Hostilities of Communists towards Patriots

Want to continue on the issue of the Flag controversy here. We’ve established that Apartheid was not instituted under the Old South African Flag. We’ve established also that we did not oppress people under the Old Flag. Now I want to focus on certain issues and answer them here. Why did we act against the ANC and the SACP the way we did. Why was Bram Fischer and Nelson Mandela prosecuted for?

Why was the ANC banned in the first place together with the SACP and the PAC and other organizations? Was it because we were racists as the Progressives are trying to make everyone to believe? Did we ban the ANC and SACP just because they were all Black as the Main Stream Talking Snake Media tries to make everybody to believe? There are a couple of narratives that needs to be refuted right here.

We need to remember the Red Revolution of October 1917, when the Bolshevist took over Russia under Illianov Vladimir Lenin, who ruled Russia till 1924. Everything was nationalized and more nations were conquered like Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan and many more to form the USSR (Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics). Since then the Communists started to expand and spread Communism. The South African Communist Party was founded in 1912. After the Second World War the Cold War started between the West and the Communist Block of nations, where we’ve dealt with the Iron Curtain and the Bamboo Curtain. China was taken over by the Communists under the leadership of Mao Tse Tung in 1949.

From 1924 til 1953, Josef Stalin took over and ruled over the USSR. More nations were added to the USSR. After World War Two, the East Block Nations came up, ruled with iron fist from Moscow, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgary and many more East Block Nations under the iron fist of the USSR. the governments of these nations were mere puppet governments in the hands of the USSR. There was also the Korean War between the Libertarian Koreans and the Communist Koreans in the North, creating North Korea and South Korea. Later on the Vietnam war where Communists were victorious over the Libertarian. Cuba where Fidro Castro took over with the help from the USSR, that led to the Missile Crisis of 1963, also Cambodia being taken over by Communists under Pol Pot, where millions of people, more than 100 million people were killed by the Communists Governments.

What very few people want to address, is the invasion of Africa by Communists, by the USSR, Red China and Cuba, to ensure as the African nations get independence, that they be placed under Marxist Rule, where more blacks had been butchered by Marxists on the continent than under the colonial Rule. Let’s not forget Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Mengisto of Ethiopia, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Idi Amin of Uganda, Jomo Kenyata of Kenya, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and many more. Also the Bush War in Angola against Communists Frelimo and UNITA of Jonas Savimbi, where our Armed forces also fought against Communist SWAPO of Sam Nujoma. The ANC/SACP were also involved here. will deal with the Bush Wars next time.

What most will not tell you concerning the ANC, is that the ANC is Communist. The ANC is in a Tripartite Alliance of the ANC-SACP-COSATU Alliance. What many will also fail, is the fact that the ANC, previously known as the South African Native Congress was infiltrated by Communists from the South African Communist Party as ordered by the USSR. Also the fact that Alfred Nthuli was assassinated by the Communists for their take over of the ANC. What they also won’t tell you is that Mandela himself was a staunch Communist till his death, Senior Member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party and written his Communist Manifesto, which includes the destruction of Christianity in South Africa as well as destruction of Free Enterprise System in South Africa to be replaced by Communism.

What many will not tell you is the prominent members of the Communists like Joe Slovo, Bram Fischer, Ronnie Kasrils, all of them Whites. The fact that the ANC and SACP members were trained by the KGB of the USSR (Russia) and Red China to fight the revolutionary War through Terrorism to overthrow the Government. Most of the murders of Black people, 99% were done by the ANC and PAC. What many will not tell you is that Mandela was ordered by the USSR under Nikita Khrushchev to start the Military Wing of the ANC, known as the Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) with the sole purpose of illuminate any none-Communist Black people and their leaders and to sabotage Power Plants in South Africa and to over throw the Government as planned in Rivonia.

