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Today we are dealing with some problems in South Africa. That is that we as the people, the Boer people and also the White Afrikaners, other White South Africans as well as other minority groups who are voiceless. Why is that happening this way? The very political leaders are disconnected with us, the every day man. When ever we speak up of what is bothering us, we are being silenced by these very so-called leaders in a condescending and being accused of being what they call divisive and being mavericks. These Elitist or Establishment talk down to mavericks and the individualist spirits as being dangerous and divisive. Is it? Nor did these Establishment done anything for our Liberty and self-determination. Now what is left, is to operate from Grassroots, be strong mavericks, being eccentric, to organize ourselves from Grassroots in order to secure our liberty.

For too long, for over more than one hundred years, we had been lied to by the elites, we’ve been kept silent by the Establishment. When ever we speak up, we were silenced by these Establishment people who told us to stop being mavericks causing incitement among the people against the established authority or system. We were not allowed to address our grievances against the Government or the Establishment. The Establishment kept making decisions without our consent, telling us their decision and demanding from us just to fall in and be in line. When asking questions, we get reprimanded by the establishment. The Establishment formed the Political Class. That is nothing new, since the same establishment also spoke against and condemn the Great Trek, and later on the establishment of the Boer Republics. They are not truthful to us and hide a lot of things from us.

If that is not enough, again General Jan Smuts who negotiate our Liberties away and to disarm us without us even having any say at all, ending the Boer Republics in order to surrender our freedoms and our Boer Republics to the British Empire. General Smuts response to our Boer fathers were, we just need to get use to that. The Union of South Africa was created with the Laws that had to be in line with the British Laws over ten thousand kilometers away from us. Many Laws were made and passed in London, being rubber-stamp in South Africa without us having any say, and today we had to face these consequences. The system of Government was to be unitary, again we have had no say, since the Establishment already decided for us and we must just submit to these decisions by the Establishment.

The Afrikanerbond became the Broederbond, who influenced our political life and policies, made during their meetings just being enforced by the Government, again we were left out of everything and when questioning, then being told to be quiet. Also during the time of John Vorster with the Police State and with the control over the church by the Broederbond. They also start towards of removing PW Botha working against their wishes after the Broederbond made the decision to hand over South Africa to the ANC, in which neither we, nor the Black tribes have had any say in any of these. The Broederbond’s reason is, we as Afrikaners must get use to it and adjust to be govern by the ANC. for they decided for us without us even having any say at all. If it wasn’t for General Constant Viljoen to force the Afrikaner Accord that will ensure self-determination, including external self-termination, where the South African Government and the ANC were forced to sign and to secure it in Article 235 of the Constitution as well as the International Law Article 1 securing our rights to self-determination, we would not have got it.

But the leaders of the Freedom Front Plus decided to hide that document and to lie to us, refuses to work towards determination and External Self-Determination, claiming that it cannot be done and that it be to extreme. We are to rather integrate within the Rainbow Nation. The Freedom Front Plus was operating within the Parliament where they did not do anything but to be what they call constructive Opposition in their own words, to keep the ANC on their toes. Yeah right, so much so that the ANC was able to to ramp through 114 Affirmative Action Laws and later the Black Economic Empowerment Laws and even worse, the Broad Base Black Economic Empowerment. So much so for keeping the ANC on their toes. The propose areas for self-determination also was approved and signed for, but it remained there since the Freedom Front Plus did nothing.

When Jacob Zuma became President, Dr. Pieter Mulder accepted the post as Deputy Minister of agriculture, and expelled many of the FF+ members who object and opposed it, including the former Youth Leader being expelled by the Elitist leaders who are not to be opposed since that is deemed divisive, nor are they to be questioned. When the Black Monday took place in 2017, again many of us as conservative Boers and Afrikaners fly our old South African flag or the old Transvaal Vierkleur (Four Color) with the red in instead of orange, by the mouths of the Afriforum and the Freedom Front plus not only distance themselves from it, but condemn those of us who dare to fly these flags as being insensitive and racist. The Leadership in the FF+ and Afriforum also shout down and expelled anyone who spoke on and promoting the right to external Self determination, expelling a couple of them in the name of preserving unity. All because we cannot divide South Africa is what we hear from these Establishment, who are then run by the Broederbond, who had become the Afrikaner Broederbond and today known as the Afrikanerbond.

