The trampling on our Rights

Clearly that the Government of South Africa is stripping every last bit of our freedoms away. Fist it started with the Affirmative action Laws, 114 Laws on Affirmative action and with agencies within the Labor Department in South Africa to go out on inspections to see if companies are fulfilling the laws of employing Black people above White people. On every chart in every company for employment, clearly stated that Affirmative actions will apply. Also many White people were laid of for the purpose of employing Black people in their place just to fulfill the requirements of the Law concerning the affirmative Actions Law.

The ANC also put together their policies for Government, running them from the Luthuli House in Johannesburg which is de facto Capital of South Africa since most if not all Government decisions are made from the Luthuli house in Johannesburg and Pretoria and Cape town only execute these decisions from the Luthuli House. Including the Affirmative Action Laws. Also that had been decided in Johannesburg.

Next on the List, the Black Empowerment policies decided in Johannesburg, passed in Cape town as the rubber stamp of the Luthuli House in Johannesburg, to be executed in Pretoria. This policy state that with each business we as Whites or minority are starting, that at least 51% of our shares must go to a Black man, which means we do all the hard work without even having the right to enjoy the fruits of our Labor. Also at least 60% of the senior staff must be Black and with Welfare 60% of those to be helped must be Black. It led to more businesses folding and more White people being dumped into Poverty.

But Black Economic Empowerment was nit enough, now Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, now 60% of the shares in our small private companies must belong to Black people, even if we do all the hard work to start the Business up. With the employment more than 70% must be Black and in Senior position more than 70% must be Black. For development of new talents and people, must be 80% Black, for Welfare, more than 80% must be Black. Also for you to operate as a Business you must have the BBBEE certificate to certify that you had fulfill all of its requirements, which again is also costly since most who start up new Businesses cannot afford such a thing. Today it is even worse, even though some Leaders from America and Germany who spoke against it, Cyril Ramaphosa doubled down on it, make it clear that the BBBEE must be enforced even more aggressively, where Whites and other minorities who struggle can no longer be helped, but Blacks and Blacks alone.

We also further lost our control over production through legislation in Parliament by orders of the Luthuli House in Johannesburg, where Government controls all of productions and means of productions. Next in as decided what the Sport quotas where the Luthuli House decided who can partake in sport and who not and who can go to universities and who not. Even in Christian Ministry the Government has a heavy hand, where government decide what you can do in your own ministry and what not, who you can appoint or ordain and who not, our policy on marriage of where we must allow what they call same-sex marriage. I’m an ordained pastor, but who refuse to be registered as an official marriage officiator under authority of the Director General of the department of Home Affairs concerning Marriage where I will be forced to officiate a marriage between a man and a man. Also what we can preach and what not that is now being determined by local Government according to Law, registration of churches where leaders are to be elected on annual basis by the congregation and community, including that of the Pastor.

Also the Annual Report that we as Pastors must hand in to the Department of Welfare and Population Development concerning the activities of the church, the General Annual meetings of the Church as well as the Church Board, who is who, as well as the Church Constitution that must align with the policies of the South African Government, as well as financial reports, what was decided on Church meetings and number of membership on annual basis. Also the sermons that we preached that needed to be handed in. It is a lengthy process just to register one church, can take up to six months before being approved, as well as the Tax Exemption status with the SARS and to register as Public Beneficial Organization.

Then later we deal with Mineral Rights that now also all belong to government, who controls all of the minerals in South Africa. The Medication Price Control in the name of having cheaper medication prices. Yea Right!!! Medicine and medication has actually become more expensive in South Africa. Also the regulation of Health Care in South Africa that inhibit our Healthcare system from a world class health care system into a third world class healthcare system. Our Educational structure also went backwards due to Government, from education and training of our kids into indoctrination centers. First the Curriculum 2005 that failed, then the Outcome Based Education and now the Common Core education as set up by the Teachers Trade Unions of the NEA in the USA, with the One Size fits all, where they are only interested in the outcome based of equality in outcome. Passing Rates lowered down to only 30%. Whites and Minorities now being also denied access to higher Education in South Africa.

