Individualism vs Collectivism

Over the past weekend I had to deal with another establishment member from the Freedom Front Plus who’s family members are also members of the Afrikanerbond. She was accusing all of us who are not under the umbrella of the Afrikanerbond and of the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum, but part of different organizations fighting for our rights to external self-determination of being divisive in South Africa. She like the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum claim to be conservative but are not. They are claiming our strive towards individualism is not the answer, but rather cooperation with the ANC Government to a what the Afrikanerbond calls, better solution.

Yes, there is a name that we had been labeled by the establishment and the Left for us who just want to have the right to govern ourselves, having a country of our own and Nationalistic of being separatists. The accomplishment of the Western Civilization is being demonized and shunned by the Left and the Establishment, where they are trying to shame us against it to let go of it for greater cooperation. Individualism is also hold in contempt by the Establishment and the Left. The Establishment are the fake right-wing or conservatives, yet are not right-wing nor conservative, but are actually Leftists. I will also do an article between the Right and the Left.

They want us for the sake of unity let go of our identity and individuality since it is deemed in a negative light as divisive and they are speaking against maverick attitude, where the greater good of the collective outweigh the good of an individual. Our history is also being demonized as something bad, like the Great Trek of the Boers and also the American Revolution, together with our symbols like the Transvaal Vierkleur (Four Colored Flag) and the American stars and Spangles that are demonized. I will also deal with that issue and restore our national pride as the Boers and Afrikaners, where we don’t need to be ashamed of who we are and our accomplishments, as well as with the Griekwas.

First of all I’m going to make a case why we need to reject collectivism and then I will focus on why individualism. The two are irreconcilable and cannot coexist alongside each other. In my next article I will also refute the anti-Secessionist of why they are wrong, comparing Nationalism vs Internationalism or Globalism, which one is based on individualism and the other on Collectivism.

In Collectivism, Government is your god and dad who will take care of you. Government is the one that dictates all of your actions. Government makes all the decisions for you. Government becomes the nanny state, where statism rules. In collectivism it is from the top to bottom.

In a collective mindset like that of the ANC Government and also that of the Establishment of the Afrikanerbond and Freedom Front Plus is, that you are not responsible for your own action, it is always someone else fault. You don’t take any responsibility over yourselves lest there be division. With the ANC Government it is the fault of apartheid. With the Establishment like the Afrikanerbond and Freedom Front Plus, it is the fault of the Right-wing mavericks and that of Nationalists who just don’t want to submit to the greater good of the collective. Always blame shifting that is going on.

Government decides what can be said and what not, taking away the freedom of speech. It is the control of information. The ANC Government is guilty of it, so also the Afrikanerbond people through the Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum, also guilty of it, where the also control the flow of information in order to control the people, to preserve collectivism at all cost in the name of unity. One uses the term of hate speech, the other the term, maverick and divisive. What it boils down is you as an individual is not allowed to think for yourselves, Government and collective will do it for you for what they call sake of unity.

Group makes all the decisions. We see it with the ANC and ANC Government. Everyone will say and point fingers to ANC, EFF, DA and rightly so. But sadly they are not the only ones guilty of it. The same also goes with the Afrikanerbond organizations like NASPERS, Freedom Front Plus, Afriforum, Soladiriteit, ATKV, FAK. You as an individual has no say nor any choice since these are already be made from the top who controls the group, through group thinking. Whatever they the FF+, Afriforum and Afrikanerbond decide to do, we all are compelled to comply, to shut up, obey and do what is being decided from the top. And if you dare to disagree with the Group, you are called divisive, rebellious and maverick. Like Self-determination, Afrikanerbond decided to reject the Afrikaner Accord and Self-determination, FF+ executes that and rejects the Afrikaner accord and goes after anyone of us who are fighting for secessions, by labeling us as dividers and rebels and mavericks that need to be dealt with, very dirty to preserve the collective. This is tyranny.

Everyone is equally poor except those in power. We see it happening under the ANC Government. But it also happened under the Afrikanerbond with the FF+ supporting it. Only a few are allowed to be extremely wealthy, while the rest of us are forced to be content with a little we have, This even happened during the apartheid era. You could not get any promotion if you do not belong to the right church approved by the Broederbond, Rapport Ryers, right party affiliation or any other affiliation like ATKV, FAK and so forth. This is tyranny and controlling of people, all for the sake of the collective in what they term unity, eroding our true identity for the sake of the collective.

