Transvaal Vierkleur (Four Color) with the red in instead of orange, by the mouths of the Afriforum and the Freedom Front plus not only distance themselves from it, but condemn those of us who dare to fly these flags as being insensitive and racist. The Leadership in the FF+ and Afriforum also shout down and expelled anyone who spoke on and promoting the right to external Self determination, expelling a couple of them in the name of preserving unity. All because we cannot divide South Africa is what we hear from these Establishment, who are then run by the Broederbond, who had become the Afrikaner Broederbond and today known as the Afrikanerbond.

We have no voice in the Media since the Naspers run Media 24 do not give us any voice but silence our voice. Whatever we say and grievances we brought forth, fell on def ears. When we try to initiate something, we are accused of being mavericks by these same Establishment. It is all about, keep your mouths shut and your wallets open. Yet we are excluded from the Job Markets through Affirmative Actions, being forced out of our businesses through Black Economic Empowerment and even became worse with where our own people suffer poverty due to unemployment thanks to the Affirmative actions and Black Economic Empowerment, we are now also excluded from charity through the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. On top of it all, brutal murders of farmers and escalated now also to the White South Africans in suburbs and urban areas, where we are now at stage 8 of the Genocide against White South African, but still we are kept quite by our establishment leaders. We cannot go on like this anymore, cannot trust these political parties like the Freedom Front Plus nor the Afriforum nor Solidarity.

Now what now, what are we going to do? Quo Vadis (Where to from here) With all of these factors I’ve mentioned, which is that we had become voiceless, we need to start to do things for our selves. We need to take charge of our own lives. We cannot rely on these political leaders, since they are part of the establishment. We need to become mavericks, which is that we can no longer be conformist. We need to stand up for ourselves, tarting to organizing ourselves. Most important is, is that we need to realize that there is no other way but to secede, to secede from South Africa, to create our own country. We need to organize ourselves as we mobilize more people towards independence. And we can and we will.

The question is how? There are many steps that needed to be taken. viable studies need to be taken into how viable, what type of Government, how economical viable is it. There are many steps that we need to follow, which if we put all this together, that there are a lot to be done. But the good news is we don’t have to. Some would ask, what do I mean? The answer is very simple, already one of our fellow country men, a patriot had already taken all these step. His name is Hein Marx. he started up with the United Liberty Council. He did all of these studies, impact studies with the help of renown economist, legal steps with strong lawyers. Also the whole thing of the political impact, how viable is it, can it be sustained. Already had taken all the steps, keep speaking to government who kept ignoring, following all channels until all were exhausted. Hein had done all of these, completed 97% of all the steps.

He also look at what type of Government the new country will have, who are the minority groups, what regions and what will the borders be, which is the geographical areas already been identified. Already the platform had been created, in less than the year, got over 166’000 votes in favor for secession. that means since all of these had been followed, we don’t need to go and start all over again, to reinvent the wheel. So what is it that we need to do from here? We need to organize people into cells from the different communities, to work towards the mobilization of the different minority groups to vote for secession. We need to operate from Grass Roots level.

In each of your community you need to organizing cells and organizing meetings, communicating with the leaders of the United Liberty Alliance to can speak during the conference, or with recorded Videos of presentation to show to the people, and from there to organize more people through the cells. Each cell operate independent from another one, but are connected together in the network of the SA Teaparty Republic which is a Movement. The SA Teaparty Republic are cooperating and working together with the United Liberty Alliance, where grassroots organizing takes place to get more people to vote for for secession on the vote for self determination website of the United Liberty Alliance.

Let’s do it people, for the Boers, for the Afrikaners, for the English people with Boer Hearts, fir the Cape Brown people and for the Khoisan people. By each one of you in your own community, connect with people and get them to vote for Self-determination, and then after that organizing in cells from where more outreaches can be launched and coordinated with more initiatives and actions as command centers, Through it more people can be reached and through it we can reach the 2 million votes that is needed for the mandate. We can do it it and we will. The Freedom Front Plus will not be able to can stop us. Through this we give voice to the voiceless.

In summery, the most effective way for us to be able to can get secession, to secure our liberty, is through Grassroots level as both the United Liberty Council a a Civil Organization is doing and the SA Teaparty Movement as a grassroots movement working together with the United Liberty Council to operate as a tool for the ULA to organize people to mobilize more people to work towards liberty and canvasing people to vote for self determination. This it will be a way from the bottom upwards and not the top to bottom anymore. Thus will be the people’s movement. The only option that we have, is to secede, which is coordinated by the United Liberty Alliance. The SA Teaparty Republic will operate with the ULA and be a very important part and team member of the United Liberty Alliance. Let’s make the Hartland Republic work and a reality.

