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The SA Teaparty was founded as a Grassroots Movement, to mobilize us as the Boer people to take our own lives back again. Part of it from Grassroots Level is to work towards the restoration of the Boer Republic.

To built and facilitate the efforts by local Grassroots organizations under the SA Teaparty Republic in cooperation with the United Liberty Alliance and also with the other existing Boer Organizations like the Suidlanders, AWB, Toekomsvonk, Gevrekte Volk, Kommando Korps and other Boer Organizations. A movement operating from grassroots groups from local levels in a network, based on the Teaparty Patriots in the USA.

The SA Teaparty Republic is a Movement working very close with the ULA to mobilize people from Grassroots level in order for them to stand up and to give the mandate to the leaders of the United Liberty Alliance to secure our liberty and to enable us to secede from South Africa, which is the only viable option. Besides working towards the restoration of the Boer Republic, we are also helping to mobilize other minority groups from the Cape Brown people and the Khoisan to be able together with us as White South Africans to secede and to form a confederation of the Hartland Republic in the regions as indicated on the map above.

This organization was founded by Gideon Prinsloo who is now in exile in the United States of America, in Memphis, Tennessee. He is a Pastor and an activist. You can read more on him on the Blog of about the Author. He him self had to suffer the same fate with his business like many other White South Africans, forced by Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment to let his company go over to majority Black ownership, which he was not willing, that led to the company going under since other White people refuse to help out since they prefer to obey the BBBEE Laws just to can get business. He also suffered brutal attacks on him by black thugs without Police doing anything, in this case White Law Enforcement officers and White prosecutors who dropped the case, the same thing the rest of us had to experience. All this led to him to look for ways to mobilize our own people from grassroots since our so-called leaders refuse to help us or to represent us. Thus learning the principles from the American Teaparty Movement and Teaparty Patriots in how to organize and mobilize people from grassroots in order for us to restore our liberties without the help of the leaders who refuse to do anything.

This is who and what we are. We want to change the mentalities of the people from instead of waiting for a leader to do something, to start to organize actions from their own communities since they know their own communities better than what the establishment knows. The SA Teaparty Republic is a vehicle for each of those of us as part of the Boer people, Afrikaner and English and other minority groups from the Brown people and the Khoisan, to can organize yourselves and organize actions from your own community and to form stronger networks to be connected from grassroots, working in cells, which can be far more effective

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