Internal Self Determination Vs External Self-Determination

In the past weeks, we have had many of the people or leaders who are promoting Internal Self-Determination. Many claim that is is more realistic than External Self-determination. They claim they can still have self Rule but still remain part of South Africa. They claim that the ANC Government will not allow External Self-Determination, but only Internal. Many want to have their own Oranias or Eureka’s. But they will speak against External Self-Determination. Here are some questions that needed to be answered. Also some myths that need to be dealt with here. First I’m going to put out Internal Self-determination, what it is and also what problems there can be, why and its limitations here. Then I’m going to outline The Externals Self-Determination, also can it be done and will it be accepted. I will go into the history in itself too.

Internal Self-determination is where a particular group can set aside a territory or property and declare internal Self-Determination, where they can have self rule without leaving the mother country. They believe that through this, it can lead to it that our culture will be reserved. They believe that it is more viable than External Self-Determination in South Africa, since the ANC will never allow External Self-Determination, but will tolerate Internal Self-Determination. Here are some myths here that I’m going to discuss here. In South Africa, the ANC and other groups will also not allow internal Self-Determination, but will force integration into the Communist regime. Even though it is in the Constitution that Self-Determination is a constitutional right as well as External Self-Determination, as well as International Law and AU Law, and protected and the ANC signed the covenant on the right of nations to govern themselves.

Myth 2: Through Internal Self-Determination, all oppression against us as minority groups will end if we live in these areas for Internal Self-determination. This will never happen, since they will continue and still enforce their Laws and still oppress us, even expropriate the land without compensation in the territories for self-Determination.

Myth 3: Through Internal Self-determination, you will be free from South African Law. Not at all. Even though you will have internal Self-determination, you are still subjected to the South African Law and under the Rule of the ANC. You still had to operate by the Laws of South Africa. You still have to live by the Affirmative action Laws and the BBBEE Laws even though you are in your own private area for Self-determination.

Myth 4: You can have your own Law Enforcement in your territory for Self-Determination. Not at all. The only Law Enforcement you will have is the South African Police Service. They are the only ones that can enforce the Laws and we are to submit unto them. You are also subjected to the jurisdiction of the South African Court System, which means that you cannot have your own courts under the areas for Self-Determination.

Myth 5: You are free from taxation from the South African Government through Internal Self-Determination. The truth is, you are not. You are still subjected under the tax laws and tax odes of the South African Government, even if you have internal Self-Determination. This include income Tax and property Tax. You still have to pay taxes, otherwise you can land in jail for tax evasion.

Many wants to point to the Orania. Here are some relevant questions that needed to be asked here. Is Orania founded as a company? If it is the case, who are the shareholders of that company? To whom does Orania pay taxes? Do they pay taxes to the ANC Government? These questions are very valid. I believe that Orania is still paying taxes to the ANC Government.

Also, Julius Malema can still ride in bus loads of his people in and around Orania and other areas who are in Internal Self-Determination, and they can do nothing, and the EFF can take over these territories from the communities in Self-determination, and they can do nothing about it, and Internal Self-determination be terminated completely. The Courts can even order that to happen, to integrate. That would make internal Self-determination to nothing.

The ANC can still change the Constitution, like they already did with the Expropriation of Land without compensation. that means they can even take over the territories under the rule of internal Self determination and end the internal self-determination. Also who controls the money there?

Thus in reality, the Internal Self-determination do not give security in the long term or medium term. There is no security at all. Nor is it actually viable, since the ANC Government is working towards the ending of all cultures, heritage, history and identity and even language in order to create a Communist base society where there is uniformity. They will end all of the internal Self-determination. Look at what they are doing to Zululand against King Goodwill Zwelinthini and also to Bophutatswana and Lebowa and even Venda as well as Transkei. If they can go after the lands their and trying to end the rule and self rule of these tribes, who are we to think that the ANC Government will never do it to us?

Now let’s look at the External Self-determination. We are going to look after certain points there. We are going to look at the practicality too and also the benefits in the Sovereign Self-Determination. Then afterwards we will give a conclusion.

Can we secede from South Africa? The answer is yes. The International Law, Article One on the International Covenants also made it clear that we can secede, those who were colonized as well as those who are oppressed. The AU Law also give us this same right, as well as the south African Constitution in Article 235. According to the UN Law, only the nations who were colonized may secede from their motherland who colonize them, as well as the peoples who are oppressed by their Government.

