Meaning of Heritage

September 24 each year is heritage day since 1994. But do we know what our heritage is? Do we know where we come from and where we are going? Do we know and understand our history? Do we understand our foundation for who and what we are? These are very important questions that needed to be asked. For without a past, there is no heritage. Without the heritage, there is no identity, without the identity, there is no culture, without culture, no purpose.

During the past 25 years since 1994, we’ve celebrated the heritage day. The Afrikaners celebrated their heritage from the Cape, the influences from which the Afrikaners comes from. The Boers celebrated their cultural heritage, especially as from the Great Trek and the Trek Boers. The Khoisan celebrated their heritage as the Khoisan. The Cape Colored their heritage. The Zulu’s celebrated Shaka’s Day, the Xhosa’s celebrated their day, and so we can continue. But unfortunately a certain Emeritus Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu came and change it into the Barbecue (Braai) Day in the name of unity, yet for the sole purpose of robbing each one of their own identity and heritage.

These are all part of the Marxist and Globalist Plot, to wipe out our identity, culture and past in order to mold us into what they want. They will use code words like racism or tribalism. They will also demonize Nationalism by calling it xenophobic or racist. All of these to undo cultures for the purpose of Globalism. Certain Establishment groups who claim to speak for Afrikaans people have on their Believe and policy about the what they call balance between Globalism, Freedom and culture. There can be no balance, since with Globalism you have to give up your heritage, culture, identity and faith for the sake of a global government.

The same Establishment also demands that we give up our God-given Rights to the Greater Sovereign for the sake of Unity. That means that we need to give up our liberties for the sake of security and unity. This means to trade Liberty for Tyranny.

In South Africa we’ve dealt with the Progressives who work over time to change the names of cities, streets and even try to overthrow monuments. The same is going on as the Antifa is doing in Europe and in the USA. They like in South Africa are doing revisionary history to fit their Marxist narratives. Adolf Hitler did it in Germany through his National Socialist Party, today known as the Democrat Socialists. Lenin and Stalin did the same in Russia and the countries they’ve conquered to become part of the USSR (Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics) Mao Tse Tung did the same too in China. The British did the same wherever they’ve conquered, by suppressing the language of the locals like they did to the Boers.

Wipe out their past, and you destroy a people. It is all about uniformity and collectivism that identity needs to be destroyed. In South Africa we are working towards the secession from South Africa. But what is it that works against us concerning the people? The White South Africans and the Khoisan and Brown people are not free since they do not have access to the Truth, but are kept ignorant in order to hold them captive. Many are robbed of their identity and culture by their own people who calls it racist, small minded, white Supremacy and divisive. Again Fear Tactic with lies in order to keep our own people in bondage.

Also we see the control of information by these same establishment in order to misinform people to believe the lie and as a result coming in and remain in bondage. Media is controlled by the Elitists through the NASPERS, and others, including the Government controlled Media like the SABC. Also Facebook and other Tech Companies like Google and Twitter working on it to control the flow of information. So also the Main Stream Media. All of these to rob us of our identity and of the Truth in order to hold us captive.

One of the major tactics being used to suppress the truth, is to call truth hate speech. The sole purpose is to get people to rather believe the lie and to live in fear, and through it living in bondage, exactly what the elitists wants. Through this we loose our heritage and by loosing our heritage, we loos our identity, becoming purposeless and hopeless.

I want to briefly put a statement concerning the root of our heritage, but will have an article on it ready. The major foundation and root of our heritage, is a Biblical Christian Worldview that shaped our culture. That also shaped our history. If we go back in history, we see a great wealth of our Christian heritage in our history. We see our fathers who were part of the great Trek, the Trek Boers, Frontier Boers, Vrijburgers (Free Citizens) with a strong Christian heritage. This also have a huge impact on the Khoisan and also the Cape Colored people. Founders-day, Day of Vow, Ascension Day and so forth speaks of our Christian heritage.

Our forefathers were strong religious people, strong in faith in Christ Jesus, based on the Protestant Reformation. Most if not all with the exception of Johannesburg and Germiston and Kimberly was founded on Christianity, with the very first structure, the Church. It all started with the Holy Communion. Our kids were taught from the Bible. Our Afrikaans Language also had been deeply influenced by the Bible.

This is the very foundation that the ANC/DA/EFF/BLF and the Progressives wants to get removed, and also even the Establishment from the Freedom Front Plus, Solidarity, Afriforum as well as the Main stream Institutional Churches who are trying to erode our Christian Foundation and heritage for the sake of what they call unity, with the interfaith gathering and movement and secularism, which further erodes our liberty, since Christianity is the bedrock of our Liberty.

Through secularism it is easier to destroy our heritage and to destroy individuality and force us into collectivism, where certain elitists leaders are controlling us from the top, micro managing us.

It is through our Christian faith and heritage where we have the right to arm ourselves, to defend ourselves, family and people, including against tyranny, since the Bible clearly gives us the mandate to be armed ourselves. I can also write an article on it later.

Our greatest threat to our pursuit, is the control of information, as well as the lack of information, due to the Main Stream Media that is being controlled, that also keeps the information away from the everyday people, from the man on the street. Due to lack of knowledge, many are scared to partake of the whole secession process, all because the only source of information they have, is the Main Stream Media that is hostile towards us and who misinform the people. Thus that the people are completely ignorant of their rights and the right to self-determination, since they have no understanding of the Law, but are lied to constantly to keep them ignorant and uninformed to keep them under bondage for the sake of Globalism.

But what is it that we can do? We can create our own Media Platform, also having it on Line. The sole purpose is to operate as the Conservative Media, speaking the truth, telling the events as it is without spinning it. Just as the Main Stream Media is being used in the Globalist propaganda machine and as the Propaganda Machine for the Multiculturalism as they call it and for Socialism. We have launched a new Media site which will also operate as the Propaganda Arm for Liberty.

The only difference between our propaganda and the propaganda of the Left, is that our information and news will be based on truth and facts, undiluted. We will bring it on and get into the arena of the propaganda war, in order to win the hearts and minds of people over to our cause for our liberty, for our new independent nation. This is the information War, to flood people with information, with the Truth in order that the people might know the Truth and being set free.

People, we need also to form cells in order to spread this information, to win the hearts of people over and to work towards our independence and restoration of the Boer Republics

All Rights Reserved: © 2019 By SA Teaparty Republic

Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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