Old Flag VS Rainbow Flag

Still after the Non-Equality Court SA ruling against the Old South African Flag, I’m going to set records straight here. The argument that the Old Flag represents oppression, hatred and genocide of Black people, is a lie. In my previous article, I’ve laid out the facts concerning the ANC and SACP, both Communist and funded by the USSR and Red China. I’ve also point out that the killing of Black people was 99% by the ANC and the PAC combined through their violence in the Black Townships.

Now here are some facts with the Old South Africa under the Old Flag compared to the New Rainbow South Africa under the Rainbow Flag. The life expectancy among Blacks increased from 35 to 65 under the old South Africa. The population growth of the Black people also increased very strong under the Old South Africa fifteen times. Schools were built and the unemployment among all racial groups were at the minimum as Dr. HF Verwoerd started the whole decentralization of South Africa, continued under PW Botha. Many of the Black Homelands were govern very successfully by the Black leaders who govern themselves sovereign.

Under Lucas Mangobe and Mangasotho Buthelezi especially in Bophutatswana and Zululand their economies grew very strong, among the strongest on the continent of Africa and even better than among Blacks in America. What was the difference? The South African Government stayed out of the way. Secondly, Free enterprise system in those two as well as in Lebowa, Transkei, Ciskei, Venda and Kwandebele and Kangwane.

Crime Rates were also lower under the Old South African Flag. In total it was 6970 from 1948 to 1989 and from 1989 to 1994 it was 6970. There was the Death Penalty in South Africa til 1994. Gun control was at the minimum too and citizens could defend themselves in their own houses against intruders. The Police Force were more competent since the requirements to join the Police were far stricter, which include family history if they are free from any criminal records, if they were not, they were turned down. Health, which also includes weight, was also another factor, since they prefer physical fit police officers. Discipline were also very strong and the Police and Pubic relations were very strong as people could trust the Police.

There were also discipline in schools as corporate punishment were part of the school, where students could be disciplined and receive corporate punishment, and parents also were more involve with their kids and disciplined them too with a switch or rod. The result was the students were also far more discipline and far more responsible. We also have had Cadet on High School for boys which strengthen their discipline, making men out of them. Schools were also far more safe due to good discipline and far better Educational Standards under the Old curriculum where the minimum passing requirement were 50%.

Economy were also stronger, as the unemployment rate were only at 3% in 1991. The Rand Dollar Exchange Rate were 2 Rand for one US Dollar at 1992, during the 80’s the Rand Dollar were 1 Rand to a US dollar. Taxation were at lower rates too and gasoline prices were lower.


Since 1994, Crime escalated to 27’000 per year, later to 30’000′ later to 45’000. Currently we are at 45/100’000 homicide (murder) rate. South Africa has become crime ridden. The Rand started to weaken against the dollar, first reaching the Three Rand per US Dollar thresh hold, then Four Rand, then five Rand, then six Rand, then Seven rand, then eight Rand, then nine Rand, then Ten Rand, then eleven Rand, then, Twelve Rand, now currently the Fifteen rand to one US Dollar.

First order of Business under the ANC Government was the Affirmative Action Laws against the White minority Groups, later as many Whites started their own business and so also the Brown people of South Africa and the Khoisan, the Black Economic Empowerment and later the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Laws were instituted to take businesses out of the hands of the minorities into the hand of the ANC cadre of specific factions, since most Blacks were still disadvantage since they did not belong to the right political party and faction. Thus nepotism that is going on hand in hand.

The Unemployment also start to escalate first from 3% to 5%, then to 10%, then 15%, then 20%, then 25% and now 30% unemployment going on due to Labor regulations and regulations of businesses as well as the involvement of the Trade Unions due to their strikes, as well as the increasing tax rates to one of the highest in the world. Due to lack of to no maintenance of the infrastructure in South Africa, including that of roads and rail-lines and power stations, the Infrastructure went backwards. We have more potholes in the South African roads and also lesser rail-lines. We deal with problems at Eskom too with higher electricity tariffs due to lack of power stations.

Yet in all of this we also deal with Government that refuses to take responsibility of their actions or lack thereof and choices, blame everything on Apartheid. Educational standards went backwards due to the Outcome Based Education as designed by the NEA in the USA, which all has to do with the equality of outcome, where no one fails but are put through. Discipline had been removed from schools where kids have more rights than discipline. Schools are no longer the safest place for kids. Even teachers had to work under constant fear of students who can disrupt classes.