Therefore, as you get people to vote, go to the ULA platform at the following website and vote and get more to vote: http://www.ulacongress.com

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Any Reason to see anything positive about South Africa?

Very important question to ask, is there anything positive that we can see in South Africa as it is? The reason I ask this question is, that certain progressive people and so-called moderate people are trying to tell us that we need to learn to be positive since according to them there are far more reasons to be positive over South Africa than to focus on the Negative. One of the reasons they gave is…We got rid of Jacob Zuma, he is no longer president. He is being replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa who they claim is a good guy. They claim that he is not corrupt and is fighting corruption and State Capture.

Further do the same Liberals and Moderates also claim that who else are there that are better to be President from out of the ANC. ANC is here to remain forever and nothing can remove them, so we need to learn to get use to it, make peace with it, make peace with the ANC and try to apologize about what they call our racism towards the ANC. Both the moderates and the Liberals sees us the Whites as the problems and the ANC/EFF/BLF only acted in response to what they call our racism. The same Moderates and Liberals claim that the Blacks suffered under Apartheid while we Whites were privileged and that the ANC only tries to redress these things, including the Land issue and economic issues.

Here are some problems. First of all, none of these claims by the Liberals against us are based on facts, but on propaganda. No land was stolen from any Black tribe, nor were the Bantu tribes here in South Africa before the Whites nor were the Blacks the first groups here in South Africa south of the Limpopo. The first groups were the Khoisan groups and tribes, yet the same political Class and the Liberals and moderates refuse to acknowledge the Khoisan people as the first people. Why? Because it is not political correct at all.

Further, the claims of White people committing genocide against the Bantu Tribes in South Africa is also false. Also that when the Whites arrived at the Cape, they were finding the Bantu Tribes living in peace and harmony with the Ubuntu spirit in an Utopia. When the first White people arrived around the South Point of Africa, the Phoenicians, they did not find any tribes in Southern Africa besides the Khoisan people. Nor are there any records on rock paintings by the Khoisan of Bantu Tribes. When the Portuguese explorers traveled around the South point of Africa, they did not find any Bantu people south of the Zambezi river at all, which was between 1480 and 1650’s. When the First Dutch people arrived at the Cape, stranded after being shipwrecked, which was 1640, no Bantu Tribes were founded in the Cape. When Jan Van Riebeeck came to the Cape, still no Black tribes. The First Black Tribes crossed over the Limpopo only in 1680 in the Mozambique region and over the Pongolo in 1700. Thus there were no Black Tribes inside the borders of South Africa before 1700.

The First time the white people came in contact with the Bantu was 1770 at the Great Fish River. The second myth of Bantu being peaceful people living in harmony with one another also is a myth. Nor did the Whites commit any Genocide against the Blacks, since that also is false. There were no harmony, but war and bloodshed between the different tribes, that also led to many being captured by more powerful chieftains to be sold into slaver as part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in West Africa, from where many tribes fled to the Great Lakes, fighting one another selling one another into slavery, then the Southward migration that happened. Then there were the Mfekane, instigated by Shaka Zulu who built his Empire, committing Genocide against other Black Tribes and the Khoisan in Natal, killing more than 2 million until he was assassinated by his brother Dingaan, who was no better and murdered further 2 million people, including the remaining of the Khoisan and including the Black Tribes. That led to some groups fleeing Dingaan and Shaka Zulu. Some includes Mzilikazi with his Matabele who fled Shaka Zulu and slaughter 2 million more people and Shoshangone with his Shangaans fled into Mozambique, killing 1 million people more and another group fled into Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya and Malawi, forming the Ngoni Tribe, killing i million more people.

There were also the Cannibalism that took place for the sake of survival but were gathered in by Mosjesj of the Basotho. the result of all the wars by Shaka Zulu, Dingaan and Mzilikazi and others led to it that by 1910 there were only 3 million Bantu people in South Africa. Today there are 46.4 million Blacks in South Africa, of which 25% of the Black population are not from South Africa, but from outside of South Africa. Life expectancy of Blacks increased from 35 before 1900 til 65 years of age by 1990, but decreased again under the ANC rule due to the AIDS pandemic. I will deal with the land issue in a latter article.

