This will be war when the threat to burn White students alive is being executed and Whites attacked

First of all, I’m speaking as the leader and Founder of the SA Teaparty Republic. For too long, for nearly twenty six years, there were systematic racist laws and systematic discrimination against the White South Africans. The more than 120 race-based racist laws against White South Africans through affirmative actions and the Broad Based Black economic Empowerment, then the Transformation in the Government sector, education and sport with race quotas, to remove White people from these sectors. Further more, more White people being removed from the economic sector and charity organizations be prohibited to assist White people and children and ordered to only help Black people.

Furthermore there were the systematic farm attacks as well as attacks in suburbs against White South Africans, brutal attacks and murders together with torturing and also babies ribbed from their mother’s wombs. I myself was brutally attacked by these gangs and been a victim of race-based brutal violence. I will also show some photos here of my experience, of which the police and the justice had done nothing to brought these thugs to justice, but let them got away.

These four following photos are all from different angles of my own head, when I was pistol whipped by three Black Thugs. The Police and prosecutor was more sympathetic towards these thugs because they were black and hostile towards me because I’m White. I was forced to leave South Africa since the prosecutors rather wanted me to be prosecuted for racism for daring going ahead with the case against these thugs. I’m one of many to whom it has happened and only one of more than 600’000 White people being brutally attacked by these radical anti-White Black radicals. But the Media is silent on it and the silence is deafening.

Next, as if is not bad enough, with all the car-jacking and armed robbery by these thugs against us as White South Africans, the South African Government wants to launch the Expropriation of property without Compensation against White South Africans, as well as the looting of funds and now that of the pension funds. We cannot speak out or it is called hate speech by the Left, while Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitma is calling for the slaughter of White South Africans and to cut the throats of Whiteness. Violence against White schools by radical anti-White Black radical students. The provincial MEC for education who wants to eradicate Afrikaans education and the call from the Anti-White Black radicals of Afrikaans must fall. Yet the Main stream Media is silent on these matters, just refuse to cover it since it does not fit their narratives.

The worst of all, the so-called Afrikaner leaders who warn us not to speak out since it can be divisive according to them and hateful, trying to silence us, NASPERS not even covering it but speak out against us, for they must protect the image of their organizations, as if the lives of White South Africans and that of other minority groups does not count nor have meaning. Many of us had lost our businesses to Black people through the radical Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, yet we are to keep silent on these issues since it might be seen as racist and White Supremacism, while the racist attitude towards White people continue.

When General Izak Van Zyl, leader of the Boerelegioen speaks out and so also other leaders like Hein Marx, then they are called racist and hateful by these radical Leftist White South Africans and their so-called journalists, also accusing the Brown people and the Khoisan together with the White South Africans as racist minority groups while we are being targeted and they deny the violence and genocide against us. This also shows how dishonest these Leftists are and they have no problem in it, they will even be willing to sacrifice their own White children just to proof that they are not racist and to cut back on the White population, since although they are White themselves, hate their own White race with a passion. These includes people like Max Du Preez and others who pretend to be journalists but are dishonest.

Let’s look at the latest. The past week, the Cape Brown people were executed by Black students by burning the Cape Brown individuals alive, yet the Main Stream Media and the Tech Giants are silent on this. I give my full support behind the Cape Brown people to fight back against these radical Black students. Now these same radical anti-minority students threatens further on to also burn the White students alive just so they can get what they want. They are not interested to study further, but rather to riot in order to get their way, but the academic institutions in South Africa will rather accept Black students not interested in studying than to take in the minority students who are willing to study, which is not logical at all.

What is clear from this, is that the radical anti-White and minority Black ANC/BLF/EFF are declaring war on all minorities, started with the Cape Brown people and moving forward against White South Africans. I know a few leaders already had spoken out against these threats of the Black students wanting to burn White South Africans. There is a voice recording from Hein Marx, President of the ULA who spoke out and call us to be ready to fight back in order to protect our kids. General Izak van Zyl also spoke on this issue, and gave the warning to the South African Government, that if they refuse to do anything against these Black thugs and Barbarians, and allowing our kids to be burned alive, that the Boerelegioen will see it as open declaration of War against White South Africans and other minority groups and we will fight back and taking back our towns that belongs to us. I want to add my voice too, to all of you who are part of the SA Teaparty Republic and already started with cells, and those not in it yet, to form cells on the SA Teaparty Republic, and joining forces with the Boerelegioen, being divided into the platoons of the Boerelegioen and commandos to fight back.

We can no longer sit still and do nothing while we are being slaughtered. We do not want war, and are tying to avoid war. But if the EFF, ANC and BLF wants war and start to attack us, hacking us into peaces and burn us alive, then we will fight back and will fight back last. We will join up forces with the Boerelegioen, and those not military trained yet, to receive that necessary military training from the Boerelegioen. I will also provide you with necessary links here, to form a SA Teaparty Republic Cell and to join the Boerelegioen commandos and to receive training through them, as well as the Commando Corps here. We need to be prepared to fight back when the war breaks out against us and we are able to operate under military command.

The first link here is from the SA Teaparty Republic to form cells here:

Second link here, the article on how to prepare yourselves:

Third link in order to join up with you local commando of the Boerelegioen:

The forth link to train our younger men and to join up to the Kommandokorps:

Thus be prepared and may God bless you and bless the Boer people.

Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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