Yes, many AK 47’s were founded as well as bombs, Adhesive Mines, Mini Adhesive Mines, Land Mines and Mini-Land Mines, Hand Granates and many more explosive as well as plans to overthrow the Government and documents, on which Nelson Mandela and his partners were convicted and sent to prison, which many also ignore. For at least the last ten years if not more, Mandela was transferred to House Arrest. What many also will not tell, is that is that former President PW Botha who told Mandela that either he denounce all violence and end all violence and Terrorism or no negotiation, Mandela refused to do so.

Then there is also his wife, Winnie Madikizela Mandela who in correspondence with Nelson Mandela who launched the necklace murdering in Black townships against anyone who are not ANC, which is where the victim is being put in tires, gasoline being poured over them and then set on fire to die a cruel painful death, as well as bombing of Black Owned businesses by the ANC members. Nelson Mandela is also the founder of the ANC Youth League, to mobilize the Youth into the Revolution to overthrow Capitalism, like we had seen with Sharpville Riots as well as the Soweto Uprising on June 16, 1976.

Many were told that Liberation Movement comes first then Education. Joe Slovo himself together with Ronnie Kasrils also organized terror attacks like the Church Street Bombs as well as bombing of schools, churches, restaurants and other soft targets. All of these as orchestrated by the USSR and Red China. People like Lukas Mangobe of Bobhutatswana, Mangesotho Buthelezi and others also warned against the ANC and the Communist influence and Mangobe and Buthelezi were two of the greatest influences of Black people, not the ANC. Yet both of them were backstabbed and betrayed by FW De Klerk and Roelf Meyer and PIK Botha in favor of Nelson Mandela and the ANC, helping the ANC to take over South Africa to start with Communist policies.

Bill Clinton and George H.W Bush and John Major also ignore Buthelezi and Mangobe and prefer to speak only to Nelson Mandela, in favor of Communists. There was also the St James Church Massacre. This time by APPLA of the PAC, another Communist organization with the purpose of overthrowing Capitalism and to replace it with Communism. They them selves also killed many more of their own people.

Then we also have had the Shellhouse Massacre on March 28, 1994 in Johannesburg from the top Floor of the Ntuli House by order of Nelson Mandela on the Zulu men who were just marching by without being a threat to anyone, just before the 1994 election. Mandela also refused access to the Police into the Ntuli House. There were also many violence in Townships since Mandela were released from prison by order of Nelson Mandela to force many of the Black people into submission.

So the question is, is the ANC SACP really poor little innocent victims of Apartheid Government as they try to let it look like, or were they actually terrorists, responsible for more than 70% of the deaths of Black people, combined with the PAC for 99% of the deaths among Black people. Their handlers were the KGB of the USSR who were deeply involve in South Africa to turn South Africa over and so also Red China. The USSR fell, but China still continues in South Africa and many parts of Africa, plundering the continent. The SACP stands for South African Communist Party and the control the COSATU as one of my Black pastor friends shared with me and giving me more information as he also warned his people against the ANC/SACP/COSATU Trade Union.

Every single member of the ANC Central Committee are also members of the SACP and SACP Central Committee, including Cyril Ramaphosa, Ronnie Kasrils, Derick Hannekom, Carl Niehaus and many more others. The ANC is not all Black, since their are many Whites who are part of is since they themselves are also Communists. Yet the Old South African Flag is deem Hate Speech and Racist, while we were free with minimum crime with more opportunities among all racial groups, while the ANC and SACP Flags are still allowed in spite of the ruthless Terrorist acts against all racial groups to push Communism.

No one dares to speak the truth on the ANC and SACP just like many dare not to speak the truth on the USSR and Red China of the human rights violations there, since it is deem hate and racist to resit Communism. But we need to speak the Truth. We need to speak the truth and refute the current narrative that the Apartheid was they greats crime done against Humanity. for this is not, but Communism in the USSR, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba with over 100 million people being killed by their own Government as well as Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Mengisto of Ethiopia and Idi Amin of Uganda. No one wants to talk about it since they try to portray Communism as good while it is not.

The only way to be free from Communism is to work towards liberty for all minority groups from among the Boers, Afrikaners, Brown people, English people, Khoisan people and other minority groups. Therefore come and vote for external Self Determination at

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