Now what is there that is so positive over South Africa? Nothing. We deal with the Affirmative action Laws, 114 laws exactly and the Broad Based and later the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. we deal with large scale corruption since 1994 and afterwards. first we had to deal with the Arms Deal Scandal, which implicates most of the senior members of the ANC, including Cyril Ramaphosa. Then we deal later with the Oil Gates Scandal under Mbeki and Ramaphosa. We have the continuing Gravy Train Scandal in which almost every single political party is part of, with money disappearing without trace. If that is not enough, then is is the State Capture Scandal that still continues. Again, Cyril Ramaphosa is not innocent as many of the Moderates and Liberals want to make us believe, nor is he that clean.

Then we deal with the Genocide of White South Africans, including the marginalization of White people, excluded from the Job Market and through Black Economic and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment more White South Africans be dumped into poverty. Then we also deals with the Land issue and lately the Expropriation of Land without Compensation as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa who then already was State President of South Africa. We deal with high levels of poverty which increased on the watch of the ANC since Mandela and onward. South Africa is one of the countries with the highest crime rate and homicide rates in the world and also known as the rape capital of the world with high unemployment levels.

We also deal with crumbling infra-structures in South Africa and high taxes without representation. South Africa is currently a welfare state, which off course is not sustainable and is now in the process to crush. Reason be is the tax base is getting smaller since the tax payers are the ones who had to carry the rest of South Africa. And further, the problem is that the Government always runs out of other people’s money, and South Africa is on its way to collapse and there is now turning back on it. ESKOM is on its way to collapse, so also other state entities. Service delivery is also failing, that leads to more South Africans becoming dissatisfied. Then we also deal with tribalism among Black tribes and also within the ANC.

Further more, we are also dealing with the the ANC speaking of attacking the Minority groups, especially the White South Africans and specifically the Afrikaners and the Boers, so also the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), another radical Marxist Political Party already with War speeches and rhetoric and preparation to war, that under the Leadership of Julius Malema, so also Andile Mngxitama of the BLF (Black First Land First) and so also the other groups. They are planning and training for war to exterminate the White Race in South Africa as well as the other minority groups and also the other Black tribes outside the Nguni groups.

More companies are withdrawing from South Africa due to the BBBEE and the Affirmative actions in South Africa and excessive taxation of companies and severe regulations. That together with the Expropriation of Land without Compensation. Together with high crime rates that also keeps increasing and violent crime at the same time. Also the rhetoric of Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama against what they call White Privilege and to cut Whiteness in the neck and to end what they call White Capital Monopoly.

As we speak, South Africa is hanging on Life support, but for how long? South Africa is not going to last any longer. South Africa is about to fall apart and disintegrating. To ignore these facts is not going to make things going away. The question is no longer if War or civil war is going to break out, for the EFF and the BLF are already preparing to war and fo the attack. the question is now, when? So with all these facts together, there are no evidence nor reasons to be positive over South Africa. So what now, what is it that we can do?

Two things we can do and need to do simultaneously. First, we need to prepare ourselves for what is to come, namely war and be prepared to defend ourselves. At the same time, we need to work towards secession from South Africa into a New nation in order to secure our Liberties, since there is no way for us to remain in South Africa. Therefore the only way is to secede from South Africa. The United Liberty Council already worked on it, following the legal path, exhaust all channels, and now working to get the mandate from us as White South Africans and the rest of the other minority groups. So people, please go on the ULA Website to vote for secession. Here are the following links that people can go and vote.

To vote, go to this link: http://www.ulacongress.com


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Our God Given Individual Rights

Here are some concepts that I need to explain here, which are misunderstood by so many and therefore robbing us of our individual rights. First of all, we need to understand that our rights do not come from Government, nor does the government have the right to violate our rights, to curb in our rights nor to restrict our rights or even regulate our rights, but rather to secure and uphold our God given Rights. We’ve lost our liberty since we allow Government to take our liberties away, by keep falling for the same old lies that Government can solve the problems.

Further we believed the lies that the only way to solve corruption is to add more programs to the Government. The reality is, the bigger the Government, the more corruption will increase. The more we come up with political solutions, the more corruption increases. The more Government takes over in private sectors, the more things get to be messed up. The more Government gets involved with welfare, the more corruption comes in and the more poverty is being spread. We as the people need to learn not to be government reliant, but to learn to become self-reliant in order for us to be free.