How does it work in our case here? There are both points that work to our favor here. First, let’s look at the history of South Africa. South Africa was not one nation originally. It was different nations. There were two Boer Republics, as recognized by the International Community and the Geneva Convention, that forced the British Empire to acknowledge these two Republics through the Sand River Convention of 17 January 1852 and the Orange River Convention of 1854. These documents still exists and still acknowledged by the Geneva Convention. England broke the treaty through their wars out of aggression. With the Treaty of Vereeniging of May 31; 1902, the Boer Republics can have their independence back again, as well as in the Balfour Declaration for the Union of South Africa, where the Boer Republics be restored again. It is in the annuls of the Geneva Convention. The Union of South Africa was formed against the will of the people, with only the elites who sat down to put it together. There was no referendum at all in any of the two Boer Republics nor in the British colonies of the Cape and Natal. Thus the creation of the Union of South Africa was illegal from the beginning.

The South African Government was ignoring the treaties for their own convenience. There was an agreement in the 1800’s to form a Federation of the two Boer Republics and of the two British colonies under the South African Republic (Transvaal) while still maintaining the borders with the neighboring Bantu Tribes, but the Cape Government and Natal Governors ignore it. Thus based on colonialism and breaking of treaty, we have the right to secede, since South Africa as a whole do not have any right to exist. The former homelands in South Africa, including Zululand and Transkei and Ciskei, Bophutatswana, Venda, Lebowa, Kwandebele and Kangwane each have a right to secede from South Africa, since the ANC invaded these homelands against the will of the people to make it part of South Africa, and nearly succeeded in Lesotho until the UN stopped the ANC Government. They also invaded the White Majority territories in order to have power over them. Thus South Africa as a whole do nit actually have any legitimacy to exist in the first place. The people of Lesotho still have bitterness towards the ANC driven south Africa due to the invasion of Lesotho by the South African Government in 1998 and occupation until 1999 to make Lesotho part of South Africa.

Reason number 2: As people groups are being oppressed by the government of the Motherland. Do we meet the requirement in this too? The answer is absolutely yes. first of all, we are dealing with 114 race based Laws by the ANC to prevent Whites from getting jobs. Later adding the Black Economic Empowerment and now the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment to force us to hand over our businesses to black people, thus forcing us as Whites outside the economic opportunities. Also forcing the Afrikaans Medium schools to take in English speaking people to force Double Medium into English Medium, suppressing the Afrikaans Language and culture by the ANC Government with the support of the EFF. Further more also the removing of street names, of monuments and statues in order to wipe out history and heritage and culture. then we are dealing with the Genocide of White people. Among the farming community over 6000 white farmers already brutally murdered. Among the rest of the White people already over 120’000 brutally murdered and increasing, with over 600’000 suffering in brutal violent crimes yet survived. Plus also the singing of killing the White man.

We are being persecuted for being White in South Africa by the Government, with more Laws being made against us while the Law enforcement do nothing to protect us. We are even being attacked for having the Day of Vow instead of partaking in the Day of no reconciliation of the ANC Government. Now it also washed over to the brown people and the Khoisan people, where they are again persecuted and not acknowledge as the first people at all, since the ANC end EFF wants all of the lands for the Black people alone. They want to make sure they wipe out all of history of the past 400 years.

We therefor definitely meet both requirements for external self-determination and right to secede from South Africa. The Zulus themselves also have that rights and so also the other groups. Even though the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum wants to deny it, we have, even if they try to misinform us since they are trying so hard to preserve the united South Africa as since 1910 and 1994.

The question if the ANC will allow it, we know that the ANC won’t. but it will not stop us from seceding, and need only one or two nations in the UN to acknowledge our independence. Will there be civil war before the time. We don’t know, but there is a chance that it can, in which case will improve our chance to secede legally.

Though secession we are becoming a new independent nation, where the ANC Government cannot tax us, no expropriate land from us, nor force there race-based laws on us since they will no longer have jurisdiction. We will be able to have our own Law Enforcement and court systems with our own Laws, with equal opportunities for all. There will be justice and the ANC/EFF will not be able to can interfere at all, since we will be a new sovereign nation. This will also happen by the will of the people.

External Self-determination is the only way to can go, only logical way, towards secession as an independent sovereign nation in order to be free from all the unjust laws in the ANC South Africa, and we can do it legally. The UN also is already aware of the human rights violation by the ANC against the White minority as well as the Brown people and Khoisan minority groups. It is also under investigation.

For those who did not vote, please vote for the sake of your own children and grand children, for the sake of our liberties. And after voting, to form cells to help to grow the movement. Here is the link to give your mandate:

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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