Unitary States, Federation and Confederation

We are dealing with questions of what type of Systems we are going to use in the new nation that will be founded. I’m going to explain each of them and also going to refute some myths here. There are questions of what will be the best way forward. Will it be the Unitary System of government, will it be a Federation or will it be a Confederation. There are too many who come up with their own idea and giving misinformation here. Also why certain systems do not work. What we are looking at, is the practical aspects and why and how. Now we get the Unitary type of nations or governments, then we get the Federal nations and then we get a Confederation of nations. I will first start with the Unitary style of Government, and then give you examples of them and why they will not work.

As seen above, is the diagram of the Unitary nation. A Unitary state is govern by a strong single central government. The Central Government distributes all powers to local government as the Central Government sees fit and can even revoke that power. Although you might have regional governments like provinces, the govern according to the goodwill of the Central Government that dictates all policies of the provincial governments, and the Central Government has the powers to revoke the powers of provincial and local government. All taxes are levied by the Central Government and can also revoke the authority of the different provinces. In unitary states, powers are dedicated to regional governments and the Governments are usually bigger. South Africa was a unitary state since it became a Union in the name of unity, governing from top to bottom where the people have very little powers and individual rights do not have much support, since it is about the greater good.

Second illustration of the Unitary Government, strong Central Authority and weak regional Authority. The Establishment decided on the Unitary and forced all Europeans to amalgamate into one single unite and nation in the name of unity without the people from the different regions having any say and the former republics have any say. It caused bitterness that is still manifesting today. Many believe that South Africa became a Federal Government after 1994, which again is a myth and not true. South Africa is still a Unitary State with a strong Central Government with very little limited Provincial government with the department of Provincial and Local Government, overseeing these government and Central governments that outline what they expect and want. The top to down governing. Did the Unitary system work in South Africa? The answer is no. There are different ethnic groups in South Africa. Even when it was mostly a White country when it became Union of South Africa, it still did not work and there were already cracks. We have had the Boers, the Afrikaners and the English people and Scottish people, each with their own cultures and customs and characteristics. Artificially amalgamated and when each want to do their own thing, immediate shaming of being divisive and maverick.

Again after 1994 it became worse, instead of confederation on Swiss system, still for a unitary state with strong central Government, trying to determine culture, which leads to more division, bitterness and anger, where one group gets preference above the other. Even though the accord was signed by Constant Viljoen, National Party, ANC and SA Government with witnesses from Germany, America, UK and Sweden, the Freedom Front Plus under the leadership of Pieter Mulder decided against it since it may cause division, which led to more violence and anger. The UK and France are more examples of Unitary nations. Unitary nations determine religion and culture for the purpose of what they call unity. The Unitary system might word in homogeneous nations like France and the Netherlands and Swaziland and Lesotho, but in most cases will not. In most of Africa it does not work, that is why we get a lot of ethnic violence going on they way it is going on.

The Federal government again works in the different way, where the Federal Government is limited, and the Constitution defends the Rights of the people. The word Federal comes from Latin: foedus meaning treaty, pact or covenant. It is the treaty or pact made between different regions, states or colonies to form a union. The USA is a mixture between confederacy and a Federation, in which according to the Constitution, which is the agreement between the Government and the consent, where limited powers allocated to federal Government and the rest left unto the States as stated in the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The states share powers, but instead of Central Government allocating power to regional Government, the states allocate limited powers to the Federal Government. The Southern States and Eastern States can secede from the Union, but the Western States cannot. Both the Federal Government and State government levy taxes, maintain Law and order, borrow money, take land for public use and provide for public life. Federal government cannot interfere in the affairs of any states on any level, since each state is sovereign in their own rights.

The Federal Government has the powers that only Federal government can do, levy tariffs, regulate interstate and foreign, coin money, maintain armed forces, declare war and establish post offices. The rest are still reserved to the states and the Federal Government has no authority over them. It does work in the USA, as long as the Constitution is being followed. The Federal Government can only set up the Federal courts, but has no authority over the courts in the states as the states are setting up the courts themselves. In each state, the State Supreme Court is the highest judicial and final Judicial Powers, which means on cannot go beyond to the Federal Courts since Federal Courts cannot interfere with state courts.

The Confederate again is a Union of sovereign states United for the purpose of common action often relates to other states. The name Confederate comes from the same root word: foedus, meaning treaty, pact or covenant. It is a treaty or covenant created for the sole purpose of dealing with issues like defense, currency, foreign relations, and internal trade. This with the Con-federal Government required to give support to the different sovereign states in the confederate or union, with limited power delegated to the Federal Government, while each of the states handle all of their own affairs as sovereign states.