We can only illuminate corruption by shrinking the Government, by having a small limited Government, restrained by the Constitution, being the instrument in the hands of the people. That means to illuminate up to 95% of all government programs and departments, deregulate as much as possible, doing away with bureaucracy by closing down as much agencies as possible. By doing this you are doing away with corruption.

Now let’s look at the Declaration of Independence of the thirteen colonies of America. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–[82] That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

What is clear from here, is a few points that is coming out. First of all is that we are all created equal. One is not above the other. We all should have equal opportunities for all. Yet none will be equal in income, since it is possible. for you will get those who will work harder, becoming more entrepreneurial full of enovation, some others again lesser, yet the Government will be out of the way, where it depends in how we make use of our opportunities as individuals. This lead to it that each one of us will also take responsibilities for our selves.

We are also endowed by our creator all of these unalienable rights from God. That means that none of our rights comes from Government, but our rights comes from God Himself, which means that Government will not have any rights to curb in our rights, nor to can limit our rights. The Government will be task to defend our rights without violating our rights. This means that Government will not be able to limit our speech, nor our religious freedoms and the free exercise thereof or the freedom of conscience. Nor can Government prevent us from having peaceable public assembly and the right to redress grievances against Government, nor curb in the freedom of press, including political speech, religious speech and press.

The first of the three basic rights is Life. That also includes the right to lives for unborn babies. God gave us this right to life, since God values the lives of each human. As long as we value the lives of each human, it will lead to it that the lives of unborn babies are protected, as well as the lives of innocent people, which will have an impact that will drive homicide (murder) rates down. Violent crimes will also be minimum, which will be due to the fact that we value human life. We will value human lives above that of the animals, which means is our fellow human’s life is being threatened by an animal, that we will rather put the animal out of action to save the human life.

The second right, is the right to individual liberties, which also comes from God. That also we will value our liberties as well as the liberties of our fellow men and we will do everything to defend our liberties. These liberties include religious liberty and the free exercise thereof, which Government will have no rights to curb our religious liberties and free exercise thereof and freedom of conscience, nor interfere within our religious institutes and creed at all. This also includes freedom of speech, which includes religious speech as well as political speech, fee from all speech codes, where there be no such a thing as “hate speech” nor political correctness, since government will not be allowed to limit our speech, since god do not give Government to do it. That also means that we can meet freely in public and we will be able to redress grievances against Government, and also we will not be limited in our press by Government nor censure in what we print or publish, since God do not permit Government to violate our individual rights.

The third right, is the pursuit of happiness, which just like our lives and liberties are violated by the tyrannical Government in South Africa. Instead of having Affirmative actions or race based laws or Broad Based Economic Empowerment, we will be able to pursuit our own happiness without limitations from Government. that means we are able to pursuit our dreams, through hard work earning our living through hard honest work. we will be able to can have more money in the pocket without being concern that Government might want to overtax us. Which also means we will be able to can spend our own money, owning properties without regulations, spending our monies better without Government spending the money for us. This is where the Capitalist society will comes in, from where more people are lifted out of poverty than through Socialism.

All of this due to Government that will be limited. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That means that we the people are creating or instituting a Government of the people by the people to the people for the people, a republic. It means that government will derive their just powers from the consent of the Government, which will be limited power and a small government. Thus a government in servitude to the people instead of the people in servitude to the Government. Instead of being from the top to the bottom, where everything is derived from the top where all powers comes from and handed down, it will be from the bottom, from the grassroots level people, where we become self reliant without Government interference. The purpose of the Government is also limited, which is to secure all of our God given rights, to secure justice and to defend our sovereignty and our way of life and God-given rights.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. What it means, that the Government instituted by the people will not have any right to grab more and more power. Nor does the Government have any rights to become destructive towards the people, but to serve the people. But when the Government do becomes tyrannical and destructive, then it is the duty of the people and the right of the people to alter and abolish such a government, and to institute a new Government, laying its foundation on such a principle where our rights are secured and defended. That means that we will have a transparent Government who will be accountable to the people.

Although we are to respect the Government as institute by God, we are under no circumstances to allow Government from becoming tyrannical, but have to arise against such a government. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” On this moment this is where we are right here in South Africa. For more than 25 years, we had been under constant abuse of power by the ANC Government. There is a long train of abuses of power, and it did grow into absolute despotism. First it was the Affirmative actions, later the Broad Based Economic Empowerment, all in all 115 race based laws. Later on the Land Reform, where our property rights are threatened. Also the fact where the genocide of White South Africans continued without Government doing anything about it.

