Is Government the Solution to Our Problems?

Very important question here to be asked. There are certain groups of people who promote Government or political solutions. One of them, a pseudo Right-wing man, I say pseudo since true Right-Wing people do not want big Government who interfere into our lives and running our lives, but this man do prefer that, who wants to take over South Africa, having a totalitarian Government with absolute power with a Police State, therefore a strong Central Government that might also control the means of production. He believes that Government is not the problems to our problems, but rather that it is the people who are so-called drunk and forgot the Vows to God. He believes that it is we the people who hand Government over to the ANC. That is completely false since we did not have the power to do so, but rather that it was Government under the NP who hand over the Government to the ANC.

There are others who keep hitting hard on us as Boers of Afrikaners of that God is busy with his punishment against us since we forgot the Vow to God and the correct Feasts or correct Sabbaths, these pseudo Boers or Pseudo Israelites who are none of these. Others blame us the Boers as well as the Afrikaners of being divisive against Government and for being too resolute instead of just being submissive to these prominent leaders. We’ve lost the Anglo Boer War and again it is we the Boer people who gets all the blame for losing our liberties, as if the leaders like General Jan Smuts and Louis Botha are the good people, just like with the Government being hand over to the ANc where we the people are getting blamed while FW de Klerk, PIK Botha, Roelf Meyer and other leaders get the pass as if the are the good people who tried to do good for us while we could not stand with them but were resolute.

Now also with all the problems now in South Africa, racism, anti-White sentiment, Affirmative actions, Broad Based Economic Empowerment, High unemployment, poverty and crime invested situations in South Africa, again we the people are blamed for all these problems or it is apartheid or it is the White man again. Again the Government refuse to take responsibilities for the actions and incompetence. Our Educations are destroyed at the same time and again the people gets the blame for it. The discrimination against us as the minorities and the ANC getting stronger, the opposition parties again blame us for these problems in South Africa. In all of these examples I’ve mentioned, it is clear we sit with a situation in South Africa for more than a hundred years, we can say more than one hundred and ten years where Government never take responsibilities for anything.

We were under tyranny since 1910 when the Union of South Africa was created. With gun laws based on British Laws we are restricted to defend ourselves even against Government Bureaucrats. We’ve lost our liberties, and when ever we disagree with leaders, we are accused of being unpatriotic and disloyal to Government Whatever the Government decide against us was always as they call it for the greater good. The Government also interfere with our religion since the creation of the Union of South Africa and still continuing. We do not have any rights to redress any grievances against Government.

Now what is it we can do. For the start, we need to stop beating our selves of why things are going the way it is going. We need as the people stop seeing ourselves as the problem and stop looking at Government as the solution to all problems. There are no such a thing as government nor political solution to any of our problems, never had been. We kept loosing because of Government tyranny where Government has one regulation after another. Government is intrusive. People, the problems in South Africa is not the people. We need to stop blaming ourselves and stop keeping looking for more fault in us. We need to stop condemning. we are not the problem, yet are fooled to believe that we are the problem to keep us busy while those so-called leaders keep manipulating us in everything while these same political and civil leaders keep getting away with everything.

Here is the reality, in this present crisis in South Africa, Government is not the solution to our problems, Government it the problem. Again, in this present crisis in South Africa, politics and political parties are not the solution to our problems, both the politics and political parties are the problem. Also, there is no way to fix the problems in South Africa since these so-called leaders refuses to get out of the way, thus the only solution for us, as we the people, is to secede from South Africa, forming a New Republic in a Confederate form where the federal Government will be limited and small. The reality is with all of the problems in South Africa, it is the Government and the political parties who created all these problems in the first place, not we the people.

Therefore any leader who refuses to acknowledge that and refuses to see Government as the problem but rather the people as the problem, is not good enough to be the leader. Also when he prefers to have a strong central Government that also rule over regions and standing against Federal system, preferring unitary system with a Police State, is therefor only here for his own interested and power hungry. The reason why we can’t get to have victory today like our Boer ancestors during the Vegkop, Bloed Rivier and the First War of Freedom, is this, we deal with leaders who keeps standing in the way, instead of serving us and representing us, want to tell us what to do, where our fathers did not sit with the same problems. Therefor it is not because we so-called had turned our backs on God and let go of the 16 December Day of Vow, since none of these are true since I know for a fact that we the Boers are very strong in our Christian faith and conviction and still keep the Vow every year 16 December and trying to work to restore our Republics.

Nor is it the Afrikaners who so-called forsake God and so-called served the Rugby God and therefor being punished by God. but rather we deal with leaders who sell us out, refuse to represent us, rather trying to be on good terms with ruling party and trying to be political correct, as well as the so-called church leaders who refuse to give spiritual guidance. Over and over we had seen the moment we stand up to fight for our liberty, our so-called leaders came and stood in our way to prevent us and even fighting against us, like the 1914 Rebellion where it was General Jan Smuts and General Louis Botha. Also when we the Boers and Afrikaners want to restore our republic during World War Two and want to remain neutral, again General Smuts and the United Party as well as DF Malan stood in our way. Again DF Malan instead of working towards our liberty, rather focused on Apartheid and denounce our right to independence just in order not to offend Havenga. The Broederbond also worked to get both JG Strijdom and Dr Verwoerd out of the way to prevent the restoration of the Boer Republics. Also when PW Botha work to dicentralize South Africa, he was taken out of the way.

Why? Because the Broederbond and the Government refused it since they prefer absolute power, even if it means to hand over the Government to the ANC, again FW de Klerk and his National Party Government who hand our Government over to the ANC, which again certain people from certain organizations cannot come and blame we the people for what the National Party had done by handing over the Government to the ANC. We also have had the Police State under John Vorster during the Information Scandal. There was also the Afrikaner Accord being signed between Constant Viljoen and Freedom Front, IFP, National Party and ANC in 1993 and 1994, with the witnesses from the USA, Germany, UK, Spain, which was to assure our right to self determination even to can secede, worked into the South African Constitution and also already in the International Law signed by South Africa and the ANC too. Yet again it was the leaders from the Freedom Front Plus under Pieter Groenewalt and Pieter Mulder who denounce it and refuse to work towards it for the sake to be on good terms with the ANC.

It was hidden until a German witness brought forth the copy to Hein Marx of the ULA. Again we the people are not to blame for the actions of the freedom Front Plus. Then also the Oil-gate Scandal under the ANC Government as well as the gravy-train Scandal under the ANC as well as all the political parties, including the FF+ and ACDP and DA who rather enjoyed the Gravy Train. All in all it comes down to it, why should we trust the Government if the Government keeps becoming more tyrannic, committing corruption, and why should we support certain groups who wants to overthrow the ANC just to created a new group of Tyrants, especially standing against our rights to bear and carry arms in order to can form a well regulated militia to defend the free state? The same people who speak against the efforts of we the people through the United Liberty Alliance who works for the secession of our new Republic declaring independence from South Africa.

It is not the government, but we the people that can work towards the liberty for all of us, and we can do it. Therefore I would want to encourage all to come out and vote for Independence from South Africa where we form a New Republican. Here are the following links that I will share here.

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