Xenophobic Attacks and the Danger to Minorities

Since today, the Xenophobic attacks escalated. Many foreigners had been attacked, murdered and looted. Many of their shops and churches had been set ablaze by the angry mob. Border-posts had been closed down. Airports are being blocked by these angry mob of terrorists. It is Black on black crimes that is going on here today. They want the foreigners to leave South Africa.

What are the main reasons for these attacks? The reasons that are being given is that these Black foreigners are taking their jobs. Foreigners brought crime to South Africa. Foreigners brought corruption and bribery to South Africa. Are these allegations true or false.

First of all, corruption did not come because of the foreigners, but en spite of the foreigners. Corruption came and increased due to Government that keeps increasing. We have an out of control government in South Africa. We have a huge bureaucracy in South Africa of unelected officials who are trying to run our lives. We have a government that is trying to control every aspect of our lives, where the are grabbing for more power.

We have wasteful government spending, over regulations of businesses and even of churches that are the order of the day. We have too many labor laws and also the Trade Unions that control the labor markets, with strikes that is going on. Many within the Government live of from bribing other people. The more the government increases, the more the corruption grows. In this current crisis, politics is not the solution to our problems, politics is the problem in South Africa. Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts.

The only way to deal with corruption or to illuminate corruption, is to downsize Government drastically, that is to have a small limited government out of our lives where we can make our own decision, spending our money better. There are no such a thing as Government funding, but only tax payers funding. We have a situation of taxation without representation that is going on. Since we as tax payers have no say in anything.

Foreigners did not bring crime to South Africa, since it was already here. South Africa is the breeding place for crime due to legislation that bends more to protect criminals rather than to protect the people. Criminals are bold since they know that they can get away. Police that are corrupt also contribute to it. Also the fact that we have gun control that is going on here in South Africa where Government seeking to rather disarm the people than to disarm the criminals. Homicide (murder) rate are one of the highest in the world since human life is no longer valued die to the legalization of abortion in South Africa, where criminals gets no death penalty but babies can be aborted. Also the rape culture that is going on here in South Africa due to legislation going on here. Again, foreigners are not to be blames for these problems.

African foreigners are taking jobs away from locals. Now lets look at the education in South Africa. Currently you only need 30% to pass, which is way too low. Secondly, those who make it to college or universities are rather studying either journalism or philosophy or arts, and none of these three runs an economy. We don’t need philosophers or artists to run or built the economy. You need fitter and turning, fitting and machining, welders, engineers, technicians, IT people, sales people, marketers, accountants, book keepers, consultants, business people, farmers, construction workers, mechanics and diesel mechanics, doctors and nurses, which we have a lack of these skills in South Africa. So the Foreign black nationals are filling these gabs because they are better qualified. Thus they cannot be blamed for the failures of the locals.

Economy is doing worse than before because of taxation that is way to high. South Africa has one of the highest taxation in the world. Business taxes are too high. Then we also deal with minimum wages that just don’t work. Then we have too much regulations of our businesses that makes it impossible to operate small and medium businesses, since government tries to run our businesses for us into the ground even though we can make better decisions than Government can ever do.

Next they blame apartheid and they blame the White man, the Western World and the other minority groups for their own failures. We did not make any choices for them, they mad it for them selves. Many of them never learn to take responsibilities for their own actions and choices.

Is it going to get better in South Africa? Not at all, it is going to get worse. We from the minority groups are next to be targeted, plus also the expropriation of property without compensation. This is going to be full of disasters since most of the majority never farmed in their entire lives.

What is the best solution for us from the minority groups? We need to work towards sovereign secession. Socialism just don’t work, never has worked and neither will it ever work. It will always fail. the United Liberty Alliance already completed 97% of the whole process. All we need to do is to go and to vote for self-determination. What will the benefits be in a new country?

First, we will have our own freedoms back again, our individual rights. Our choices in doctors, hospitals and health assurances will be back again since Government will be out of the way. We will be able to can have parental rights over our children with the options of either home schooling or if school, with school choices. We will be able to can spend our own money without Government taking from us. Property rights will be defended. for a well regulated militia to defend a free state, we will be able to can bear and carry arms without Government infringing on our rights as the people. There will be safety again where our kids can play safely again.

We will also have great choices in businesses and in shopping again. In other words we will be able to can vote with our feet and with our money again, due to strong healthy competition among businesses leading to better services and cheaper prices. We will be able to can open up small and medium businesses. Government will be small and limited, illuminating all of corruption. we will have religious liberty again and the right to the pursuit of happiness again. But this can only becomes a reality if we go out and vote for self-determination.

Here is the link to go and to vote for sovereign secession from South Africa on the ULA Platform provided here. go and vote: http://www.ulacongress.com

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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