Each member state retain their own sovereignty, having the full rights to secession. The Confederate Government is much smaller and weaker in order for the sovereignty of each state, where each state approves or disapproves laws, which happens through the Senate.

In both cases, the Federal or confederal systems could be better could have worked better. Switzerland is an example of a confederate. If Federal system, the Federal Government needs to be very small without having any power to interfere within each state. As we work towards the secession of a new country from South Africa, from the beginning we need to be very clear that the Unitary State will not work. The simple reason is we are different ethnic groups in the new seceded country, as much as some of the people try to deny this reality with their talking from above down to us of to stop what they call nonsense, claiming that we are all Afrikaners, whether we be White or Brown and to let go of all these identity, it cannot go away. These Elitist leaders believe that we are all one for the purpose of Unitary State for which they favor for the purpose of control, while claiming that the Federal or Confederal System is too divisive and we need to be united into a proper unitary system under a very strong Central Government that determines everything they way they want it to be.

It is just like they did with the Union of South Africa after taking down the Boer Republics, all in the name of unity as they claim to end maverick attitude which they want to end. They even develop their own “prophet”, “Siener” Potgieter with his visions against the Boers, believing in orange seeing the Boers as weed, and that the Great Trek be undone where the descendant will migrate back to the Cape colony. Just as God called Siener Van Rensburg to the Boers, the Afrikanerbond/Broederbond conjured their own one up, “Siener” Potgieter, that prophesied in their favor, with red away and Orange in. All this is about to strengthen the hand of the Establishment who are both anti-Federalism and anti-confederalism in favor of unitary State and in favor of the end of all the different identities from the Boers as the White group to the Griekwas and Namas and San and other Brown people groups into one single Group the way they want it to be.

These are all artificial, since we already start to see the cracks. Their arguments against Confederation and Federation are not faced on facts, but on myths. Switzerland is a Confederation that still stands. There is no such a thing as Swiss Language, nor that there is only one single Swiss Culture. Instead, Switzerland is a Confederation, existing out of different Cantons, based on different Ethnic groups. There are the Swiss Germans with their different cantons, then there is the Swiss French with their different Cantons, and then we have the Swiss Italian with their own cantons and also the Swiss Romansh too. There is no amalgamation of these different ethnic groups in Switzerland, but rather forming the Confederation where each canton exist sovereign cantons, where limited power is given to the Government. Officially it is known as the Swiss Confederacy, although bit more Federation, but Federal Government is limited where each Canton govern themselves independently and sovereign. Napoleon when he invaded Switzerland, did try to centralize everything, but failed.

Unitary system never worked in South Africa and still don’t work in South Africa. Will it work in the new seceded Hartland Republic? The answer again is no. Simple reason, although mostly White and Brown and Khoisan people, we are still different ethnic groups. We also have the Indians. Among the Whites, we have the Boers as the largest group, the Afrikaners, English, Portuguese and also Italian people. Then among the Brown and Khoisan we have the Cape Brown people in the Boland region, the Namas of Namakwaland, the Griekwas of Griekwaland, and the San people of Namakwaland. Then we have the Boers in Transoranje, Karroo and Eastern Cape, Afrikaners of Boland and Overberg, English in the Eastern Cape and the Portuguese and Italian scattered through the different regions. As such we have to acknowledge these facts. Are these facts divisive as some claim, dividing us? The answer is no, except if one prefers a unitary state for the purpose of control. Unitary State will not work and is stripping us of our individual rights.

The only system that will work is a Confederation between the different states with a bit of federation, thus having a covenant with each other where the Constitution is being drawn up as a contract between different states creating a Federal Government with limited powers, only for the military defense, international borders, passports, international relations, currencies and coinage, international and interstate trade and trade tariffs through imports, where all the rest of the powers, more than 90% are reserved to the states. That means a Confederate Government with limited powers delegated unto that government by the states. A contract between the people and the government, where our God-given rights are secured.

Through this system based on Switzerland Confederation of Cantons, each ethnic group get to govern themselves sovereign without interference from Federal Government, where individual rights are defended and our language and cultural and heritage rights are defended and government not be able to control or determine our cultural identity, but left unto the states. It will strengthen true unity as we will be able to pull our forces together to defend ourselves, with the well regulated militia for the defense of the free state that the rights of people to bear and carry arms not to be infringed upon. I will share more on this topic. It will be from bottom tot top instead of other way around, as each group are sovereign in their own states.

For this to can happen, it will be important for each of you to go to the link of the ULA vote for external self determination page at: http://www.ulacongress.com

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

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