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I’m Gideon Prinsloo, fourteenth generation of the Prinsloo’s in South Africa from Adriaan Gerritz Prinsloo. I’m a descendant from the Trek Boers and the Frontier Boers on the Eastern Cape Frontier, and also a descendant from the Voortrekkers on both the Prinsloo and Engelbrecht side.

From the Prinsloo side, my great Grand father, Hendrik Frederick Prinsloo and his family were part of the Hendrik Potgieter Trek who also fight during the battle of Vegkop and during the Zulu war after the murder of Piet Retief and remained behind with a group to fought under Andries Pretorius during the Battle of Blood River. Later moved over the Drakensberg again into the Orange Freestate, establishing in Kroonstad. My great-great Grand Father was a Boer general and one of the heroes together with General Christiaan De wet, both from the Republic of the Orange Freestate. Both my great-great grandfather and great grandfather took part in the 1914 Rebellion against the Botha and Smuts regime. Both knew Siener van Rensburg personally and were friends of him, so also my grandfather, Paul Prinsloo.

From the Engelbrecht side, my Engelbrecht great-great grandparents parents trekked with Gerrit Marritz and suffered the attacks from the impi’s of Dingaan during the Battle of Bloukrans and Boesmansrivier and later fought under Andries Pretorius in the battle of Blood River. Later after the Republic of Natalia were annexed by the British Empire, the trekked back over the Drakensberg with Andries Pretorius and established themselves in Western Transvaal in the Rustenburg region and my Engelbrecht Great Grand father, Johannes Francois Engelbrecht also knew Siener Van Rensburg personally as both were in the same commando under Koos De La Rey during the Anglo Boer War.

My grandfather, Paul Prinsloo moved to Rustenburg, meeting my grand mother, Marta Matilda Engelbrecht, oldest daughter of Johannes Francois Engelbrecht at Lichtenburg, where my father was born, second youngest son of my grandparents out of six children. Both my Grandparents also opposed General Smuts during World War Two and my Grand Father were imprisoned with other Boers by General Smuts during World War Two together with my Great grandfather. so also my maternal grandfather, JJ Ackermann since he too opposed General Smuts during World War Two.

Later on my both my grandfather and grandmother together with Albert Herzog and Jaap Marais helped to get South Africa to be declared a Republic and both helped Albert Herzog and Jaap Marais to found a new Party, Herstigte Nationale Party during the 1970’s due to the treasonous actions of the National Party under John Vorster and due to the Broederbond who silenced anyone disagreeing with them. Both my grandparents were close friends with Jaap Marais.

My Grand Father passed on in 1992 at the age of 82 and my grand mother later in September 2001 at the age of 87. My oldest uncle, Paul Prinsloo IV died at age 75 in 2013. My father still lives, born 1948 at Lichtenburg, I’m the youngest, my brother born 1973 and I’m in 1976.

Why do I share all of these. My grand father, Paul Prinsloo III and my grandmother, his wife had a profound influence on me and my outlook. So also my father, Hendrik Frederick Prinsloo. My grand parents share a lot of stories and his visions together with the interpretation given to them by Siener Van Rensburg himself. Both of them and my father taught me strong sense of patriotism towards my Boer people, faith in God and strong Christian principles. They shaped me, taught me proper Afrikaans, more influence over me than the school education ever could have.

They also taught me to reason and to think for myself, not to follow leaders blindly or to follow the crowd, not even if they are preachers. They taught me to investigate first. My father taught me how to research and read on things before just believing everything. also when writing articles and to articulate, to do proper research in order that I make sure of my facts first, and to be thorough in my research, investigating and doing of things, to the excellence of operation and effectiveness. They taught me character and integrity.

I’m a man of principles, first a Christian, then a husband, then a man of God then a Boer and strong Boer patriot. My worldview is informed by the Bible, which means that everything I do, I do from a strong Biblical perspective. I’m straight forward, not mincing my words or beating around the bush, but blunt, speaking the truth. I’m not political correct, nor will I be political correct, strong Conservative Christian. Call me extreme and controversial since I refuse to what these so-called moderates believe, moderating myself towards the Left. But I will never be moderate, either something is right or it is wrong.

Further, I do not believe that Government is the solutions to our problems, but rather, Government is the problem. Nor do I believe that Politics is the solution to our problems, nor that there are political solutions, but rather that Politics are the problems. I believe that Government needs to be small and limited, not trying to run our lives, but to stay out of our lives, where we can run our own lives, while government are to focus only on justice and defense of our God-given rights.

I operate by facts and not by emotions or what people feels or by opinion of man, but by facts, logic, reason and absolute truth by the Laws of nature as set by God Himself. I don’t believe in democracy, but I’m a stern believer in a Republic, Government by elected officials to govern according to the Constitution where Government is limited and our individual rights are protected. The most important unite in every nation is the traditional family of the father, mother and the children to be train by the fathers and the mothers. for that is where our children are shaped from the beginnings, the mothers who makes the home and gives comfort and the fathers who train the children, giving them structure, shaping their identity and giving discipline. Thus it is not the Government’s job to train our children, but that of the parents, therefore the Government should also stay out of education. This is basically who I am.

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