Further more we are dealing with Government that is doing everything to suppress our culture, language, speech and religion, including into our history and identity. Now the expropriation of our property without compensation, violating our property rights based on skin color. Now the same government is also turning against other minority groups. The continual interference of Government into our religious affairs, which also is none stop and the injustice through law enforcement and the courts and the interference into our privacy through the RICA of our phones. Then we also deals with excessive taxation, which are extortion from the Government and taxation without representation. All of these that leaves us with no other option, but to move towards secession from south Africa, creating a new sovereign nation and country to be free from tyrannical Government, where our individual rights are upholded and defended and Government be kept small and limited.

Thus also that there is a process together with the United Liberty Alliance and other organizations to pursue this rout. All to create a new nation to be a confederate Republic, which means that this will be a nation with individual rights to be upholded and protected instead of the majority through mob rule. Instead of a Democracy where the will of the majority counts all above that of minority, that we be a republic where our individual rights be protected, a nation of Law with the rule of law, through representative Government of elected representatives. This will lead to prosperity for all and where property rights are protected together with our individual rights to life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness.

The only way to succeed is two-fold is thus where each of us as individuals are registering our mandates through the United Liberty Alliance on the website of the ULA. Therefore as you are reading this article, to go and to register you mandates on this following link as I’m providing for you here: http://www.ulacongress.com

After you’ve registered your mandate, then you go into your community as form cells, bringing in more of our fellow country men from among the Boers, Afrikaners, English, Brown people and the Khoisan people, registering their mandates and make them part of your cells from where you are working together to bring in more mandates and to initiates more projects through your cells, which will also be crucial to built our new nation from grassroots and to develop our economy from the grassroots, thus already creating a sub-economy through these cells that will form the bedrock and foundation of the economy of the new country which will be a republic. Here is the link that I will provide for you too after you’ve registered your mandates, to go and to form your cells and to register them on the SA Teaparty Republic’s Website at: https://sateapartyrepublican.wordpress.com/forming-local-cells-in-your-community/

Man-made Global Warming be debunked

Watch this video, since this video is very important. This video is exposing the whole of the so-called Man-made Global warming and Climate Change hoax by the UN. The whole idea and Global Warming hoax had been created for the sole purpose of excessive taxation in the name of preventing Man-Made Climate Change. The Carbon Dioxide make up only 0.4% of the atmosphere in earth. Of this man contribute only 3% of that 0.4% of the Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a good thing an plant food. Climate change occurred since after the great Flood from Noah’s time. We are rather heading for a cooling due to the activities in the sun of which man has no influence on at all.

Yet this hoax was created by the Globalists with the sole purpose of stripping us of our liberty and to end nation states. There aren’t any magnificent rising in sea levels, near Europe only 1 mm per annum and in the rest of the world no rising in sea levels at all. Yet many of my fellow Afrikaans speaking people as well as many of my fellow Boers fall for this hoax, taking all of their energy away from working towards our liberty and secession where we can govern ourselves again. We need to wake up and see the climate change hoax for what it is and need to expose it and work towards secession for our people.

Please people, let us defy these globalists and register our mandate for sovereign secession of our new country from South Africa by going to this link: http://www.ulacongress.com

Internal Self Determination Vs External Self-Determination

In the past weeks, we have had many of the people or leaders who are promoting Internal Self-Determination. Many claim that is is more realistic than External Self-determination. They claim they can still have self Rule but still remain part of South Africa. They claim that the ANC Government will not allow External Self-Determination, but only Internal. Many want to have their own Oranias or Eureka’s. But they will speak against External Self-Determination. Here are some questions that needed to be answered. Also some myths that need to be dealt with here. First I’m going to put out Internal Self-determination, what it is and also what problems there can be, why and its limitations here. Then I’m going to outline The Externals Self-Determination, also can it be done and will it be accepted. I will go into the history in itself too.

Internal Self-determination is where a particular group can set aside a territory or property and declare internal Self-Determination, where they can have self rule without leaving the mother country. They believe that through this, it can lead to it that our culture will be reserved. They believe that it is more viable than External Self-Determination in South Africa, since the ANC will never allow External Self-Determination, but will tolerate Internal Self-Determination. Here are some myths here that I’m going to discuss here. In South Africa, the ANC and other groups will also not allow internal Self-Determination, but will force integration into the Communist regime. Even though it is in the Constitution that Self-Determination is a constitutional right as well as External Self-Determination, as well as International Law and AU Law, and protected and the ANC signed the covenant on the right of nations to govern themselves.