Then we also deal with the Genocide of White South Africans, with enough evidence, yet denied by the Government and the talking Snake Main Stream Media. The homicide (murder) Rate of White people by anti-White Black radical ANC, joined by EFF and BLF is now at 200/100’000. Even if Angus Buchan denies it and gives false numbers by the ANC government, dismisses the evidences and real photo’s claiming photo-shopped, even clearly no photo-shopped. I’ve been kicked of from Facebook due to photo’s of my head after being brutally attacked and been reported to Facebook as fake, even though it is not, all because it does not fit the narratives of the Left. I will share my own story later on.

Farm murders also is continuing, even though also denied by the Talking Snake Main Stream Media and the Political Class and Liberals. For we deal with Angus Buchan rebuking us for being what he calls racist and dismisses the truth and evidence and calling these lies, telling us to assimilate in the Rainbow South Africa, calling those of us who want to legally secede racist. I bet the Angus Buchan fans will be angry at me for speaking the truth, but it is the truth. The Mainline churches also refuse to support their own members. Denial of crime waves against Whites, claiming that it does not exist, by these very White church leaders who prefer to be political correct instead of being Scriptural correct and true.

Then we deal with the Arm Deal Scandal as well as the Oil Gate Scandal, the State Capture Scandal of which Ramaphosa himself is also part of. Land Reform issues based on false narratives. Land invasion that is now increasing even more. We also here more of the rhetoric by the likes of Julius Malema of the EFF and also of Ace Magashule of the ANC and also Andile Mngxitama of the Black First Land first against all Whites and other minority groups, like kill the Boers, shoot the Boers and One Bullet one Settler. Julius Malema who himself said, we are not calling for the slaughter of White people, at least not for now. Later on calling for the EFF to sacrifice to fight the war. The war talking are from the ANC, EFF and BLF.

Then if that is not enough, the Expropriation of Land Without Compensation was approved in Parliament on February 27, 2018 and now being pushed even more. Then later the National Health Insurance Law that is being pushed through and now the plundering of the Pension funds to bail out Eskom. Corruption that keeps increasing, like Carl Niehaus and Jacob Zuma and others.

Strikes that also increased in South Africa, becoming even more violent in South Africa. Most of the strikes also are disruptive and chaotic. Looting has also become part of the strikes in South Africa. today we are dealing with the National Strikes of truckers in South Africa, where many national roads are being closed. Xenophobic attacks against none-South African Blacks that also escalate again.

Nothing will improve, since South Africa came under Socialist government since 1994. Socialism is a system of failure, increasing poverty while giving Government more power. Nepotism also increased and so also corruption, and South Africa is among one of the most corrupt nations in the world with extremely corrupt Government. All this due to the fact that Government became excessive and way to big, thus tyranny, which is part of Socialism. Up to date i’m not aware of any nation where Socialism worked and lift people out of poverty, instead had plunged more people into poverty, equality in poverty. There are always mass murders of those who might appose Marxism. Strict Gun Control. The ANC is Communist together with the SACP and COSATU. So also is the EFF and the BLF. The problem with Socialism is that the Government always runs out of other people’s money.

Yet the very Capitalist system that is so hated by the Left has lifted far more people out of poverty, due to the increased innovation which is encouraged with more new businesses opened, especially small and medium businesses that lead to more people being employed. All this due to Government that got out of the way of people, allowing people to make their own choices and Government that remained small.

Now there is hope. Hein Marx started with the legal process to external Self-determination, secession from South Africa through the United Liberty Alliance. Having completed 97% of the process, namely the research and surveying the sustainability of such process, economic viability and all other factors, type of Government, which it will be a Confederate Republic. Having followed all the channels, including of speaking to the President who refuse to listen but ignoring us. Now we are here, looking for the mandate to be given to successful secession. The SA Teaparty also partner with the ULA to work towards successful secession from South Africa

Thus people, please go to this link that I will provide for you and vote for sovereign self-determination, give us the mandate through the ULA to can secede sovereignty from South Africa. As it is, nothing will improve under the Rainbow South Africa, as in nothing. Here is the link to go to. It is as follows, http://www.ulacongress.com

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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