We have no voice in the Media since the Naspers run Media 24 do not give us any voice but silence our voice. Whatever we say and grievances we brought forth, fell on def ears. When we try to initiate something, we are accused of being mavericks by these same Establishment. It is all about, keep your mouths shut and your wallets open. Yet we are excluded from the Job Markets through Affirmative Actions, being forced out of our businesses through Black Economic Empowerment and even became worse with where our own people suffer poverty due to unemployment thanks to the Affirmative actions and Black Economic Empowerment, we are now also excluded from charity through the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. On top of it all, brutal murders of farmers and escalated now also to the White South Africans in suburbs and urban areas, where we are now at stage 8 of the Genocide against White South African, but still we are kept quite by our establishment leaders. We cannot go on like this anymore, cannot trust these political parties like the Freedom Front Plus nor the Afriforum nor Solidarity.

Now what now, what are we going to do? Quo Vadis (Where to from here) With all of these factors I’ve mentioned, which is that we had become voiceless, we need to start to do things for our selves. We need to take charge of our own lives. We cannot rely on these political leaders, since they are part of the establishment. We need to become mavericks, which is that we can no longer be conformist. We need to stand up for ourselves, tarting to organizing ourselves. Most important is, is that we need to realize that there is no other way but to secede, to secede from South Africa, to create our own country. We need to organize ourselves as we mobilize more people towards independence. And we can and we will.

The question is how? There are many steps that needed to be taken. viable studies need to be taken into how viable, what type of Government, how economical viable is it. There are many steps that we need to follow, which if we put all this together, that there are a lot to be done. But the good news is we don’t have to. Some would ask, what do I mean? The answer is very simple, already one of our fellow country men, a patriot had already taken all these step. His name is Hein Marx. he started up with the United Liberty Council. He did all of these studies, impact studies with the help of renown economist, legal steps with strong lawyers. Also the whole thing of the political impact, how viable is it, can it be sustained. Already had taken all the steps, keep speaking to government who kept ignoring, following all channels until all were exhausted. Hein had done all of these, completed 97% of all the steps.

He also look at what type of Government the new country will have, who are the minority groups, what regions and what will the borders be, which is the geographical areas already been identified. Already the platform had been created, in less than the year, got over 166’000 votes in favor for secession. that means since all of these had been followed, we don’t need to go and start all over again, to reinvent the wheel. So what is it that we need to do from here? We need to organize people into cells from the different communities, to work towards the mobilization of the different minority groups to vote for secession. We need to operate from Grass Roots level.

In each of your community you need to organizing cells and organizing meetings, communicating with the leaders of the United Liberty Alliance to can speak during the conference, or with recorded Videos of presentation to show to the people, and from there to organize more people through the cells. Each cell operate independent from another one, but are connected together in the network of the SA Teaparty Republic which is a Movement. The SA Teaparty Republic are cooperating and working together with the United Liberty Alliance, where grassroots organizing takes place to get more people to vote for for secession on the vote for self determination website of the United Liberty Alliance.

Let’s do it people, for the Boers, for the Afrikaners, for the English people with Boer Hearts, fir the Cape Brown people and for the Khoisan people. By each one of you in your own community, connect with people and get them to vote for Self-determination, and then after that organizing in cells from where more outreaches can be launched and coordinated with more initiatives and actions as command centers, Through it more people can be reached and through it we can reach the 2 million votes that is needed for the mandate. We can do it it and we will. The Freedom Front Plus will not be able to can stop us. Through this we give voice to the voiceless.

In summery, the most effective way for us to be able to can get secession, to secure our liberty, is through Grassroots level as both the United Liberty Council a a Civil Organization is doing and the SA Teaparty Movement as a grassroots movement working together with the United Liberty Council to operate as a tool for the ULA to organize people to mobilize more people to work towards liberty and canvasing people to vote for self determination. This it will be a way from the bottom upwards and not the top to bottom anymore. Thus will be the people’s movement. The only option that we have, is to secede, which is coordinated by the United Liberty Alliance. The SA Teaparty Republic will operate with the ULA and be a very important part and team member of the United Liberty Alliance. Let’s make the Hartland Republic work and a reality.

Therefore, as you get people to vote, go to the ULA platform at the following website and vote and get more to vote:

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Published by Gideon Prinsloo

I'm the leader and founder of the SA Teaparty Republic who founded this grassroots group for the sole purpose of organizing people from the grassroots level. I'm also operating the Siener Van Rensburg Prophesies as well as the American Against the Genocide of the Boers in South Africa. I'm also an Apostle in Christ Jesus, managing the websites of my ministries, the Apostolic Global changers Movement, Leadership and Apostolic Heart and the Word Events in Perspective of Biblical Prophesies

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