Then next in line, Land Reform. The whole thing is a hoax. I will write an article on it and why I am against Land Reform. That is another story. The saddest thing is not that the ANC so decided, but that so-called agricultural organizations did not do anything to defend the farmers nor the private citizens and our property rights, but rather supported these and came with the so-called land audits and already decided to cooperate with the ANC led South African Government, expanding Government even more, chipping away more of our rights. Now it has come to this of the expropriation of Land without Compensation, which AgriSa again came with their Audit and how to go about it. Even hearings that was hold. The whole Land Reform and now Expropriation of Land without compensation is immoral.

Further also the stiffing Gun Laws to disarm private citizens, to take away our means to defend ourselves against the Tyranny of Government in South Africa,k expecting us to learn to trust Government while history taught us not to entrust everything to Government nor trust Government in everything. Also escalation of Crime within South Africa without us even having the rights to defend ourselves. The harassment by the Law Enforcement against us as citizens in South Africa. Homicide Rates that keep escalating, now 50/100’000, among White South Africans nearly 200/100’000, especially through brutal murders which actually is capital murder, which in Tennessee is death penalty crime, and First Degree Murders against White Minorities ans other Minority groups and among Black people with Black on Black and also Second Degree Murder the same way. Also Rape that is going wild and violent crimes including burglary and robbery, with the South African Police and other Law Enforcement agencies doing nothing about it since it is not priority in South Africa. Also the Genocide against the White population as well as the population of other minority groups, instigated by the Government itself.

If that is not enough, service delivery that is disintegrating, including ESKOM that is going backwards and the provision of Water that is of poor quality, garbage removal and sewerage rivers forming at the same time in South Africa. Road conditions that is going backwards, one of te worst in the world with potholes in everywhere. Municipalities that are Bankrupted due to money laundry, embezzlement of monies and looting that is going on as well as extortion of people, bribery that is none stop and nepotism that is the order of the day. Higher taxes so that more money can be wasted with no accountability of our tax monies. Yet Government wants to raise more taxes on us who are already overtaxed in South Africa. It is no longer taxation, but extortion of the South African citizens, being called taxes, legalized extortion.

Then we also now have to deal with the so-called National Health Insurance, which we know will already be a big failure, where Government now takes complete control over our healthcare, forcing doctors to leave South Africa, adding to more brain drain in South Africa. South Africa became Fascist and National Socialist since 1994 under Mandela and ever increasing, no freedoms anywhere. We are under a great oppressive tyranny with heavy hand on us, and also with Toll gates and E-Toll with the purpose of controlling our movements. Many of our cities and towns went backwards due to what the ANC call, community upliftment in what they cal previously disadvantage areas. That is a hoax since all it was, was centralization of all economy, that led to depopulation of cities in favor of Johannesburg through central planning of economy.

With all of these facts, it is clear that South Africa is about to fall. South Africa is run out of money, run out of other people’s money. Taxation or should I say extortion without compensation. Now with the Latin expression: Quo Vadis? That is, from where to from here? It will be a waste of time to try to make South Africa to work, for the writing is against the wall. The only way forward is external Self-determination or more accurately, secession. There is no way out. The United Liberty Alliance worked on it for the passed six years under Hein Marx. The Hartland project. Below is the Map of the proposed area for the new country identified as we will secede.

Now this new country will be completely different, in that we will be instead of a Unitary state like South Africa, we will be a Confederation. Instead of being a One Man one vote Democracy through Mob Rule, we will be a Republic, governing through elected representatives directly elect from among us instead of through political parties, be govern by Law that secure our liberties and limiting the Government and each state be sovereign in their own rights without Federal Government be able to can interfere in the affairs of any state. Instead of being top to bottom like it is in South Africa, it will be from bottom upwards.

We will be able to pursuit the Hartland Dream like we have the American Dream. I will expand on a latter article on Hartland Dream. We will be able to govern our selves, educating our own kids. Be able to open up and run our own business without Government interfering. Property Rights will be protected. Our God Given Rights to Live, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness will be guaranteed in the Hartland Republic. We will have a Capitalist or Free Enterprise system in the Hartland Republic. Individual rights will be protected and the Constitution will be a toll in the hand of the people to restrain Government. We will have religious Freedoms again and for a well regulated militia for the defense of a Free State that our rights as the people and citizens to bear and carry arms that shall not be infringe upon.

But these will only be possible is you go and vote for external self determination on the following link that I’m giving you here right now.

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