Property Rights, Genocide, Cultural, Physical and mentally

Today I need to address something here, that is to expose the Main Stream Media, Main stream Politics of their false narratives that they are spreading. Number one, they claim that the Genocide against White South Africans is a myth, which I will proof is not. Number two, that the White Man had stolen Ground from Black Africans who were here first before all other racial groups, which also is a myth. That Black People are peaceful and we Whites and Khoisan and Brown people found them peaceful here and that we’ve enslaved them, also another myth. That Black people who are 80% of the population has only 4 % of the total land which again is another myth. Also the ANC Freedom Charter speaking on the redistribution of White own lands to the Black masses and nationalization as well as the Socialist policy, including destruction of Christianity that is deemed White Man’s religion.

Hatred from Black Radicals, which is being denied by the Left and Main Stream Media

Now let’s look at the total of homicide in South Africa is 34’800 per annum with homicide of 60 per 100’000. Here is where only one side is being put to refute Genocide against Whites. The homicide makes up Most of the homicide numbers, which is 60 %, while the Blacks make out 80% of the total population in South Africa. The homicide against White people by Blacks is the second most, at 25 %, which may look that there is no genocide against White South Africans if we just look at the numbers alone without taking the consideration the total population of White people in South Africa. The whole narratives that there are more black people murdered than White people. If we just look at this numbers without taking into consideration of the total population of the White man, then we see a complete different picture, which off course is not being told to the International Community at all.

Note, that homicide of White South Africans by radical anti-White radicals is 25 % compare to the homicide of Blacks by Black people which makes up 60 % of the total homicide. The Blacks make up 80 % of the total population in South Africa, while the Whites make up only 8 % of the total population. Thus total of homicide among Blacks by Blacks is 60 % compare to it that Blacks make up 80 % of the total population of South Africa, which brings the homicide rate among Blacks at only 45 per 100’000, compare to the Homicide of White people by radical anti-White Blacks at 25 % while the total population of Whites is 8 % with the homicide rate 187.5 per 100’000, which paints a complete different picture, therefore evidence of the physical part of the Genocide against Whites.

Also we see the practice that the Police and courts are quicker in their actions against Whites, even on false accusation of racism from Whites against Blacks without evidence and the White Man gets locked up, while anti-White Black radicals can brutally assault White people without consequences, in which the White victim is treated like a criminal and the anti-White Black radical perpetrator is treated like a victim, thus persecution of Whites by corrupt Police members, which I myself also experienced.

Affirmative Action

Then we also talk about the Affirmative Actions against White people since 1994, where it makes it impossible for White people to can get jobs because of their White skins, where preference are given to Black South Africans to take up the posts. Since 2009 it was increased to include Cape Brown people, Khoisan and Indian, all because they are not Black enough. All jobs are not reserved for Black people alone. It also spread to universities where Whites no longer are admitted into universities due to their White skins, not because of grades, since the grades of White students are far better and higher, but the Blacks with lower scores are approved above the Whites in order to make universities, founded by White people, Black. This also spread to the sport with the quota system where the majority of the teams are to be Blacks, to exclude White people. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Then we also deal with the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, which I will discuss in my next paragraph.

The whole purpose behind the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is to deny the White population of any opportunity in the economy. This had to do more than just affirmative actions. When as a white person you start up with your own company, more than 60%, now 80% must be occupied by Black people, 80% in the top management, 80% in the middle management, 80% of the workforce also to be Black, welfare to more than 80%, now 100%, development 80% to Blacks, scholarship to more than 80% from your company, must do business to other businesses to more than 80% of Black businesses and getting supplies from more than 80% of Black Businesses, charity must be done exclusively to Black people, excluding Whites. Ownership in your Company, even if you as a White person start up the company, majority shares must go to a Black person, now 80%, even if you use your own resources and he none of his. With your start up company you need to have the BBBEE certification which now is more than R 6000. All of this to exclude us as whites from the economy and from production. This is pure hatred and racism and is based on Nazism of Germany or Fascism. Yes Fascism has nothing to do with the Right, but everything to do with the Left, Government control of the economy, one step away from Communism, where Government controls all means of production and Labor through Fascism.

Thus we are being economically marginalized from the rest of South Africa. I believe that the BBBEE is partly because the ANC Government knows that we as Whites, whether we be Boers, Afrikaner or English people are highly resourceful and resilient, meaning we can bounce back and develop ourselves very well, that it had to be neutralized by the Affirmative actions, which at first did not work, now the BBBEE to dis-empower the Whites in order to impoverish the White population, denying us entry to universities and colleges in order to curb our intellectual capacity. The ANC is also doing the same to our heritage, changing names of cities like Pretoria and also the streets with the sole purpose of wiping out our history that the Communists are trying to rewrite. Julius Malema also praised Hitler and the Nazis the way they dealt with capitalists and Jews and Christians, confirming that Hitler never was a Right-winger, but a Leftist, just like Bernie Sanders. National Socialism did not die, but only renamed into Democratic Socialism, yet still the same Leftist principles for Government Control.

Language also became an issue, where the Department of Education is working hard to remove Afrikaans as medium of education at Afrikaans schools in order to enforce multiculturalism, turning specifically Afrikaans Medium Schools into English Medium Schools in order to let Afrikaans die out as a language. There were also riots at Afrikaans schools by Black Student Movements and Trade Unions with the sole purpose of closing down Afrikaans schools. Thus trying to destroy the Afrikaans Culture and also Western Culture in general for the sole purpose of Africanizing everything in South Africa. At the same time we also sit with majority church leaders who applauds everything and who turned Social Justice Warriors instead of preaching the full council of God. Most if not all of the churches had been taken over by the ANC cadre, including the AFM, now Frank Chikane is the Resident of the AFM, and he is a Communist, for the SA AFM, also another Communist who is heading the denomination, so also many more of the other Pentecostal denominations as well as the Reformed denominations and the latest, the Baptist denominations and Lutheran denominations and Methodists.

Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, John Bunyan, John Wesley, John J. Lake would all turn in their graves because of the Leftist Liberal ministers who took over the churches to turn these churches into Social Justice Warriors, creating quilt complexes into their members, especially the Whites and other minorities and of the Christians, to get us to apologize all over ourselves for something we did not do wrong, including to the LGBTQ, where homosexuality and Lesbianism had been accepted into these denominations with Socialism and feminism, apologizing to Islam and to ashamed to confess the name of Jesus Christ in public lest they offend someone. No more repentance being preached. More prosperity. We lack spiritual leadership among us as Christians since the so-called Church leaders had betrayed us and more, they’ve betrayed Jesus Christ in order to be part of the South African Council of Churches and World Council of Churches, pro-Globalist, condemning Nationalism as something evil and condemning borders, wolf in sheep cloths, where Jesus Christ is no longer welcome in these churches. That also lead that the godly preachers are walking out of all these denominations, forming new congregations since they refused to conform to the standards of this world and had chosen to adhere to the Bible, no wonder they are being slandered by these Leftist churches and leaders as what they call divisive, telling us that we are to submit more to the decisions being made by the South African Council of Churches and World Council of Churches than to the Bible. Yes, I will be in trouble again with some of our liberal friends who before accused me of being divisive, since it is unity at all costs, even at the expense of Truth, thus uniting in lies for the sake of unity. Jesus Christ never said that He would bring peace and unity, but the sword and division.

The next thing is the expropriation of property without compensation, especially against Whites and also against the Khoisan that the ANC refuses to acknowledge as the first nation, in order to give to their radical anti-white Black Communists, to violate our property rights. These ANC/EFF/BLF are all with the Globalist Elites to reduce world population. Renwick and others wants to exterminate the White population, not only in South Africa but world wide, yet we are to be silence and comply to these Globalists. Our rights are being trampled upon, but we need to shut up in order to prevent divisiveness in order to please the Globalists Elites. We are being stripped of our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness together with property rights. We are being accused of being divisive while it is the Globalists are the divisive ones, who want to force their multicultural utopia down our throats at the expense of Christianity. Also too many of the leaders, including “church” leaders who wants to stop us for speaking up for Christianity and testifying on Jesus Christ since it is divisive against other religions and none Christians.

We cannot build unity around lies and just be quite while spreading lies in the name of political correctness. It is all about holding hands together and singing cum ba ya while sinking down in disaster caused by these Elitists and Establishment part of the Globalists. Many Blacks are being lied to in order to push them to do the dirty works of the Globalists. The only people who are causing the division are the leaders, the Globalist Elites who create race wars in order to reduce world population. People, we need to stand up for ourselves and become aware of our God-given rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Stop waiting for a leader to save us, for this is where we are being taken advantage of. We need to stand up for ourselves and exercise our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We need to stop being timid and trying to avoid to offend people. For the Leftists will always get offended, doesn’t matter what we are doing. We need to stop apologize for who we are and stop being ashamed to be Christians and speaking up for Jesus Christ. We need to form cells in our communities and link up with the closest Boerelegioen commando and be trained to when needed, to fight for our God-given rights and stop apologizing. We should stop give up our liberty for the sake of security and unity. We should stop sacrifice the Truth on the altar of political correctness for the sake of fake unity while allowing the con-artists to deceive us more and more. We cannot allow the Freemasons to control us while keeping silent on Freemasonry in the name of unity, for we cannot be in unity with Satan just in order to prevent divisiveness, conforming to what Satan wants.

We are being bullied into silence by our own so-called Establishment leaders with the cliche’s of we must stop being divisive, which is we must shut up and submit to them without asking questions instead of asking questions and standing on truth. The Afrikanerbond leaders who are bullying us into silence, and we will do it no more. The Rainbow Nation of South Africa is based on lies. Many are angry with Hein Marx when he dares to speak the truth against the Establishment, accusing him of divisiveness and also the fact that he is fighting for us for secession as being so-called divisive while these Establishment people are lying to us and we must accept everything they are telling us because we are dumb and stupid in the eyes of the Establishment. They are also doing everything to sabotage Hein Marx and many of us standing with him to get independence in the name of preserving unity while our own people are being killed of.

Let’s be real, the Genocide of White South Africans is a reality, physical through black on White murders, where whites are brutally murdered by Blacks, as well as persecution through Affirmative Actions and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, as well as psychological through the Kill the Boer Songs and One Bullet one Settler, as well as attacks on our heritage and now the Expropriation of White-owned property without compensation and denial of the Afrikaner heritage, thus mentally. We are not going to deny the genocide of White people for the sake of political correctness and unity. We call it out for what it is. The ANC/EFF/BLF now also started with the genocide against the Cape Brown People and the Khoisan and Indians since they want all of the land, with the support of the Progressives and Globalist elites.

Please read this article, Preparations of What lays ahead on this link on this page:

Then also go and form a cell in your local community and register your cell with the SA Teaparty Republic on our platform, to form strong networks at this link:

Also join the Boerelegioen Commando’s closest to you to get some military training at:

Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

One thought on “Property Rights, Genocide, Cultural, Physical and mentally

  1. Cut the ANC off at the knees, by getting all of your followers to just go to the ULA site and say “YES” to secession.It is the only practical solution. The ULA have already done all the groundwork in accordance with international law.


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