The SA Teaparty Republic is a Page for the Minority Groups with a heart for bravery and liberty. The SA Tea Party Republic is a grassroots Movement with the purpose to come up with actions and strategy to move towards the Liberty and the restoration of the Independent Republics of the Caucasian, which includes the Boers, Afrikaners, English and Portuguese, the Khoisan people including the Namakwas, Griekwas, Bushmen, and the Cape Brown People, in a Federal system and Limited Government.

We are striving toe realize our Natural God Given Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is not here to do the same to the very people who are attacking us and perpetrate the Genocide against or even promoting violence against them. As Minority Groups we are Christians first and as such we are to conduct ourselves in that way, to stand up for ourselves without being rude to others. With every single post each one are to comment respectfully. No K words nor the N words are allowed. Our focus is to restore our identity, putting together the Boer nation, which includes the English people with Boer hearts as well as the Khoisan Groups and Cape Brown People, and also to initiate events and goals and activities. At the same time also cooperating with other civil organizations who strives towards the independence of the minority Groups, including the Caucasian, the Cape Brown People and the Khoisan for the purpose of the secession of the eight sovereign states into the Confederacy of the Hartland Republic. Let us stay focused. We know of all the atrocities against Minority South Africans as it is going on, including the Genocide against Minority South Africans, as well as the atrocities against many Black people who do not go along with the radical Marxist organization, although we focus more an the white South Africans for now. We are the voice for the Voiceless and is a grassroots organization.

We will post only what strategies and how we can go about and how to defend ourselves in legal ways and the move towards true external self determination and sovereign homeland, which can only happen through grassroots level. We will also post articles related to this strategy for the secession. We are working closely and hand in hand with the United Liberty Alliance to secure our liberties and to ensure our new Homeland.

Remember to never ever surrender your rights to the so-called higher sovereign or government for the sake of security, for then you deserve neither.

Any comments in the posts that includes insults or threats will be removed, including profanity and instigation to violence and name calling

All Rights Reserved: © 2019 By SA Teaparty Republic

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