Myth 2: Through Internal Self-Determination, all oppression against us as minority groups will end if we live in these areas for Internal Self-determination. This will never happen, since they will continue and still enforce their Laws and still oppress us, even expropriate the land without compensation in the territories for self-Determination.

Myth 3: Through Internal Self-determination, you will be free from South African Law. Not at all. Even though you will have internal Self-determination, you are still subjected to the South African Law and under the Rule of the ANC. You still had to operate by the Laws of South Africa. You still have to live by the Affirmative action Laws and the BBBEE Laws even though you are in your own private area for Self-determination.

Myth 4: You can have your own Law Enforcement in your territory for Self-Determination. Not at all. The only Law Enforcement you will have is the South African Police Service. They are the only ones that can enforce the Laws and we are to submit unto them. You are also subjected to the jurisdiction of the South African Court System, which means that you cannot have your own courts under the areas for Self-Determination.

Myth 5: You are free from taxation from the South African Government through Internal Self-Determination. The truth is, you are not. You are still subjected under the tax laws and tax odes of the South African Government, even if you have internal Self-Determination. This include income Tax and property Tax. You still have to pay taxes, otherwise you can land in jail for tax evasion.

Many wants to point to the Orania. Here are some relevant questions that needed to be asked here. Is Orania founded as a company? If it is the case, who are the shareholders of that company? To whom does Orania pay taxes? Do they pay taxes to the ANC Government? These questions are very valid. I believe that Orania is still paying taxes to the ANC Government.

Also, Julius Malema can still ride in bus loads of his people in and around Orania and other areas who are in Internal Self-Determination, and they can do nothing, and the EFF can take over these territories from the communities in Self-determination, and they can do nothing about it, and Internal Self-determination be terminated completely. The Courts can even order that to happen, to integrate. That would make internal Self-determination to nothing.

The ANC can still change the Constitution, like they already did with the Expropriation of Land without compensation. that means they can even take over the territories under the rule of internal Self determination and end the internal self-determination. Also who controls the money there?

Thus in reality, the Internal Self-determination do not give security in the long term or medium term. There is no security at all. Nor is it actually viable, since the ANC Government is working towards the ending of all cultures, heritage, history and identity and even language in order to create a Communist base society where there is uniformity. They will end all of the internal Self-determination. Look at what they are doing to Zululand against King Goodwill Zwelinthini and also to Bophutatswana and Lebowa and even Venda as well as Transkei. If they can go after the lands their and trying to end the rule and self rule of these tribes, who are we to think that the ANC Government will never do it to us?

Now let’s look at the External Self-determination. We are going to look after certain points there. We are going to look at the practicality too and also the benefits in the Sovereign Self-Determination. Then afterwards we will give a conclusion.

Can we secede from South Africa? The answer is yes. The International Law, Article One on the International Covenants also made it clear that we can secede, those who were colonized as well as those who are oppressed. The AU Law also give us this same right, as well as the south African Constitution in Article 235. According to the UN Law, only the nations who were colonized may secede from their motherland who colonize them, as well as the peoples who are oppressed by their Government.

How does it work in our case here? There are both points that work to our favor here. First, let’s look at the history of South Africa. South Africa was not one nation originally. It was different nations. There were two Boer Republics, as recognized by the International Community and the Geneva Convention, that forced the British Empire to acknowledge these two Republics through the Sand River Convention of 17 January 1852 and the Orange River Convention of 1854. These documents still exists and still acknowledged by the Geneva Convention. England broke the treaty through their wars out of aggression. With the Treaty of Vereeniging of May 31; 1902, the Boer Republics can have their independence back again, as well as in the Balfour Declaration for the Union of South Africa, where the Boer Republics be restored again. It is in the annuls of the Geneva Convention. The Union of South Africa was formed against the will of the people, with only the elites who sat down to put it together. There was no referendum at all in any of the two Boer Republics nor in the British colonies of the Cape and Natal. Thus the creation of the Union of South Africa was illegal from the beginning.

