Preparations for what lays ahead

Good day people. As we know it, there are hard times that are ahead of us in south Africa. Currently we have the attacks on foreigners in South Africa. We also have the rhetoric going on by the political leaders. There is an outflow of capital from South Africa as businesses have no confidence in South Africa. More things are getting out of control. There are more speeches against White minorities and other minority groups. There are many who have also some questions here. Here are also the changing of time and tactics, which means we need to adjust our strategy.

We can no longer operate in a huge organized collective, where all instructions come from the top. They greatest danger for too many organizations is that we have a lack of people on the ground, for the simple reason of the way the organizations are structured. That is with a national office and then with provincial and regional offices and district offices. With what we are going through, is that it will not work anymore. The whole thing of you must join so and so organization is not always going to work and will not be effective. Let us remember General Christiaan de Wet during the Anglo Boer War who changed the tactic and with General Koos De La Rey who agreed with General de Wet. To form small squats and cells to be more mobile to be able to can wage warfare, covering more ground, that gave the British more problems and cost them even more Pounds.

Many of the current big organizations are scared for change, but change is inevitable. Many are talking against this change of tactic and trying to discourage it as if to divisive and independent and maverick. Yet this will be the only effective way. We need to allow people on the ground to take up responsibilities and charge, to form cells and to initiate strategies and actions and projects. Instead of go to your local office and register, rather, where you are in your neighborhood, get your neighbors and fellow country men and form small groups and cells and organize yourselves into it. Then connect with the different other cells. I have set up this Website that can help form this network and movement through which each one of the cells can connect with one another.

Think of a body of cells. The growth happens as the each cell gets to a certain size, dividing again to form duplicate cells, thus newer cells. Thus the way to operate is to be organic. This in within that cell that strategy for your area is being discussed in what needs to be done, what is needed and why. The forming of each cell makes it also harder for the enemy to spot, since the cells will be mobile. You form a cell of between 15 and 30 people. When at 30, you divide the cells into two new cells of 15 each, from there growing.

What is happening within this cell? There are cell leaders within that cell. His task is to coordinate the efforts, chairing the meeting to discuss strategy. Matters are discussed, including matters of security, strategy, actions, projects, direction and also how to survive and operations. Most important of all, having time of devotion unto our heavenly Father in Christ Jesus, teaching from Scripture and also prayer. Also discuss is what tools are needed and how to get these tools and where each one accepts tasks, working in groups of two.

What is needed for survival in these small cells? You will need Two Way Radios, none digital type,, thus the old type. You will need AM radios to can receive transmission in order to know where to move and how. You going to need maps and compasses. You will need a Bible. You will need matches and lighters, camping equipment, medical aid kit, Gas and gas bottles, lanterns, flashlights (torches), containers for clothes, soap, toothpaste and toiletries. You will need to have containers for water, cooking-ware. You will need to have none-perishable food, weapons and firearms for the purpose of self-defense. Also enough gasoline (petrol) and diesel fro transportation and power generators.

Most important is you need to have a place of assembly where to come together of grid when the violence break out, which you organize with your cells and groups. You need to have plans in place when that day is coming and what to do and how. Also you need to have the immediate term, that means the immediate of what you need to do, part of it the ability when necessary to form militias to defend one self, thus Bible in one hand and a weapon in the other, which can also include a firearm or arms.

You also need a short term plan in how to be mobile and to operate, how to defend yourselves. also how to be able to take care on your families within these mobile cells. As well as ability to collect info and with the Two Way radios to communicate and the old type of AM radios to receive transmissions in order to receive information a distance away to be able to make use of the information. The farmers I know already start to make use of the old type of two way radios to communicate with one another since you cannot jam them like it can be done with cell phones.

Medium Term: In each cell we need to have medium term plan, what are we going to do after the chaos and violence and war are over? there needs to be plans for the rebuilding of our communities. There needs to be ideas for building up small and medium businesses in order to create the economy from the grassroots again. Also the need to build of communities and infra-structure. We also already need to have representatives from each cell to elect representatives to form a new government as representative of people, small limited government of the people for the people by the people to the people.

Long Term. To have a new nation with restored communities again, with liberty. Thus plans for the infra-structure, Sustainable growth of economy through small and medium businesses. Constitution to restrain the Government and to have the Confederate Government with different sovereign states to secure our individual rights.

Now also through these same type of cells that are formed and in operation within their cells to form strategies as part of their immediate and short term, to go and to mobilize more people to come out and to vote for external self-determination. It is through these cells that we can have boots on the ground to go out and to mobilize more people to be part of the process to work towards secession from South Africa. I will soon have an article of what we can expect in this newly formed country.

Accountability can be formed within each of the cells and strategies in how to go out to organize actions and strategies to go out to get more people part of the process, making them part of the cells to from where it will grow until it divide into two new cells who continue with the same work, from where the process be repeated again. Thus not just go and get people to vote, but rather make them part of the process and bring them into the cells from where the be taught and be made part of the team from where they also help to grow the movement. The mistake we’ve made, we only got the people to vote and then left them their instead of making them part of the movement, from where they be trained and made part of the team to go out and to help mobilize more to grow the movement where it can keep repeating.

For those who did not vote, please people, for the sake of your own children and grand children, for the sake of our liberties. And after voting, to form cells to help to grow the movement. I will have more articles concerning the sovereign secession from South Africa and how to grow the Movement within the Alliance of the United Liberty Alliance.

Here is the link towards the ULA platform.

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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