Man-made Global Warming be debunked

Watch this video, since this video is very important. This video is exposing the whole of the so-called Man-made Global warming and Climate Change hoax by the UN. The whole idea and Global Warming hoax had been created for the sole purpose of excessive taxation in the name of preventing Man-Made Climate Change. The Carbon Dioxide make up only 0.4% of the atmosphere in earth. Of this man contribute only 3% of that 0.4% of the Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a good thing an plant food. Climate change occurred since after the great Flood from Noah’s time. We are rather heading for a cooling due to the activities in the sun of which man has no influence on at all.

Yet this hoax was created by the Globalists with the sole purpose of stripping us of our liberty and to end nation states. There aren’t any magnificent rising in sea levels, near Europe only 1 mm per annum and in the rest of the world no rising in sea levels at all. Yet many of my fellow Afrikaans speaking people as well as many of my fellow Boers fall for this hoax, taking all of their energy away from working towards our liberty and secession where we can govern ourselves again. We need to wake up and see the climate change hoax for what it is and need to expose it and work towards secession for our people.

Please people, let us defy these globalists and register our mandate for sovereign secession of our new country from South Africa by going to this link:

Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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