Property belongs to the group. This is where the expropriation of Land without compensation is happening. also the severe regulations even under the Apartheid where you were limited what you can do on your own property. children belong to the state, as it is with the ANC Government, so it was also under the Broederbond Afrikanerbond National Party Government, all for the sake of the collective, to preserve it and to get children to think a certain way the National Party and Afrikanerbond wants them to think, and still operating the same way, taking away parental authority for the greater good of the collective to erode our identity.

You obey the rules of the Group and it is manage by force: They ANC is doing it today. We did have had it also before 1994, either you obey or you are forced to obey. The Broederbond make sure of it, today the Broederbond is known as the Afrikanerbond and they are still doing it even today. If you dare to disagree with them or obey them, they come down on you, labeling you and trying to silence you and isolate you and bullying you, yet they pretend to be conservative and right-wing, but their actions exposes them as Left Wing in reality.

What I’ve described here, is tyranny. As the White minorities and those of under minority groups, we are under double tyranny. The Tyranny of the ANC and the tyranny by our own people who back-stab us, the Afrikanerbond and Freedom Front Plus. but we can break free. We can be individualistic. This is what the Hartland Project is about. This is what the United Liberty Alliance is for. I’m going to explain individuality here.

You care for yourself and your immediate family. You do it without relying on government, taking hold of the opportunities that are there. You become self reliant, earning an honest living to take care of your self and of you own family, without government interference. That is where you are able to lift your self out of poverty, and it it happens that you open up businesses, that you are able to lift others out of poverty by providing employment.

You are responsible for your own actions. This is also a very good strength of individualism. Instead of shifting the blame, every individual is responsible for their own lives and actions. Part of is, is instead of those on top arranging our lives and telling us how to live, we take responsibility over our own lives. We are able to make our own choices and able to can pursuit our own happiness. This also empowers us where we can empower ourselves to be able to stand on our own feet.

Free Speech. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. The result is that people can think for themselves. No one has the right to not to be offended by views different from them. This result in that we become a market place of ideas, where healthy debates can take place. Also freedom of speech on political issues. Even speech you don’t agree with is protected. This lead to healthy ideas that are formed. Religious speech is defended and protected as well as religious freedom and freedom of association. Due to information that is freely available, healthy opinions are formed.

Decisions are influenced by perceptions and opinions. Based on freedom of speech where people can make choices and also bear responsibility of their choices. This is also where informed choices can be made. This is where some can make choices to open up businesses and others to be employed. This is also where each individuals can decide to empower themselves without Government coming down on them. This is also where they can choose in what way they want to perceive live and family life.

Different levels of wealth. This is due to Capitalism or free-enterprise system where each one can decide either to work for someone, or to start up their own businesses. Off course there will be different levels of wealth, based on the choice of each one are making. You will get those who prefer to work for someone else, and you will get those who will open up their own businesses and be able to run it, the type of business and market and with who, where the customers also have the ability to vote with their feet and money, creating healthy competition. Those with more innovation will automatically make more money and those with lesser innovation will make lesser. There is also the school choice, instead of one size fits all, where the education is set up to meet the needs of an individual. Work ethics are developed due to the self reliance of people without needed to depend on government.

Property Rights. Property rights of individuals are also protected. That means each individual have the right of property and the right to own property or properties. That also without government interference or regulations and without property taxation. That means that each one are able to do with their properties whatever they want to do. Government property at the same time will also be limited

You take responsibility to follow the rule of the Law. This is another beauty of individualism. Due to individuals be able to take responsibility and the Rule of Law that protects individual rights, it leads to it that most are taking responsibility to follow the Law, respecting the rights of others. This also illuminate the mob mentality that we find in collectivism. Crime is lower where individual rights are defended, due to the fact that the entitlement mentality is being done away with, where each one has to earn their income and type of assets they want through hard honest work and labor, being self-reliant.

In order for you to be part of this society where individual rights are defended and protected, where we are free from collectivism, where we can be ourselves and also be self-reliant, come and vote for secession by going to the ULA Page for voting for self determination at:

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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