The South African Government was ignoring the treaties for their own convenience. There was an agreement in the 1800’s to form a Federation of the two Boer Republics and of the two British colonies under the South African Republic (Transvaal) while still maintaining the borders with the neighboring Bantu Tribes, but the Cape Government and Natal Governors ignore it. Thus based on colonialism and breaking of treaty, we have the right to secede, since South Africa as a whole do not have any right to exist. The former homelands in South Africa, including Zululand and Transkei and Ciskei, Bophutatswana, Venda, Lebowa, Kwandebele and Kangwane each have a right to secede from South Africa, since the ANC invaded these homelands against the will of the people to make it part of South Africa, and nearly succeeded in Lesotho until the UN stopped the ANC Government. They also invaded the White Majority territories in order to have power over them. Thus South Africa as a whole do nit actually have any legitimacy to exist in the first place. The people of Lesotho still have bitterness towards the ANC driven south Africa due to the invasion of Lesotho by the South African Government in 1998 and occupation until 1999 to make Lesotho part of South Africa.

Reason number 2: As people groups are being oppressed by the government of the Motherland. Do we meet the requirement in this too? The answer is absolutely yes. first of all, we are dealing with 114 race based Laws by the ANC to prevent Whites from getting jobs. Later adding the Black Economic Empowerment and now the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment to force us to hand over our businesses to black people, thus forcing us as Whites outside the economic opportunities. Also forcing the Afrikaans Medium schools to take in English speaking people to force Double Medium into English Medium, suppressing the Afrikaans Language and culture by the ANC Government with the support of the EFF. Further more also the removing of street names, of monuments and statues in order to wipe out history and heritage and culture. then we are dealing with the Genocide of White people. Among the farming community over 6000 white farmers already brutally murdered. Among the rest of the White people already over 120’000 brutally murdered and increasing, with over 600’000 suffering in brutal violent crimes yet survived. Plus also the singing of killing the White man.

We are being persecuted for being White in South Africa by the Government, with more Laws being made against us while the Law enforcement do nothing to protect us. We are even being attacked for having the Day of Vow instead of partaking in the Day of no reconciliation of the ANC Government. Now it also washed over to the brown people and the Khoisan people, where they are again persecuted and not acknowledge as the first people at all, since the ANC end EFF wants all of the lands for the Black people alone. They want to make sure they wipe out all of history of the past 400 years.

We therefor definitely meet both requirements for external self-determination and right to secede from South Africa. The Zulus themselves also have that rights and so also the other groups. Even though the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum wants to deny it, we have, even if they try to misinform us since they are trying so hard to preserve the united South Africa as since 1910 and 1994.

The question if the ANC will allow it, we know that the ANC won’t. but it will not stop us from seceding, and need only one or two nations in the UN to acknowledge our independence. Will there be civil war before the time. We don’t know, but there is a chance that it can, in which case will improve our chance to secede legally.

Though secession we are becoming a new independent nation, where the ANC Government cannot tax us, no expropriate land from us, nor force there race-based laws on us since they will no longer have jurisdiction. We will be able to have our own Law Enforcement and court systems with our own Laws, with equal opportunities for all. There will be justice and the ANC/EFF will not be able to can interfere at all, since we will be a new sovereign nation. This will also happen by the will of the people.

External Self-determination is the only way to can go, only logical way, towards secession as an independent sovereign nation in order to be free from all the unjust laws in the ANC South Africa, and we can do it legally. The UN also is already aware of the human rights violation by the ANC against the White minority as well as the Brown people and Khoisan minority groups. It is also under investigation.

For those who did not vote, please vote for the sake of your own children and grand children, for the sake of our liberties. And after voting, to form cells to help to grow the movement. Here is the link to give your mandate:


All Rights Reserved: © 2019 By SA Teaparty Republic

Preparations for what lays ahead

Good day people. As we know it, there are hard times that are ahead of us in south Africa. Currently we have the attacks on foreigners in South Africa. We also have the rhetoric going on by the political leaders. There is an outflow of capital from South Africa as businesses have no confidence in South Africa. More things are getting out of control. There are more speeches against White minorities and other minority groups. There are many who have also some questions here. Here are also the changing of time and tactics, which means we need to adjust our strategy.

We can no longer operate in a huge organized collective, where all instructions come from the top. They greatest danger for too many organizations is that we have a lack of people on the ground, for the simple reason of the way the organizations are structured. That is with a national office and then with provincial and regional offices and district offices. With what we are going through, is that it will not work anymore. The whole thing of you must join so and so organization is not always going to work and will not be effective. Let us remember General Christiaan de Wet during the Anglo Boer War who changed the tactic and with General Koos De La Rey who agreed with General de Wet. To form small squats and cells to be more mobile to be able to can wage warfare, covering more ground, that gave the British more problems and cost them even more Pounds.

