It there really White Supremacism as Ernst Roets claim?

Ernst roets had written an article where he condemned White Nationalism in South Africa. He claim that there is too much White Supremacism in south Africa and too much racism from South Africa. Is it based on the secession movements in South Africa under the United Liberty Alliance and the USAF? Is it based on what General Izak Van Zyl of the Boerelegioen said in his video concerning of what is going on. Is it based on the fact that we bring the genocide of White South Africans to the light? Is it in response to the coming Green shirt day on 10 October to the US Embassy against the Genocide of White South Africans and discrimination against us by the South African Government via their legislation and the expropriation of Land without Compensation?

He point out how Afriforum defended a school in Nkandla, helping them with the School. Yet we don’t see Afriforum defending King Goodwill Zwelinthini and the Zululand Trust-land or for the Tswanas in former Bophutatswana, as if there is too much tribalism. The Afriforum will rather defend the traitors to the Zulu Nation like the Nkandla Trust of Zuma who sold the Zulu people out to the British Empire. Nor will the Afriforum defend our rights to self-determination and the preservation of our cultural heritage and identity and history and culture, the excuse is that these are White Nationalism. Nor will they defend the rights of the Zulu and the Swazi or Tswana for their own history, culture and identity, since these are seen as tribalism.

also when I’ve posted it on Facebook of the Hypocrisy, immediately the loyalists of the Afriforum attacked me and others who exposed this as being mavericks who like our Voortrekker fathers refused to cooperate with the Elites and the Establishment by remaining in the Cape Colony, and also many of us who want to move towards secession from South Africa which is deemed White Nationalism or White Supremacism. Also with the thing at least Afriforum and Freedom Front Plus is doing something for South Africa to strengthen the Unity while the rest of us are doing nothing, which means according to them the United Liberty Alliance, SA Teaparty Republic, Boerelegioen, Front National, Command Corps, AWB are doing nothing to contribute to South Africa. What it comes to is we must be willing to integrate and assimilate into the Communist Culture.

First of all, the only ones who are throwing in race again, is the Afriforum who are obsessed with it. In the Secession Process by the United Liberty Alliance of which the SA Teaparty Republic supports, there is no White Nationalist attitude, since there are both White and Brown people as well as the Khoisan groups. No White Nationalism nor racism here. This includes among the White, Boers, Afrikaners, English and Portuguese, among the Brown people in the Cape, including the Cape Malay, the Khoisan which includes the San of the Kalahari, Griekwas from Griekwaland and Namas from Namakwaland as the first people. so where are the White Supremacy of which Ernst Roets is talking about? It is not there. Afriforum do not acknowledge the First nation, who are the Khoisan, since it might offend the ANC/EFF/DA/BLF.

The Boerelegioen and the people that they are with are standing for the Boers, and that has nothing to do with race at all, but to doe with cultural identity, Language, Faith, History and heritage, completely legal according to International Law. This is not White Supremacism at all. The Zulu people want to secede, also based on there culture, history, religion and heritage and language, also perfectly legal, and no black supremacy there at all.

Furthermore, there is nothing illegal to work towards secession and getting the mandate for it from South Africa according to South African Constitution nor of the International Law as the Afriforum and Freedom Front Plus believe.

The problem with the Afriforum and the freedom Front Plus is they are part of the Establishment who wants to silence us, and who like to play the race card here to shame us into the remaining in South Africa, assimilate into communism and to submit to the elites, stop thinking for ourselves. What is clear is that Ernst Roets and the Afriforum use the whole thing of what the call White Nationalism to discourage people from voting for secession and rather be part of the Rainbow South Africa and to help contribute to the building of South Africa, even though this country is falling apart. Afriforum is not a conservative group, since they are too elitists and too establishment who wants to centralize all power, believing in multiculturalism and in progressivism, also condemning us who believe on all issues as the Bible is saying for the sake of exclusivity and LGBT rights.

For those of you who still doubting if it is right to vote for secession or if it will make you look like White Supremacists, no if you vote for secession do not make you a racist or White Supremacists. to be proud of from where you come from or skin color do not make you a racist or White Supremacist. do not let the Afriforum discourage you to vote for secession from South Africa. The ULA process through to Secession in a legal way, is equally grouped by both White and Khoisan people.

Also, to see the truth of the failure of south Africa and of Communism do not make you a racist. No one can point to me any country where Socialism or Communism ever worked. Nor do you hear us spewing any hate as Ernst Roets is accusing us of, but the ANC/EFF/BLF/DA do spew hate against minority groups, who in themselves are not even representative of the Black population since most are against what these organizations are doing, against the hatred and incitement towards violence by these organizations mentioned.

Also even though the Afriforum and certain South Africans claim that the speak for Americans who will not approve what we are doing, they don’t. I’m in America myself, Main Stream Media do not speak for America, and we have far more support than what these people want to make us believe, from President Trump, Ann Coulter and also senators who support us and also through the Tweets of the President as well as many Americans. The Establishment will only speak to Establishment, which is a fact.

You want to be free, having your individual rights be secured, with a small limited Government, Free Enterprise, having the right to rule over ourselves, the right to defend ourselves and new opportunities, come and vote for sovereign secession from South Africa. Here is the link:

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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