Many of the current big organizations are scared for change, but change is inevitable. Many are talking against this change of tactic and trying to discourage it as if to divisive and independent and maverick. Yet this will be the only effective way. We need to allow people on the ground to take up responsibilities and charge, to form cells and to initiate strategies and actions and projects. Instead of go to your local office and register, rather, where you are in your neighborhood, get your neighbors and fellow country men and form small groups and cells and organize yourselves into it. Then connect with the different other cells. I have set up this Website that can help form this network and movement through which each one of the cells can connect with one another.

Think of a body of cells. The growth happens as the each cell gets to a certain size, dividing again to form duplicate cells, thus newer cells. Thus the way to operate is to be organic. This in within that cell that strategy for your area is being discussed in what needs to be done, what is needed and why. The forming of each cell makes it also harder for the enemy to spot, since the cells will be mobile. You form a cell of between 15 and 30 people. When at 30, you divide the cells into two new cells of 15 each, from there growing.

What is happening within this cell? There are cell leaders within that cell. His task is to coordinate the efforts, chairing the meeting to discuss strategy. Matters are discussed, including matters of security, strategy, actions, projects, direction and also how to survive and operations. Most important of all, having time of devotion unto our heavenly Father in Christ Jesus, teaching from Scripture and also prayer. Also discuss is what tools are needed and how to get these tools and where each one accepts tasks, working in groups of two.

What is needed for survival in these small cells? You will need Two Way Radios, none digital type,, thus the old type. You will need AM radios to can receive transmission in order to know where to move and how. You going to need maps and compasses. You will need a Bible. You will need matches and lighters, camping equipment, medical aid kit, Gas and gas bottles, lanterns, flashlights (torches), containers for clothes, soap, toothpaste and toiletries. You will need to have containers for water, cooking-ware. You will need to have none-perishable food, weapons and firearms for the purpose of self-defense. Also enough gasoline (petrol) and diesel fro transportation and power generators.

Most important is you need to have a place of assembly where to come together of grid when the violence break out, which you organize with your cells and groups. You need to have plans in place when that day is coming and what to do and how. Also you need to have the immediate term, that means the immediate of what you need to do, part of it the ability when necessary to form militias to defend one self, thus Bible in one hand and a weapon in the other, which can also include a firearm or arms.

You also need a short term plan in how to be mobile and to operate, how to defend yourselves. also how to be able to take care on your families within these mobile cells. As well as ability to collect info and with the Two Way radios to communicate and the old type of AM radios to receive transmissions in order to receive information a distance away to be able to make use of the information. The farmers I know already start to make use of the old type of two way radios to communicate with one another since you cannot jam them like it can be done with cell phones.

Medium Term: In each cell we need to have medium term plan, what are we going to do after the chaos and violence and war are over? there needs to be plans for the rebuilding of our communities. There needs to be ideas for building up small and medium businesses in order to create the economy from the grassroots again. Also the need to build of communities and infra-structure. We also already need to have representatives from each cell to elect representatives to form a new government as representative of people, small limited government of the people for the people by the people to the people.

Long Term. To have a new nation with restored communities again, with liberty. Thus plans for the infra-structure, Sustainable growth of economy through small and medium businesses. Constitution to restrain the Government and to have the Confederate Government with different sovereign states to secure our individual rights.

Now also through these same type of cells that are formed and in operation within their cells to form strategies as part of their immediate and short term, to go and to mobilize more people to come out and to vote for external self-determination. It is through these cells that we can have boots on the ground to go out and to mobilize more people to be part of the process to work towards secession from South Africa. I will soon have an article of what we can expect in this newly formed country.

Accountability can be formed within each of the cells and strategies in how to go out to organize actions and strategies to go out to get more people part of the process, making them part of the cells to from where it will grow until it divide into two new cells who continue with the same work, from where the process be repeated again. Thus not just go and get people to vote, but rather make them part of the process and bring them into the cells from where the be taught and be made part of the team from where they also help to grow the movement. The mistake we’ve made, we only got the people to vote and then left them their instead of making them part of the movement, from where they be trained and made part of the team to go out and to help mobilize more to grow the movement where it can keep repeating.

For those who did not vote, please people, for the sake of your own children and grand children, for the sake of our liberties. And after voting, to form cells to help to grow the movement. I will have more articles concerning the sovereign secession from South Africa and how to grow the Movement within the Alliance of the United Liberty Alliance.

Here is the link towards the ULA platform. http://www.ulacongress.com

All Rights Reserved: © 2019 By SA Teaparty Republic

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